Body Language – Joe Biden, Crocodile Smile

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Merry Wells

“We got 38,000 prisoners released”. Those prisoners were all illegal aliens that they released into communities without the communities being notified. 17,000 were released into 1 city. The following week and for weeks to come, crime spiked. Especially break ins to homes and cars. And car theft went through the roof. And this city, though very large, has an above average standard of living and income.


Spot on as usual, Mandy. I know this is a very old posting of yours at this time, but I have an observation that I just want to share.

I believe Biden uses the crocodile smile because it intimidates others and has worked for him, politically.

In the 2012 election, Obama had a really “off” debate in Denver, and Romney killed him. The next debate was the one and only vice presidential debate between Biden and Ryan. I predicted that this was the debate to complete the coup de grâce of the Obama-Biden ticket.

Ryan started out well enough, and leveled made some pretty good points about foreign policy and the Benghazi fiasco. While Ryan was talking, there was Joe, with his WIDE crocodile smile. I think it shook Ryan. Here is the spot I’m talking about:



What Ryan needed to do at that time was to get angry, but he didn’t. If he had interrupted himself and confronted Biden with something like, “What are laughing at? You may think this is funny, but the American people, who have suffered because of you and Obama, don’t think it’s funny! What a shameful response to the suffering of American citizens!”
But Ryan didn’t do that. He backed off.

In my opinion, a more forceful move on Ryan’s part at that moment could have continued the momentum from Obama’s poor performance in Denver, and…who knows where it could have gone from there.

All because a crocodile smile intimidates. And that, I believe, is why Biden uses it.


Mandy, I’m so glad I found you! I was watching Lonnell Harris Jr. on YT and saw your site name at the bottom of one of his screen shares and jumped right over here. I’ll be donating what little I can as I’m on SS fixed income and it ain’t much. But it will be a monthly recurring donation as long as I can do it.


Mandy – AMAZING! You have him to a T!

Linda Wilson

Biden has contacts in kind of like Dr’s have google glasses. His eyes are blue but while debating they are black because He is reading what is on the contacts. Watch when He is actually talking in complete sentences He is looking straight out with a little squint reading what is put on there. I am sure He has a listening device somewhere.

Ursula Leach

We can be thankful to President Trump that now people like you actually research and expose the left and its members especially those who want to sell out our country. Mandy you are good. I’ve been sharing your videos with many of my likeminded friends and also those who think that biden is the best thing since sliced bread. Being from Germany I never heard the crocodile song, but it sure fits that asshole biden. I always thought that his smile was fake. You are putting words to my feelings. I have never known much about body language, but I have always had an instinct about people and it has served me well. You are helping me to put an understanding to that instinct.


“The fact of the matter is…” Joe Biden says repeatedly as he continues to lie


I get ear worms from songs very easily 🙄 Thanks a lot for this new one sigh His smile and Kamalas laugh it’s enough to haunt my dreams


Oh dear, we are encouraged to re-cycle but when Biden re-cycles someone else’s speech he is criticized for it! What to do? LOL!


Biden’s lackluster performance and campaign signals they plan to steal races across the nation: the Presidency, the House and Senate. I pray they aren’t successful.


i love the Disney – Never smile at a crocodile – classic
Joe is a Lying Dog Pony Soldier .. he is also a Chesire Cat kind of smile – Slow Smiley Joe has good dentist. Even Hunters teeth are amazing – considering all the coke and meth he has done his choppers are neat and all in a row.

I love the fact that Clarence Thomas reads in ACB .. Thomas is a person who was slandered racially and sexually by Slimy Joe.

Rehab hasn’t done Hunter a lot of good.


Thanks for putting into words the smile that I’ve always felt in my gut, “just wasn’t right”.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you and Blessings.


