Body Language – Beijing Barry


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Barry appears exceptional desperate.That’s a poll onto itself.

Linda wallack

sorry icky person. I’m a senior still working (had to because of the loses and non-gains I took while you were in office). single and now in a mobile home as you were still in office, and finally, I’m doing much better—it was like a dark hole under you, now finally some light—even with the covid fiasco. no worker gets ahead with a socialist like you…only the big bucks and govt. (like you).

Linda wallack

sorry jerk…Im a single old person, still working, living in a mobile home, and am better off than the slow kill I got when you were president. even with covid crap engaged.

frank papandrea

Heard the car horns and thought he was being harassed. Wish I were there, I would have blown my horn on every word. I explained (Honk) that I would (Honk) make the country (Honk)…

bil doe

I can’t stand to look at this man or listen to that voice. really sick

Steve Rogers

I think one of the things that not a lot of people notice about Barack and Michelle Obama is that they talk down to people like they are teachers explaining things to students. Now, Barack might talk like a college professor explaining things to freshman students, but Michelle talks to people like they are 3rd grade students. A lot of people apparently like that, but I find it insulting to my intelligence, and can’t stand it. In this video Obama claims that President Trump isn’t putting the work in and taking the job seriously. However, anyone with a moderately high IQ knows that President Trump has negotiated about 5 major peace agreements that Obama couldn’t accomplish. They also know that President Trump has negotiated several major trade deals for the US. Those things don’t happen on accident. They require a ton of work. We’ve also seen President Trump face a hostile press on a daily basis during the coronavirus crisis. So, believing that President Trump isn’t working hard requires the audience to be fairly dumb. Him expecting us to buy it means he thinks we are dumb. He also explained to us how to vote. I am not an idiot. I know how to vote. He also tried to blame the coronavirus on President Trump. Again, you would have to be an idiot to blame President Trump, so again it is an insult to your intelligence.

With that being said, IQ is a spectrum. About half the country has a less than average IQ. Some people like him explaining how to vote. Some people like when he dumbs things down, even if it is a lie. Same for Michelle.

Also, if you watch Obama’s early videos, he was boring and a dork. That is actually when I respected him somewhat. Suddenly though, he was a “rock star” to the left, and had high priced speech writers. So suddenly he needed to act the part. So now he acts like he’s cool. He was never cool. He was always an awkward dork. Now he’s an actor though. His lines are written, and he plays a part. He’s getting better and better at playing the part, and people like his character, so he now has more confidence playing the part. Like many bad actors, he’s an over-actor though. Again, this appeals to the same people who like to be lectured about how to vote.

Right now though, he is a bit scared. His legacy has been destroyed. President Trump has accomplished about a dozen things which would have been his signature accomplishment if he accomplished them (peace treaties, trade deals, record low unemployment for various demographics). Also, his corruption has been exposed. He ran the largest illegal political spying operation in the history of the country. He NEEDS Joe Biden to win to destroy the documents and save his legacy. He doesn’t want Joe Biden to become president. However, he is out of other options. Joe Biden is all bluster, and no action or finesse. Obama isn’t an idiot. He sees that. However, at this point, being linked to Joe Biden isn’t as bad as his legacy being destroyed and isn’t as bad as being put in Trump’s shadow for the rest of history.


I hate that you’re being censored on YT. Glad I found your page! Thanks for all you do.

Linda Wilson

Living for the day when this Traitor is executed

have you seen this Bidens grand daughters would love to see what you think of this body language I know its short,

Susan McCall

Is exprezo here putting the thumbs down on the comments? Whoever it is, I don’t think you belong here – there are plenty of other ‘fawning’ places for you to go.



I’m sorry if this is a double post. I’m not sure if you got the last one.

This one is hilarious. I thought you did a Diamond and Silk on Youtube, but I can’t find it. I don’t know if it’s the same one.

Susan McCall

I didn’t catch of the name of that stupid reporter but it’s time for a ‘new look’ from these people – the ‘constipated’ look is old. And the mocking is old as well.

Eileen Guthrie

Are you scared Barry? Are we AFRAID? Panic? Desperate? And, yes, it is the biggest election for you and the democrats, because if Biden loses, it means ALL THOSE INVESTIGATIONS WILL CONTINUE, and people from your administration are going to prison and I hope you, Hillary and Biden join them. Well, at least we now know why you were discouraging Biden NOT to run for the Presidency. LOTS and lots of corruption, greed, Hunter’s child porn, drugs, his shady deals with Russia, China, Ukraine and Iran, more pay for play schemes, would come back and haunt you. But it also means you knew all about this from the very beginning and as they say… Barry, you’ve got some splainin to do. The truth ALWAYS comes out in the end, you knew it would eventually be revealed. So, stop flapping you gums, you NO LONGER MATTER and are very irrelevant and let’s just say the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. Barry, the gutless wonder.

