Body Language – Tony Bobulinski, Biden China FBI


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To me, as the days pass, this man represents a corrupted media that looks away, hiding from another story of the century. Tonight, Tucker Carlson interviews him, one on one.

Piri Gal


frank papandrea

is he doing this to cover his ass as he must have known this was a problem at the outset

Patty DeBingo

Anyone think he may have a kevlar vest on? He’s putting himself in danger saying/doing this. AND, who gives a rat’s a** about his suit jacket. Listen to what he says, which is one heck more important than the fact that he probably hasn’t worn a suit jacket in a while. Get over yourselves.


I think Bobulinski put on weight while in prison. Getting a new suit hasn’t been a priority.


“Russian disinformation” backfired on Sack of Schiff and prompted this fellow to come forward. He had little choice .It only makes sense to silence somebody before he gives up the information. Hope he made copies to give to Senator Johnson before giving them to the black hole of cover ups, the FBI. Wray should be fired the day after the election. The fact that they sat on the laptop since December and during impeachment when it was exculpatory is yet another reason that agency should be completely disbanded from top to bottom. The same agent who took the Weiner laptop signed the subpoena for this one. His title must be “ Special Agent in Charge of Covering up Democrat Money Laundering and Pedophilia”.


Buy that man a suit that fits!! 😆 I’m glad he came out for whatever reason I hope he gave copies of everything to somebody beside the FBI They look bad AGAIN. Sitting on this stuff and that laptop with underage sexual abuse.

Steve Rogers

I agree. I also think he’s one of those people who are very patriotic, even though he is not very political. I think he’s not a genius, but knows how to work very hard to accomplish his goals. I think he got involved with Hunter Biden thinking it would be a great opportunity, and came to regret it as he came to understand that they intended to do sleazy things and deceive the public about it. He probably thought everything was going to be above board in a semi-naive way, when everyone else understood they were milking the Biden name and political power for money. When he stood up to Hunter Biden, everyone else was probably shocked, because, he clearly didn’t “get it”.

I don’t think he’s scared at all about physical threats from the Biden’s. He was a wrestler, and he was in the armed forces. Sure they could “get him”, but he doesn’t believe that. What he does believe though is that the slimy Bidens could slander him and lay all the blame on him ruining his name forever. That’s why he pulled his chute and turned “states evidence”. He knows he can’t protect his name by himself, and that he needs to get out ahead of this thing. He might also realize that as soon as Joe Biden wins the nomination, he is no longer valuable to the left. They have the seat, then don’t need Joe to sit in it. So the press might start looking into his deals after the election. Of course, Joe Biden would just claim health issues and quietly resign with a golden parachute.

This is probably going to be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think he has a ton of information that can be used to go after Joe Biden. I think the statements he made are true, but that he doesn’t have that much documentation beyond that (or at least he isn’t aware of any documentation that he has, which would be severely damaging). I think that what he KNOWS is that Joe Biden was involved, that they were doing business with foreign countries, and that they were supposed to keep Joe Biden’s name out of it. He was probably never comfortable with the secrecy, and didn’t see the value in having Joe Biden on-board, because he thought his business was legit, and could stand on its own. He can probably give some minor evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement, and show the business they conducted, but I don’t think he has a knock out punch against Joe Biden unless there is a file he isn’t aware of. If it was different, then I think he would have said so. I think he didn’t take questions, because he is unsure what he can prove. He is not, however, unsure of what he knows.

Anyway, that is my opinion.


Boa Constrictor Suit lol. Makes a muffin top/gut look like a pound cake. Not the look I’m goin for lol. Reminds me of the movie ‘Tommy Boy’ with Chris Farley… ‘fat guy in a little coat’.




ME too… Low Carb. Take 20!! crying My closet keeps shrinking all my clothes LOL.


So glad you caught this fella speaking, Mandy! Thank you for this. Will you be reviewing Thursday night’s debate at all? 🤞


this is a combination of things: as former usaf, i get that we outgrow our suits. i’ve been there. when i joined at age 21, i was a 36 something. now i’m a 48 shoulder, and have been for many years. he prolly has (at his age) “grown into his shoulders” which happened to me. so i had that awkward phase as well. it was a little hard to keep up.

that said putting a new suit together – or even having the self awareness to even DO it, is another matter. i’d give him a pass on that part. i’ve been there. you have to put on a suit, and you weren’t even aware it doesn’t fit anymore.

i went to a clothier, and was told i should try an “athletic cut,” which i took as sarcasm, but she was serious: she said they are cut wider on the shoulders and neck. that actually fit better! i’m not fat. i’m just built a little weird with my german peasant wide shoulders, thick neck, short arms, long torso, and short legs. that evolved through my 40’s. it’s changed a bit in my 50’s as well, other than the big shoulders for my size.

men go through body changes as they age in this age group. a rumply suit is not a reason for criticism at his age. he’s just not all grown up at this point, lol!

Gen. Stewart

You don’t have to put on very much weight to out grow a well tailored suit. If the trump team would have really been on the ball(professional). They would have had a suit delivered Pronto.

Susan McCall

The longer some of my dresses hang in the closet, the smaller they get…damnest thing.


I’ve got the shrinking closet too. Everything magically comes out a smaller size lol.



Steve Rogers

I disagree about them getting him a new suit. Sure, he might look less professional with a tight suit, but any cent that Trump’s team puts into this will be used against them in the end.


Brave man. He must of spent a lot of time preparing to come out like this. Probably everything had to be just right. His notes, the brief case with the phones. I’m sure he had to have a plan for his and his families safety. Probably a lot of stress involved with all this.
Probably had to borrow this suit at the last minute as all his clothes are located at his new safe house. Be nice if something actually came of all this.

Steve Rogers

I’m not trying to be a jerk. I think he’s probably a great guy. However, I suspect the reason why his suit is too tight is because he still views himself as the lean mean fighting machine of his past. I think that’s still where his head is at, and he hasn’t completely accepted the change.


I was wondering if he had a bullet proof vest on underneath his suit. My understanding is he’s an extremely wealthy guy with no reason to have an ill fitting suit.

Jonathan Smelko

Thanks for the video. FYI I saw this video come up on my YouTube notifications and when I went to watch it it was gone ? Thanks for all of your videos. I love and watch them all.


Very good analysis. To see him come out after all the Biden lies… I said H*** YA!

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