Body Language – Joe Biden Election Remarks


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Max Eskie

It’s fake. The whole thing was prerecorded with canned sound.


It’s not about him. They could have picked just anybody. Oh that’s right they did.

frank papandrea


frank papandrea

Love his hard of hearing person

frank papandrea

the guy is ancient

Bonnie Hawkins



‘Taint over ’til the fat lady sings.

Gen. Stewart

All I can say is…”Please God haven’t we repented enough”? sad


Every time I see Biden smile now, I hear “Never Smile at a Crocodile”… (Thanks Mandy) crying


Don’t know quite how to spell the sound of projectile vomiting, but if I knew how I would write it.


really sick Since “S-t-r-z-o-k” wasn’t close enough, visual aid is all I could come up with.


I agree… snake in the grass

Susan McCall

It’ still all very sad. Rush is trying to cheer us on right now. There’s really nothing to say to my family members who voted for biden. (felt like this in 2008 & 2012). Listened to an elderly female call in to C-span tearing Trump apart – she said, ‘yea, he might be pro life but after the babies are born he forgets about them’…I’m like: whattttttttttttttt????? A man called in and called Trump all the names – pedo, rapist…I’m like: you’re talking about biden! not Trump…There’s always the help from the Supreme Court but they will want Amy to recuse herself which is more bullsheet. Oh well, I will keep on praying.


To quote Barak Obama aka Frank Marshall Davis jr, leave it to Joe to fuck things up. He might be confident but people in a rigged game become stupid. Joe Biden is more than stupid he’d a demented imbecile who wasn’t smart when he has 100% mental capacity

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