Heartland Liberty

Vote EARLY & OFTEN is what he wants to convey. It pained me to listen to the fraud. Club Gitmo is waiting for you Sotoro.


Club Gitmo? Wishful thinking, Heartland. He most likely won’t even get that long over due “ass whoopin” from the DOJ. silent secret

Gen. Stewart

I don’t think Gitmo will be as uncomfortable for him as one would think. Being a Prison Princess might be right “up his alley” shocked

Steve Rogers

What is funny is he asks how many of them have already voted early, and the impression I got was that it was most of them. Then what is the point in explaining HOW TO VOTE? Are they really afraid that the 8 people who decided to show up are also going to the the ones that won’t vote?

It comes across as an act for the camera.

Steve Rogers

Did you guys see Joe Biden start to tear up when he was confronted with his illegal dealings with the Chinese Communist Party? I can’t wait to see the body language analysis of that moment.


Bathhouse Barry is the most disgusting liar ever! You can tell by when he moves huis lips.


It’s quite literally true that a psychopath NEVER considers telling the truth. Everything from the mouth is calculated for the desired effect.


Dude literally lies as easily as he breathes! Gotta love it when folks tell on themselves, and try to get ahead of a possible news cycle. 😉

Steve Rogers

He’s an actor playing a part. Reality has nothing to do with it.


And a bad actor at that!

Kwame Oluwasomi

That “end of my life” stress XD… that “cartel caught me stealing” stress XD… that “I snitched on the most sadistic soldados” stress XD!


Nice to see the desperation. Gives me deja vu to when he was running in 2008, and having seen him in action in Chicago, and researched him when he was running for Senator, discovering that he paid no property taxes, was involved with crooked real estate deals, uncovering the Reverend Wright atrocity, and the rumors about the bathhouses in “boys town”. Tried to warn everybody. Did not work- they just projected their virtue signaling fantasies onto the film-flam artist. He weaponized every agency of the federal government against his enemies and enabled Soros NGO’s to access billions in USAID then kick it back through book deals and PAC contributions. His graft through the book deals will be harder to unravel than Biden’s blatant shakedowns, only because he is sneakier, smarter and less of a blowhard than low I Q Joe, but he is even more corrupt. It was all there from the start to anybody who used their brain and had any discenment.

Gen. Stewart

Yours is the best summation of his history that i’ve heard; From start to finish ! Given your experience with troubled souls, why would a troubled person bite their own hand ?


General, depends on the situation, but I have dealt with a lot on traumatized individuals, who become so cut off from their repressed emotions that they stop feeling anything. Self injury allows them to feel something, and sometimes is a way to communicate their state to others without verbalizing it. When I saw your question, I was thinking of Hunter Biden. I think in his case he was likely traumatized early in life (could be the deadly car crash, sexual abuse?) then became a drug addict. Instead of his father doing his best to get him help, he used him as a bagman for international graft. Sometimes people just want the abuse cycle to stop, maybe by leaving the evidence someplace where it will be found either consciously or unconsciously.

Steve Rogers

My friend and neighbor, an Obama voter, always thought it was pathetic that Obama couldn’t figure out a way to buy his first house on his own without getting involved with Rezko (a known criminal). He still voted for Obama because he though Obama was going to make good on his promise to take a scalpel to our budget. Well, we all know how that turned out. Obama asked for voluntary cuts, and got almost nothing. Pathetic leadership.


Remember when the Republican candidate, who would have probably beaten Soetoro when he ran for Senate, had his ex-wife flip on him regarding their “swinger” activities, forcing him to withdraw and be replaced by the maniacal Allan Keyes? I would like to know the real story behind that. Soros offer she couldn’t refuse?

Steve Rogers

Yes, I do remember. That was the SECOND time democrats got divorce records unsealed to help Obama.


I am SO glad you did this one! I saw this former POS president for what he was 12 YEARS ago. He’s LIED about who is really is, what he Really is and where he got his NET worth of over 500 MILLION in the last 16 years? because he was an UNEMPLOYED LAWYER from Chicago when he ran for President in 2008!

Susan McCall

Thank you for doing this extremely stressful ‘image’ Mandy….I understand how much courage you have.

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