Body Language – President Trump Election Legal Action


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Wow again, Mandy. Watching this for the first time in June 2021. Spot on.


I think it’s only normal to be seething in these circumstances. This is yet another attempt to perform a coup, and Obama, I think, is the culprit. He is the one who raised the ire in Haiti too, Obama apparently practiced on Haiti. Then Obama went out after the election in the US 2020 elections and started asking for crowds of people to come out into the streets. I’m seething. I would show you the video which showed him telling crowds to show up all over America but it seems to not be available. This is another coup. Military use was already planned for by Obama. This is really bad! Haiti 2016 election Obama Civilian Security Force 2008


I put these here just in case you missed any of it. I don’t see Biden as having the brains, the drive, or the background needed to accomplish this coup.

barbara jewell



Did you happen to see Sidney Powell on Lou Dobbs? Wow What a stunning revelation of events. President Trump exposing election fraud nationwide is the MOAB to the Population. I Believe that will force the “Normys” still asleep, to start an Awakening process to the corruption and evil that has been running our lifes.
GOD Bless you all.
GOD Bless America.

Alexandria Johnson

done, shared. but my fb page is pretty censored too lol so idk how much good it will do
lol love you guys, you rock! thank you for posting!


I thought he’s just really tired. He busted his butt on the trail.

Wendy Artagame

Diablo Trump! Yes, he is a Gemini after all! When that switch flips, all hell is going to break loose! I’m married to a Gemini who shares the same Birthdate as The President!


Sidney Powell calls out election tampering:



Danielle Carter

Mandy, what do you think are Trump’s chances of winning in court? Love the work you do!

Dani Schacht

The last few days have been hell. How he manages to keep it together is amazing.


They won their case to observe the count. And then the Dems are appealing that decision. The whole world needs to let that sink in deeply.


So much more enthusiasm For Trump in Wisconsin this time. And he won the last time.
The “Voting in the park” and “curbside voting” might have had something to do with it. Numbers don’t add up.
They’ll do what ever they can because they have always got away with it.


It is now certain that it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue when Joe Biden declared, “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” I think that’s one of the original reasons for exaggerating this pandemic was to increase the use of mail-in ballots because they are more subject to fraud.

Eileen Guthrie

Know that the law is on Donald Trump side. I feel so horrible for him. He looks so stressed and he’s not sleeping well or long. I think we all knew this would happen because the democrats were so desperate to win, to STOP all of the investigation going on from the Obama administration. Because of the democrats we are going to look like an election from a third world country. This feels similar to the Argentine presidential election of 1937 or the Presidential elections were held in Venezuela in 2013. Notice that the things of “cheating” fall under a liberal controlled state, their governors or city such as Philadelphia and their mayors. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence, do you? The National Guard or armed guards will be called in to ensure a fair election will take place in this country moving forward, and that’s just sad to me. If you believe in God as I do, I keep praying that sanity takes over. To block the opposing party from witnessing the recount, is disgusting in itself. I had to do my ballot twice. The machine was so sensitive that it kicked it out when I didn’t fill in the hole completely. They gave me a magic marker to replace my ink pen. Once that happened it went through. The attendant told me I needed to fill in the hole oval COMPLETELY, there could be no white part showing or the machine will kick it out. Let’s start the rumor that China and Russia brought Biden the election. Nancy Pelosi’s comments are disgusting, vile and God please explain to us why you keep putting that horrible woman in charge of anything. There isn’t an ounce of integrity there. Only hate and intolerance.

Wellington Thomas

So North Carolina isn’t called for Trump, Florida called late, Arizona was called too early, Alaska never gets called for Trump. Seems to me that they want to suppress Trumps legitimacy. Keep him at 214 and Biden way up to fit a narrative. I am so sick of this media, and as you can see you can’t even trust Fox but just for so much.

Where are the Republicans sticking up for trump? I am tired of the cowards.

Wow I wonder why we didn’t know about all this mail in fraud six months ago? If only someone could have said something. Oh wait Trump did. Guess he was right again.

Please stand by America, this is going to have to go to the courts, maybe to congress. It is a crying shame it’s got to come to this but as you can see the Democrat Machine of the 50’s is alive and well in 2020. It’s going to be a long and bumpy ride, but I take solace in the fact that Trump is a fighter and he won’t go silently into the night.


Loved this video ! My President hates teleprompters and scripts ! Of course I shared…I always do ! God Bless You, Mandy and that Precious Baby !

Cherian Jacob

Hell hath no fury …. Oh dear! watching very closely. Thanks for this. One small correction Mandy- in the end he said “they are appealing” they being the democrats. Trump won a court case to allow officials to monitor the counting and the democrats are appealing that! which is nuts. Hence the reason he got so animated at the end. Its enough for him to confirm that this is all ridiculous and off ……

Hell hath no fury like god’s elect ! indeed!

Gen. Stewart

I just watched something curious. Go to “Daily truth report” and tell me what you think.


I feel so sad for America right now. Not for the “close” race but for the obvious corruption. Third world countries can hold more legitimate elections right now. If Trump can’t win at the end of this them America could become a dictatorship or the first country to sigh up for the great reset.

Australia has the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) and they oversee all elections to make sure vote counters have no affiliated connections, scrutineers get to watch every ballot, and mail in ballots are date stamped. The only electronic monitoring we have is when you check in to vote and your name is marked off the role so you can’t vote twice.

All votes are counted by hand. Most booths have a result by 8pm and the recount is done at the major counting place over the next few days.

It’s not perfect, mistakes happen, but everyone accepts the results because they are trusted.

There use to be a saying on the left… Vote early vote often ….. not any more!


Diablo Trump…. rofl – I love it !!!! grin
I’m one of those people who gets quiet when I’m super angry…. I get it from my dad’s side of the family. wink

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