Body Language – Vice Presidential Debate 2020 Pence Harris


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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You’re all trying to make sense of this in the wrong way. Mike Pence is a biological female. Kamala Harris is a biological male.

Biological males have larger heads. Biological females have sloped shoulders. Biological males look direct, biological females are less direct and more submissive. Biological females have short necks. Biological males have large tracheas.

See @Bevvie112 on twitter!


OOOH, your names for the debates. Brilliant.


I felt the exact same way about Pence. Pence is looking…presidential–for the very first time.

If he keeps delivering like this, it may be Pence 2024.

Gen. Stewart

Hi Mandy, Hope all is well with you and yours ! I enjoyed your comments and humor more than watching the debate rerun. You crack me up ! Laugh my rear end off . Have a nice day and thank you again.

Gen. Stewart

I don’t care for Pence’s debate style; His delivery, timing and tempo is one that is designed to run down the clock(defense).Maybe,his way of avoiding the confrontation ? A debate is like a fight. The two most important elements is,to know your opponent and when to attack or withdraw. When you attack(offense),it should be with rapid multiple counter blows.While at the same time,injecting information that would put your opponent on defense. I was livid watching the opportunities slip away as Pence seemed to be on his heels. What was a saving grace,happened at the very end of the debate,in the last remaining minutes. VIOLA ! Pence pulled up his boy shorts and gave a flurry of knock out punches that saved the day !

Susan McCall

To debate, first you have to assume everyone is on the same level….Now? You have to debate sociopaths and psyco’s…..whether it’s your kids, your co-workers, or your family members. I have a liberal sister that loves to spout off, but never wants to hear the other side of the coin. I have a loved one coming next week for a visit and he is anti-police and pro ‘protestors’….yes, I am stressed about that but I will have games lined up and ‘diversion’ conversation topics. (he will be bringing a new girlfriend – just found out she is a vegan and allergic to shellfish. Okay….as I was cleaning yesterday I would scream out loud to hubby: oh my gosh, I am allergic to dust and spiders! Then I said to hubby of 35 years: imagine if when I met your folks you told them I was allergic to this or that, was a vegan, blahblah….she would have told her son not to bring me around).

Jackie Boudreaux

I have a question….you mentioned that face Kamala made with the squint. You asked how many of us have seen that look on someone’s face before. What does that look indicate? What is that a tell of?


I found this to be a fascinating analysis of the Harris/Pence debate. M’Lady is a clinical psychologist, and advised me on watching people of the type like Harris, that you have to take the emotion out of the observation, so you must look at it clinically. I found that my initial view of Harris is that she does NOT project empathy, but draws one in on some emotional story, or intimidates with body language, voice timbre, facial expressions, and fiery personal attacks. This was evident in the primary debates when Harris came in for the kill to Biden on a personal attack concerning his alleged racism. The ends justify the means in her mind.

Harris always replies with some sarcastic remark that is made to attempt to intimidate.

You are totally right in your analysis of Vice President Pence. He is a polite and decent man, but he rapidly realized that his usual measured and polite response was inappropriate for the situation. He had to call out her lies directly and he did it well.

I appreciate your detailed and timely analysis of this debate. Another analysis of a sociopath.


Excellent. Thanks for doing this one. I wanted to watch this for Pence but had turn it off after that first look at Kamala.
Still just can’t believe what they put out there to be future leaders of this country. And people vote for them.

Gerry Wright

Your interpretations are spot on. I so enjoy your sense of humor. You make my day!


Love the metaphor of the executioner and the last rights preacher. I have dealt with more than my share of psychopaths during my career. I can only think of a handful where you can almost physically feel the evil coming off of them. That is what I get with this one. Vice President Pence did a great job.


I’ve been trying to watch the videos for days & all I get is a black screen with lines buffering. What am I doing wrong? I miss Mandy!

Eileen Guthrie

Well, you seedy witch, I do remember the confusion from the beginning. The President and the Vice President were relying on the information that was given to them by the CBC, Dr Fauci and Dr Birx. First, they said it wasn’t airborne nor contagious. Then a wife gave it to her husband and that changed the narrative. They told us wearing a mask wouldn’t help and advised people to not wear them. It wasn’t Trump who told people to go to Chinatown, it was Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who did that. Then, the democrats called Trump a racist, bigot and xenophobe for closing down flight from China. But the people who controlled the International Air Transport Association and they ignored Trump’s warnings to stop all flights from China and later on from Europe. Then, the democrats told people do not listen to Trump, he’s mean and paranoid. So, they continued to socialize with others, and they did. Then, the democrats said that Trump didn’t react fast enough. So, how is Trump supposed to make the right decision for the Country, when the people who were advising him, had a much different agenda. When I found out that both Fauci and Birx were associated with the Clinton’s, it was then that I no longer trusted them, because everything the Clinton’s do is always shady and full of corruption. Did Fauci get anything right from the beginning? No!

