Body Language – Wolf Vs Pelosi


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Mandy – hope your pregnancy is going as good as it can. Good luck


Mandy, I’ m so glad you did this video. Was fun to watch. Two things:
1) What does the nose scrunch pelosi did @ 6:24 mean?

2) The way she said “HONEST TO GOD!” , to me, is just a peek at her bad temper and arrogance. And extremely disrespectful. Christian people don’t like to hear those kind of words.


1 she still thinks she can ‘cute’ her way out of it.
2 spot on


Pelosi is 80 years old … she can wear all the jewelry and makeup and face lifts ,, but she is far from cute … exit stage left Pelosi – enter stage AOC.


She’s had so many face lifts she can no longer close her eyes properly, and her brows have migrated half way up her forehead! XD


Should have asked her how much it cost for all that work on her face.


i thought that he is doing it for ratings? she forgot to tell Wolf that she also prays for him everyday


Epic goverment resignation numbers since Trump was elected in 2016. Let’s follow that rabbit hole shall we… the swamp is almost drained imo.. we’re just now seeing all the crap stuck at the bottom cause they were there first.


When the witch carried on about serving her constituents, Wolfie should have asked her point blank that if she is so concerned about them, why doesn’t she actually live in the district she “allegedly” represents. Bottom line: CNN still sucks!

Susan McCall

I have always wondered why cnn is at the rally’s….and now the crowd is chanting: cnn sucks….the public is at the point where we don’t care anymore.

Gen. Stewart

Little nancy was called on to the carpet and never snapped to it. She fell back on her habit of filibustering to run the clock out. When you’re called for an accounting of why you didn’t understand your marching orders and bite the bagel that feeds you. You go back rectify the problem or sleep with the GefilteFish. shocked



Eileen Guthrie

She’s just so incredulous, obnoxious and I’m so fed up with her constant lying, so disgusting and I just can’t look at her hideous, ugly face anymore, so full of evil, hateful, spiteful, vindictive, vile, maniacal, despot and desperate. At this point, she’s nothing but a malignant narcissist and a sociopath. I despise and loath this woman, She’s so out of touch with reality and doesn’t realize, as Wolf is listing the things that are hurting America, she’s got a smile on her face. Does she realize how creepy that looks? Nancy has only continually shown her contempt for the American people and there is no proof that she listens to their needs, if Pelosi did care, her district wouldn’t look like a third world country. She’s so unbelievable!!! I’ve read the bill numerous times, there was nothing in it about honoring our first responders, NOTHING. There was one in the Republican Senate stimulus bill called HEAL and was rejected by Nancy and the democrats. This woman is incapable of telling the truth or being remotely honest. If you have to spin everything they “claim” to care about, they wouldn’t have to spin it. No, I’ve read both bills and she’s lying her ass off. Actually, the things she just listed, I only saw in the Republican senate bill and there was ABSOLUTELY nothing in the House bill. Everything that’s in that are all her wish list items. The conservative organization the Heritage Foundation has the best breakdown that’s in both separate bills.

Good for Wolf to question Pelosi and her motives. Have you ever seen a forced and phony smile like hers before? I’m shock that Wolf wasn’t towing the liberal narrative and line. Maybe he realizes how much damage Pelosi is creating with her hissy fits and toddler tantrums. If you haven’t read the Bill, most of the things in it, have nothing to do with the coronavirus relief. What has coronavirus have to do with lowering the voting age to 16, allowing voters to register on election day with no checks and balances, mandatory mail in votes? What does bailing out poorly and bankrupt run liberal controlled cities and states, pay for the damage from the leftist hissy fits from the violence that they had allowed it to happen in their cities and states and allowed it to continue for months. Giving billions to illegals, giving another $500 million to Planned Parenthood. Cannabis research, and as it turns out, the Pelosi’s have invested a million in cannabis research, so it’s putting her own needs above everyone else’s. Passage of this bill means more money in her own pocket. Pelosi wants additional funds to go to her favorite “pet” projects. She wants Americans to pay for federal pension plans that are on the brink of collapsing. What they or the mainstream media hasn’t reported on was some of the details Democrats were demanding in the bill, that have stalled the talks. Some things from the green new deal wish list items, air travel, subsidies for companies who make products for the environment. I can’t remember all of Pelosi’s wish list items, but there is a lot of it in this bill and her pet projects BUT NONE OF THEM HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE CORONAVIRUS nor help those out of work, get back to work. Nancy just refuses to compromise; it’s her way or the highway. Trump ONLY wants stimulus to help people who are out of work, introduce a tax credit, help small businesses who’ve been hit the hardest. Extended unemployment payroll check until the end of the year. She’s not motivated enough to pass this bill before election day because she believes it will hurt Trump’s reelection chances. I think it will hurt the democrats more, once people come to the conclusion of all the unnecessary funds are in there, that have nothing to do with COVID and have nothing to do with helping American families put food on their tables or pay their rent and credit cards. Pelosi behaves like a spoiled, petulant, obnoxious child. I want my way; I want my way. So, she’s chosen to hold America hostage until she gets what she wants. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of bailing out these liberal cities and states. Democrats don’t want to increase taxes on their base. They’d rather do it on the federal level. So, if you want these things Queen Nancy, then raise the taxes to pay for them. How else will these voters learn the truth about how incompetent the democrats are, the best way to get their attention is through their wallets, is to make them pay for it and for putting them into power in the first place.

