Body Language – Tucker Carlson, Tony Bobulinski Alleged Dealings With Hunter & Joe Biden

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Excellent…thank you Mandy and team!

Eileen Guthrie

At this point I don’t know what to say anymore of how morally bankrupt and unethical the entire Biden family is. I was hoping you would include the part when he talks about “plausible deniability.” There was that little, smirk on a smile on his face when he said it the second time, a kind of “gotcha” moment. From the very beginning I believed him, because of his demeanor, it just rang true to me. I guess it’s a bit humorous and pathetic, that Joe Biden’s entire political career is full of “plausible deniability” from everything like cheating on the third time he took the Delaware bar exam, and everything else since. If you don’t know, Biden is not a very intelligent man, but he certainly feels very entitled, he fried his brain from being an alcoholic. Fifty years of drunken stupors, there are no brain cells left. Malpolitics is the use of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. Forms of corruption vary, but can include bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, influence peddling, graft, and embezzlement. It’s pretty much a check list for Joe Biden’s political career. We’ve all heard that saying, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I don’t think that’s correct. Politics tends to attract and entice the most corruptible in the human race. Most of them had already sold their soul to the devil, even before they decided to go into politics.


Seems to me that Tony wasn’t about to reveal anything until he was accused of being part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Not exactly patriotic.


Thank you, Mandy. Good to know this guy is telling the truth, especially in light of the fact that according to Tucker, “Damning Hunter Biden Documents Suddenly Vanished”:


He has a former Seal Team protecting him and his family – I did not know that until you shared that, Mandy. Thank you. I had to look it up as I didn’t see the interview in it’s entirety. Clearly it’s not a surprise but rather a relieved confirmation to his and his family’s safety. He said, “I have a former seal team protecting my family. I am not at home right now. And I’ll travel the next four years if I have to. I had to do this.” Wow. What a patriot! Huge respect. But will the Biden’s go down? Will they face actionable consequences for their criminal actions? Not holding my breath.

Anyone see the new Project Veritas video?… On tape, confirmation of getting Judges elected who are now in their pocket. Watch “Ballot Chaser Reveals MASSIVE Vote Fraud Effort To Elect Joe Biden” It’s crazy. And it doesn’t seem new. Her body sings and she’s so comfortable and confident, with the process and the outcome.


The Project Veritas video is shocking.
For anyone who missed it–rigged-election/c/


This means that a sitting Vice President who was in charge of negotiations with President Xi, was compromised and bribed by agents of Chinese Intelligence. It also means that the FBI, who conducts background checks for flights on Air Force Two overlooked Hunter Biden’s drug use and let him fly. It also means that the CIA knew Hunter Biden was meeting with Chinese billionaires who were agents of Chinese Intelligence and looked the other way. It means that Haspel and Wray are hiding these facts from the.public even now and that most of the media are trying desperately to hide the story. It also means that we have a candidate for President who should not even qualify for any type of security clearance. If a Special Counsel is not appointed on Nov.4, win lose or draw, we will probably never get rid of this corruption. Go easy on Big Tony’s suits. He is a patriot and was one of the toughest wrestlers in college wrestling history.

Susan McCall

I know GOMF – it was just a reference made on the last reading of him. Basically I’m not having much faith that all of this will go anywhere.


Your sense that it won’t go anywhere is most likely correct. It probably won’t.


Literally nothing good happens at the Chateau Mamont, FYI. Knowing that H. Biden picked such a seedy place speaks volumes.

Susan McCall

Looks like he is wearing a better-fitting suit. Thanks for taking the time to do this Mandy…it’s getting….tiresome.


For this story, added to the presidential coup, not to be covered by our media is a crime. POTUS needs to drag the media owners to the WH and give them a warning. Our country can not function distrusting the omnipresent media. Reform or get busted. Hardcore.

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