Body Language – First Presidential Debate 2020


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Thanks for your work! smile


the bad facelift tho…


I love, love, love watching your videos! They’ve been so informative. TRUMP2020!


Just wanted to say congrats on the birth of your baby, and thank you so much for what you do! I’ve admired your courageous work since the Kavanaugh hearings. Looking forward to becoming a supporter.

Linda Wilson

Wallace is a MSM hack and allowed Biden to focus on what is on the smart contacts. Biden can’t even speak in complete sentences and now He is reading off the contacts and using the wire. I mean come on Biden is getting help and has the questions. Look at Bidens eyes they are black when usually they are blue grey

Eileen Guthrie

Yeah it wasn’t a fair fight or debate, that it was two against one, and when it was clear that number one Joey was cheating. The democrats are just incapable of doing anything fair or honest. They always must have an edge over their political opponent. Your talking to a person’s who’s been around broadcasters and when I was little hung out with the sound engineers on the Today show. Joey had not only a wire, but another device in his left sleeve of his shirt. Now, I’ve seen them before and it looked like an inductive loop communication device on his sleeve, that was hooked up to he’s earpiece that was implanted in Biden’s ear in July when he was MIA for weeks and in hiding and recovering from the surgery. Because the rumor was that during July Biden had a hearing implant put in to help him get through these interviews. Now, the media and organizations like PolitiFact that the wire was a lavalier mic, two things are wrong with that one. First, they no longer use wire lavalier mics anymore, they use wireless mics and each person gets a power pack, that goes in a jacket pocket or behind their backs. And second… if it was a mic, I know of no sound engineer who would put a mic under Joe’s jacket lapel, it goes on top of the shirt or jacket lapel. Under the jacket, would mean there would be muffled sound, and every time Joe moved, we would hear the rustling of his jacket and shirt. So, I know of no sound engineer who would do that. Then, they said it was his shirt which had pale gray vertical lines, but that’s false as well. If you look closely at the photo you can see the shadow of the wire, the same as his shirt collar was too, the wire is white like his shirt but a different shade of white and I don’t know how you could make a shadow of a vertical line, plus it wasn’t sitting straight, it had a curve to it and it wasn’t laying flat. You could see the shadow, because of how the lights were set up. And the shadow matched the curve too. It’s been totally debunked. Now the question is, did Chris Wallace know about these two things Biden had that the President didn’t have. It was Biden’s movements that made me take a closer look, as I saw him try to hide the wire deeper under his jacket lapel. He was acting strangely too, as if he was listening to someone else who wasn’t on that stage and it looked like he shook his head yes as in response of a question from the person on the other end. It was his comment on the Proud Boys too. It looked like he was listening to someone else again who was not on that stage. When he put his head down, that’s when I think someone was talking in his ear and telling him what to say. So, we now know why Biden changed his mind on the ear inspections. Trump had no say in the breaks that Biden wanted that was the committee that decided that request and it was denied by the committee. 90 Minutes all the way through with no breaks, that’s how’s its done and that’s how it’s always been done. NO BREAKS. The next debate will be even worse as a former intern of Biden’s will be conducting the debate and he’s an outspoke Never Trumper. He also worked for Ted Kennedy too and a democrat through and through. So, Trump will be at a disadvantage again. He will be debating two Liberals, instead of one again. I thought Trump did a great job, was it his best probably not, but he got his jabs in there at Biden, he got Biden to say something that Biden didn’t want to say to denounce the far leftist. Trump said you just lost the left. See Trump is a street fighter from Queens, he’s seen it all there and Biden came off weak and unsure of himself. He has a long record of flip flopping on issues and there were two glaring ones on Tuesday night. The Green New Deal and defund the Police. Both of which he supports (his support of the Green New Deal is right on his website and it says he supports it) and he has said multiple times to defund the police (that’s what the far left wants).