Gen. Stewart

Excellent ! That’s the problem; People aren’t reading between the lines.

Eileen Guthrie

There was a poll taken on Wednesday that I only saw after I posted my comments, that asked people who they blame for the delays in the next stimulus bill, two-thirds of the public blame Nancy and the Democrats (67%), Trump (21%) and undecided/don’t know (12%). So, people are paying attention. There was also a poll on how trustworthy the mainstream media is and only 9% still believe they are. That’s much lower than the last poll (13%). Both those numbers tell me two things. One, we are paying more attention to politics than ever before, and two, that people are doing their own research to find out the facts. We’re not as dumb as the democrats believe. Less than 3 weeks before the election, Pelosi will be under a tremendous amount of pressure from the House democrats to pass the President’s bill. Nancy still believes this will hurt Trump more than the democrats and will continue to resist, she DOES NOT WANT TO GIVE THE PRESIDENT A WIN just weeks before the election. As Nancy rarely leaves her liberal fishbowl and has absolutely no idea how angry and fed up the silent majority is, NOT A CLUE. Politics always comes first for her and playing her sleazy political games with people’s lives and affecting their livelihood. Calls for her removal as Speaker are increasing in frequency and I think she’s the most hated woman in the United States right now.


This is incredibly telling. Loved it!! Thank you. I think this is a set up. If/when the Left looses this election, it will be a perfect storm / opportunity to pounce, to de-throne Pelosi. Like Churchhill said (then Rahm Emanuel), Never let a good crisis go to waste. If they lose, this will be a sure crisis to the Left. The Left are expert at manufacturing crisis. AOC and the extremes want Pelosi out! They’re laying in wait, setting the blame stage. Whether they use this or not is another matter, but they’re cultivating a narrative and getting their ducks in a row to make a move. Check mate!

On a side query, Mr NoName/Mandy. Do either of you happen to know how it is notices of new video posts arrive much later for some? I was in my email tonight when the Bombards notice arrived and I was signed in within seconds. However, there were already multiple posts & replies. I’m just curious how this can be. Inquiring minds lol. 🤔 Thanks again.


There seems to be a shift. For as long as I remember, there have been those in power who have been able to successfully push false narratives for selfish ends. The fact that they are being calmly observed seems to have them unhinged.


Wow, her delusion is showing more in this clip than it usually is. I actually agree with Wolf on this one! Can you believe she said that he was defending the Republican party??? Plus, she contradicted herself when she said that Trump wasn’t that important to delay sending more stimulus $ so his name isn’t on the check, after telling Wolf that Trump wanted more stimulus $ just so his name was on the check. Ugh…


Whoa. She certainly was not expecting Wolf to ‘wolf out’ on her. Good for him. How she reacted is hysterical. Can you hear her cussing him as she walked off her set?? LOL


I suspect that this is more significant than a surprising determination by Wolfman to wring some answers out of Pelosi. I imagine that the foot soldiers started not paying attention to Paul Castellano before he got whacked by John Gotti. I think this indicates that Nancy’s days as speaker are numbered. The fact that Wolf was given permission to go after her on CNN is a huge tell in and of itself. The toothless hag has lost control of her own caucus, who unlike her, at least have to pretend to care to get reelected. If so, good riddance.

Susan McCall

You bring up an interesting point GOMF….”The fact that Wolf was given permission to go after her on CNN”. I don’t trust this at all.

