Body language – Victoria Premier, Covid Travel Restrictions


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Well done Mandy. This man has many things to hide. You saw through him.


i have watched most of your videos and thank you for putting them out for us.
this one is [in my opinion] the best thus far because of the side by side comparisons during which you noted the difference between a person’s body when it ‘sings’ and does not ‘sing’.

Eisa Bradley

Thank you Mandy for doing one for friends down under. I’m so grateful for the support Australia gives America


The same thing is happening world wide. Executive branch tyrants, drunk with power and exceeding their authority to arbitrarily enforce restrictions on the public using irrational fear to push compliance. Here in Illinois, USA, our governor, who is the grandson of Al Capone’s tax lawyer, announced that all indoor dining will be off limits in our county starting Friday and is limiting gatherings to 25% of capacity or 25 people, whichever is smaller. He has yet to even consult with the legislature. The only plus is that he is covering his hideously ugly obese face with a giant size face mask, which he may have repurposed from a sail on the family yacht.

Gen. Stewart

Lets first understand that all these people have been institutionalized for years. They are accustomed to following orders. Some may question the orders internally but,follow,understanding possible punishment would follow if externalized. These people are not brave and understand “where their bread is buttered”. I read an official Canadian document earlier today from an unidentified government official. The person is to scared to be a known whistleblower and says that thirty percent of that department has been told to institute the “new policy”or they themselves will be relieved and remanded to covid isolation. The document outlines instructions the public will be forced to follow for the next six months.

Susan McCall

I’m not finished watching but I find I get distracted by the ‘interpreters’ – they are almost theatrical. (talk about a ‘believe me’ look)…ever since this covidcrap, I have noticed these interpreters and find them more fascinating that what farcy and scarf lady were ‘saying’…Could you see interpreters at a debate? How would that work when, for example, you had 22 democrats all talking at once not so long ago. And why aren’t there any interpreters for these recent debates? Unless I have been missing them. Anyway, back to the show….


Is it normal for a sign language guy to have an almost constant believe me look with so much exaggerated body animation? I’ve seen many people doing signing first hand. None of them were even a third as animated. Just curious. I got the impression he was the puppet master to the puppet Cherian Jacob says the Premier is.

Cherian Jacob

Mandy, Im so glad you have done this. but you need to look up more of his stuff. I live in Melbourne and have been watching this man. He is literally a puppet doing what he is being told. The video you picked is just a tip of the iceberg. He has been challenged so many times and he doesnt budge. You are right in your assessment of challenging him.The left wing media have been giving him a free pass which is why he feels justified locking the whole city for 21 weeks now. Its very sad what is happening here. Perhaps I can send you more. You could look up any of his press conferences on Sky News. Please look into this. All of these leaders are handpicked puppets serving something beyond the remit of the constitution. He too me is a pyscopath and a Hilary Clinton apologist.


Thank you… we will be watching the AU

Cherian Jacob

Here is a classic example


Background- he allowed a 500 people gathering for a horse racing event, whilst keeping churches, funerals, and other religious activties locked and down to a maximum of 10. The event was cancelled since there was backlash, but watch how he comes in to explain. This is just one of many but this should give you an idea.


a real piece of work


We need to supply Mandy with the videos of Peta Credlin and Rachel?? asking him questions and ones from the boys… he is such a misogynist in the true sense.

Oh… and yes there are lots of videos! This man has given over 100 press conferences in a row that go for over 1 hour!

Cherian Jacob

Spot on Cat. You will see a lot there. Basically any videos of him making new announcements, laying down the rules, and being challenged which is mostly by Peta Credlin and Rachel Baxendale. Its the same scene here as it is in America. But its really sad here since we do not have a majority standing up.


Just saw this and wanted to share it with you and everyone here: Only a psychopath would allow these unnecessary, draconian lock downs.

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