Love that song. I thought I had heard every novelty song from the 50’s, but that is a new one for me. Very fitting comparison. He has devoured most people that have had any contact with him, including his brother, daughter in law, son, Tara Reade, his daughter, grandchildren and entire countries like Ukraine. The Hunter Biden laptop and the filth and corruption it contains are a glimpse into the inner workings of the depravity and criminality of the Biden family. From what I am hearing, that is just the initial warning shot for these deep state reptiles. Steve Bannon and his pal from Taiwan reportedly have a massive amount of blackmail photos and videos used by the CCP to control large numbers of US politicians. Now that we know that the entire intelligence community except the DNI is corrupt from top to bottom, I think the strategy is going to be to get some of the truth out to the people. Look for big changes after the election, with outsiders put in charge of agencies, and large numbers of resignations and firings. I always knew most politicians were corrupt, but the extent of it and the ability of a large segment of the population to be in denial are both breathtaking. That song will be stuck in my head all day. Thanks, Mandy


For some reason while watching the crock smile video I thought that I’ve seen that smile before. Then I remembered:

Yes, it’s him Biden reminds me of:

Just search photos of that creature. I was amazed at the resemblance.

Wellington Thomas

Not sure but looks as if he is wearing two wrist watches.

Eileen Guthrie

Ah, the biggest political pandering candidate in my lifetime. Why aren’t there photographs of you, Joe with Martin Luther King, Jr. or Malcolm X, HUH? They don’t exist. You were the guy who said you weren’t going to send your children to a juggle, when school segregation was an important topic. So, you made the choice to send them to a private Catholic School instead, just to make sure that those black Baptist church you went to had none of those kids in it (no one in Scranton can identify a black Baptist church EXISTED to begin with, not a high population of blacks in that community and surrounding area. If they’re 15% of the population I would be shocked). Have you’ve heard such political horseshit like this? Joe’s a well-known racist and bigot and has been his entire life. So, now you were a lifeguard at an all-black pool in Wilmington, Delaware? REALLY? Where did you find the time, claiming to have been in Scranton your entire life, attending all of those black Baptist church services you were known for. This is generally something that you’d hand-waive away if your 77-year-old grandpa did it, except this grandpa wants to be President of the United States. It also seems like a secondary concern when compared to another video featuring Biden that surfaced over the course of these current political climate. All of his stories are just that stories that have evolved overtime to make him appear tough and a no-nonsense guy… “I won’t put up with this” BS. The footage appears to be from the same 2017 event in which Biden recounted a poolside confrontation with a gang leader named “Corn Pop.” He remembered calling Corn Pop, “Esther” (after Esther Williams, who was probably in her 40s and no longer swimming competitively nor was she known as a diver. The likelihood that a black kid would know who she was is iffy. I had to look it up myself just now) and telling him to get off the diving board.
Then they got in a near-violent altercation in the parking lot.

What? Is this real, and if so, why would you bring it up next to an unrelated story about Biden’s time as a “public defender?” Number one, Biden could never have been a public defender. He couldn’t pass the Delaware BAR exam. On his third try, he was caught cheating and was barred for life from ever taking it again. There is no way that idiot could ever pass that bar exam. [The Delaware bar exam is one of the top 3 hardest exams (155 or better) to pass in the US. It requires an intelligent person must take the test. Biden was 68th out of 75 law students from Syracuse University Law School, making him the bottom 6 of his class, NOT the top 5 as he has claimed for decades]. I’ve watched this guy since I was a teenager and laughed at him then as much as I do now. If that was a poorly crafted parable about race relations, it’s even harder to see the point of this story about kids touching his hairy legs in the pool. (Again, ???) This has nothing to do with Biden’s speech issues documented recently in an Atlantic piece by former Esquire editor John Hendrickson. Why is the former vice president telling this story? There are hundreds of stories like this that are all fake, made up or a story someone else told him, the he inserted himself into.

It’s impossible that the pool in which he is talking about, was all black, at in 1962, when this event “occurred” at the Brown-Burton Winchester Park swimming pool. In 1962, the population of New Castle County was 85% white (Wilmington was 73% white). Again, Biden uses stereotypes. Well, the gang that invaded Biden’s pool was called the Romans, which sounds ‘gangsta” AF (as fucked). And the leader of the Romans was NOT a dude named Corn Pop. Would a black gang call themselves the Roman’s? His entire life is a fairy tale. Some 22 year old white kid tried to make a gang fairy tale for a sixth-grade play because you and I know there ain’t no squad led by a black kid nicknamed Corn Pop going around terrorizing Delaware pools. There would be stories in the newspapers and there aren’t. So, the City of Wilmington has renamed the pool after Biden. I wonder if they’re using Joe’s own nickname “Absolut” for the pool, thinking it’s free booze? He’d make a great use car salesman, an 85-year-old woman drove this car to and from the grocery store the car is a 2020 Lincoln with 100,000 miles on it. He just left off the part where the grocery store was in LA and she lived in DC.