Back in 2016, I worked at a marina (long hours, demanding customers, and a small restaurant) – had an awful boss we will call bj. One day we got the news he was going to quit – we were ecstatic! We did the happy dance! And then the fancy owners decided to take over for the rest of the season. (they would only show up a couple times normally in the past due to living in another State). One day the owner said: “We are going to start fresh next season”….code for: getting rid of all of us. Us older gals had run the place wonderfully, we knew the vendors personally, knew the food inspector personally, etc. The whole experience taught me that ‘don’t get excited upon someone leaving because the next replacement will be worse’.

Why, suddenly, would the big dog ‘wolf’ go after nancy? At least we can predict what nancy does or how she acts. {like we could with bj}. The calling out on her behavior is long overdue, but why now? What is the left up to? Will a.o.c. replace nancy? Think of that horror. We must always be careful of what we wish for.


I too have a story, Susan. For a number of years, I was a civilian member of the Midwest Gang Investigators Association. At one of their annual conferences, a representative agent of the FBI did a presentation on the efforts of the bureau to target the leadership of each of the major Chicago street gangs using the RICO statutes, which were ongoing, and completed some years later. They were very successful in locking up the upper echelons of the Latin Kings, Black Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords, Black Disciples and others. The outcome from their point of view was probably a huge success. The result on the streets, however, was significantly contrary. In obedience to the law of unintended consequences, the hierarchy of most of the gangs split into smaller often warring factions, lacking discipline and alliances, massively increasing the conflicted turf lines and drug sales territories, sparking an upsurge in violence and shootings that continues to this day. I see the media going after Pelosi in much the same fashion. It indicates the upcoming chaotic struggle for power between the so-called “moderate” and corrupt (socialist) Democrats and the unabashedly Marxist revolutionary anti-American Democrats. It indicates a fracture between the Media/ Socialist/ Marxist alliance, that may actually weaken or destroy the Democrat Party. Adam Schiff or AOC as speaker? It will be fun to watch them fight it out. Every minute they spend fighting it out, will only make it less possible for them to continue to ruin the country to the extent they have already. All of their ideas are bad. It is only a matter of degree. The more they struggle, the more people with common sense will realize that the party has moved so far left that they are somewhere between the CCP and Castro.

Susan McCall

Yup….I have even noticed my liberal sister doesn’t want to talk to me much these days. She lives in MN and I think she expects Trump to pay for the destruction. She is always spouting off about the evils of Trump and I am working on an email to send to her regarding her ‘talking points’ from the ‘star tribune via new york times’. But when she brings something up, she thinks she is important. When I do, she will change the subject. Most people would say: ‘don’t talk to her’ but it’s not that easy…she depends on my phone call….she gets upset if I don’t call her…..typical liberal behavior. She still watches SNL! She believes in ellen degenerate. Everything in her world makes me sick and then no discussion….grrrr….at least we can express ourselves here…Thank you Mandy for the opportunity! You are so highly respected. Thank you GOM for intelligent responses. And thank you Gen for your humor!


I think we all have had similar experiences.If it helps, I have had a reasonable amount of success pointing out that being President is a job and that the qualities that many people detest in the President are exactly the qualities that are needed in dealing with the corruption and cutthroats that have to be dealt with worldwide. Many people are emotional voters and are looking at politicians based on what they would want in a friend, husband or priest. I also have had more success by asking thought provoking questions and avoiding arguments. I asked one person” Take his crude personality out of it- do you support law and order, controlled immigration, lower taxes, ending useless foreign wars, fair trade deals, and prosperity for health every group?”

Susan McCall

Good points GOMF – sometimes when bartending though, I don’t have time to ask the questions and I feel like I have to baby them with the questions. I have to appear ‘gentle’ and ‘female-like’ – ha – so male customers don’t think badly of me. It all takes so much positive energy.


Not that much difference between bartending and being in the mental health field. Both require good communication and crisis intervention skills.

Susan McCall

I once had an old man say: “Just be quiet and pour drinks”. Next time he says something like that to me, I will ‘accidentally’ spill his drink! ha


The progressive Deep State/NWO has gotten all they can out of the old hag .. time to switch horses whether they win or lose.

Gen. Stewart

Bravo ,my friend ! You stated it better than I did.

Susan McCall

I am honored Gen – coming from you. Thank you!


Excellent reading of a ‘KAREN’ reaction to someone who challenges her. We should call her ‘PSYCO KAREN PELOSI’

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