Now, onto Kamala Harris. I can’t stand that smug, entitled elitist, I find her very annoying and her voice
is very irritating and shrill, with a bit of smugness, arrogant, obnoxious and condescending. Did you know she sent two men who were accused of murder, to death row, when she was the Attorney General for the state of California. But did you know that she had withheld the exculpatory evidence from the Court and their defense attorney’s that would have exonerated both men and she hid that evidence to get a conviction. They were executed, then she claimed she found that evidence and had no idea that it existed. I only know this story because my uncle represented one of the men’s families who were suing the State of California. This is a woman who lacks integrity, one of the most unethical lawyers, who also doesn’t have a conscience. There are a ton of other cases similar to this one. The previous attorney general had worked on prosecuted the Catholic priest. They got a lot done, but there were a number of cases that had yet to be tried in court. Kamala chose to not prosecute the remaining cases, but only after she received $88,000 towards her campaign from the Catholic church. Some of those victims who had wanted to confront these priests were denied that opportunity. So, they filed civil lawsuit against the Priests and the Catholic church. They had made a request to get the records from the attorney general and Kamala denied their request.

Gen. Stewart

Wow ! Glad you shared that. Had no idea,as I’m sure others don’t. Thank You ! Keep them coming.


Got off to a great start..The opening ‘NOTE’: No one’s been told in advance what topic/questions will be raised, blah blah blah {cough-donnabrazile-cough}. Pathetic. I didn’t watch it live but appreciate you assessment as always Mandy. I thought Pence did amazing, and I loved that he zinged Harris with the plagiarism comment right out of the gate. Bam! How could that not rattle her? She did not suspect that. I know I didn’t, but I LOVED it!! I like THIS Pence even more.


I didn’t watch the debate because it would have been exactly like having to watch and listen to Hillary, only without whatever fake accent was being employed. This video and Mandy’s analysis confirmed that. Pense was a welcome surprise here. He stood stronger than I’d ever seen him before. Loved the Clark Kent/Superman comparison. Perfect! As to the moderator, she was as I expected: Christine Wallace all over again. Glad I skipped it and glad Mandy did this great analysis. Thanks, Mandy!

Gen. Stewart

Hi Nonna smile Hope all is well with you and your’s


Hi, General. I’m recovering from a couple of surgeries and feeling stronger each day. Struggling to pay medical bills, but God willing, all will be well and I will again be able to donate to this great site. Happy to report that I am cancer free now and didn’t have to undergo chemo.


Prayers and glad to hear that you are on the mend.

Alex Ogle

There was something about your description of Harris having not used her feminine wiles in a while, that put me in mind of Will Franken performing his rendition of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” and how Eve was so easily swayed by Satan.
There seems to be something about a certain group of modern women that is especially susceptible to temptation by the arch nemesis.
I was struck by the fact that almost everything Harris said was a lie, and her ‘sweet’ smile was an attempt to mask it.

Gen. Stewart

Excellent comparison ! I think that shouldn’t go without pointing out the seemingly desperate need for these soy boy types to jump for the apple.


“Heels Up” Harris is more annoying than I had realized. Ugh… I believe I have heard Mandy mention the “pretty pose” frequently employed by AOC; Harris’ facial expressions reminded me of that phrase.

May God protect America and Americans, before, during, and after this election. 🇺🇸

Susan McCall

I don’t normally use an object to hide a face, but it was necessary for this one although it’s too late now as I am psychologically damaged from what I did see of her face. It’s almost as if you can feel the evil spirits coming through on tv/laptop. I am literally shaken, and terribly afraid of her. Whose idea was it to do a split screen? How distracting was that? A normal person is incapable of having a normal conversation with this type of person. Let us pray others see her evilness.

Susan McCall

I don’t think nancy p, hellary, and kam combined don’t have as much ice in their veins as kim jong un’s sister. Unable to get pic but there is more chatter of kim ‘missing’ and having a double.


You don’t need to go that far, there are simple real world biological markers that reveal these truths.


Kamala Harris’ smiling reminds me of Hillary Clinton and her smiling during the 2016 debates. It’s as if the smile says, “I’m wrong, so I’m going to hide it with a smile.” Thank you for your analysis.

Cherian Jacob

It is very hard to look and listen to her in the same it is for Hilary Clinton. Period!


There is not ONE emphatic neuron in Harris’s body

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