Grew up watching that imbecile pretend to be something he NEVER was… a decent, honest person. I guess, your just not black enough are you Joe? Honestly, how many times has that moron, put his foot in his mouth, as much and as often as Joe has? So, totally clueless and always has been. He’s missing that sensitivity gene or something when he makes these offensive comments about minorities and the poor and doesn’t understand he just offended and insulted a lot of people. He’s forced to backtrack on his comments and makes things far worse… like I said CLUELESS and a complete fraud and a pathological liar.

Susan McCall

I agree Eileen with everything you pointed out. I once had a toxic boss where we couldn’t believe one story rambling out of her mouth. We are supposed to believe she has a daughter (never seen her, nor a pic), she waited on the ‘terrorists’ at a bar before 9 11, etc. When people like jussie smollett or any politician, or women (me too movement) lie it does so much damage to the little people. I remember when a NE cornhusker first took a knee and ‘claimed’ he was getting death threats…well, show us. Prove it. Exprezopukeface once said: people grabbed their purses when I would come in an elevator….people locked their doors when I walked by their homes… Hawaii???? While you were out roaming the streets with your White pot buddies? I always wanted to believe my kids but I always heard with two ears, but they grew to learn to tell the truth always. And if they don’t? I try to figure out why lie? I lied a lot to my mom growing up, but that was to get out of the house, and hang with friends. {and she would say: “the Lord strike me down if I ever lied”} My husband lies a lot which I think it was the way he was brought up around his psyco mother (and look out if he thinks I am lying!) – I can’t say the word ‘lie’ so I say: “that’s just not true”….or “why are you embellishing?” …..”why are you fibbing?” I get tired of dancing around the truth… it husband, customers, bosses, ex-friends. And all the dem. debates? All the stories about their friends dying due to lack of healthcare, or how rough they had it….now those did me in. Many people don’t know reality from lies.

Eileen Guthrie

NO what pisses me off, is that media used to fact check Biden’s claims and called out his lies, where he lied some more about why he lied in the first place. The media can’t be bothered, now. He lies about EVERYTHING now! But if Trump makes a mistake or misspeaks it’s HE’S A LIAR. Now the media is covering up or not covering his plans at all. New report on Biden’s website is he plans to close all online gun and ammunition sales. Closing another entire industry with nothing to replace it with. Now, don’t you think that’s just as important as the oil, coal and gas industries? What plan does he have to replace them with? There are tons of stories like the ones I spoke of earlier. Like Mandy said, he’s a conman, without the confidence part. I’m glad Trump called out his lies and put them on the website to show the proof. The problem with Biden is he tells one story to one group and then a different story to the next one. After 55 years in politics and a case of dementia, that’s escalating faster than anyone in his campaign ever expected, which I believe he has the Frontotemporal dementia version. He’s going to continue to hide in his basement until election day. He refuses to discuss Hunter, the child porn, the money, who the “BIG GUY” IS.” it’s not a disinformation campaign, Putin ended that one, by supporting Biden for President and endorsement kills that LIE. IF he was a republican would the press leave him alone, OF COURSE NOT. They’re a big joke now and it’s forcing people to look elsewhere for their news.

Rand Talley

It is unfortunate that Joe Biden is an empty vessel and not yet a moral man.


I get your meaning, Rand, but I don’t see Biden as “an empty vessel”. Because of his unquenchable desire for huge amounts of money, evil took root in that vessel and being in the swamp for all these years, that root was fertilized and became a giant twisted thing inside of him. I think it choked him into becoming the immoral, bumbling person he is today. What kind of parent uses a sick son to launder millions of dollars into his (Joe’s) pockets?


Wow, I’d forgotten how Joe looked before face lifts/tucks and hair plugs. Praying for Trump’s success and another Biden failed presidential campaign. 🙏🤞

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