I lived very close to the state of Delaware, on the NJ side, and they covered Biden a lot on Philadelphia news programs. So, I’ve seen and heard Biden too many times to know he has never been a leader, he’s only been a follower and he does what the party and the democrats tell him what to do. That’s not Presidential material to me. If the far left pushes him, he will do what they want him to do. He’s not a strong independent leader. I saw him as a clown when I was younger and could tell you some pretty funny stories about his alcoholism. He could never pass up talking to a pretty reporter from one of the Philly news stations, even when he was drunk and out of his mind, where he couldn’t stand upright and swayed back and forth. With his eyes half closed and him slurring his words, he still told us what he thought. He just couldn’t pass up a pretty girl with a camera and mic, he would hold her hand during the interview. He would clumsily and embarrassingly flirt with her. It became a fixture of one of the news stations every Friday night, they would replay all the stupid things he said during his drunken interviews. They were hilarious until it wasn’t, it became sad and pathetic to watch his man make a fool of himself every week.

So, I know Joe isn’t ready for the Presidency and his time passed a long time ago. He was never Presidential material. NEVER. I would be embarrassed for our Country in him meeting with other world leaders. He doesn’t know when to stop talking and to keep his mouth shut. Plus, he is missing the sensitivity gene that we all have, he doesn’t have it. Doesn’t understand that he can’t say these things to people. It just doesn’t register with his brain and how inappropriate what he just said was that he just insulted a large group of people. He uses stereotypes from the 70s. His comments on black people, hispanics, Indians, 7/11’s, he just doesn’t understand that he can’t say these things to people, they are racist, bigoted, obnoxious and extremely ignorant, he just insulted a large group of people. And he doesn’t get it and NEVER HAS.







Biden has a mic on the left sleeve …..he has a wire pop out of his right lapel after he rubs the inside of his jacket…. wow


Wallace speaks out of the side of his mouth – you should be very wary of anyone who talks with a crooked mouth. Wallace has a HUGE crooked mouth.
When ‘posturing’ before the debate, getting his notes in order, he gave a smirk that Strzok and the Grinch would be proud of.


Chris Wallace says this at the begining :”I can assure you, none of the questions has been shared with the Commission, or the two candidates”.
Chris doesn’t say none of the questions has been shared. Just not shared with the Commission or the two candidates.
It’s obvious the questions were given to people who programmed Joe.
Chris confirms that by giving the Believe Me look.

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Gen. Stewart

I’ve seen videos of Biden tucking a wire under his lapel. It could be an antenna,meaning someone is in close proximity and transmitting to him. President trump should have had someone jamming(squelching) the signal. I am offended and disgusted in watching Biden’s smug dismissal of Trump’s ability to govern. Forty seven years in office. Biden is our best example of the swamp filth that has taken over our government. TRUMP 2020 !


His eyes didn’t appear normal to me. They were very black & had an oddness to them. Perhaps I’m reading into things but, it seems abnormal.


Biden NEVER looks President Donald J Trump! To me, and I am serious, the Democrats are seriously using Biden.. and it’s Senior abuse! It’s obvious Biden is significantly diminished as we have seen in other interviews. What drugs have they used and WHY has his family approved this to continue. Hiding is a tell of abuse! Biden is not fit mentally, and SHAME on his family for letting this continue.

Gen. Stewart

They are a family of grifters ! In for a penny..In for a pound ; Biden is a willing participant in this scam,so,he is not being used. They have been allowed for many years,by their handlers, to game the system. This is what they do ! This is all they know !


biden is the fall guy. he aint gonna win. my theory is he made that deal a long time ago so he can have a state funeral instead of go to jail.


Thanks, Mandy. I think LT at the You Tube channel And We Know May have come up with the possible reason for the unexplained going to the visual part of the brain and eye closures. They knew there was scrutiny about the earpiece that they used at the town hall. The wire, the plug sticking out of the left sleeve, the hustling of a staff member to clear his podium when he left the stage, and they the fact that gropin’ Joe’s eyes are blue gray rather than black, as they appeared in a zoom image indicate that he might have used “teleprompter” contact lenses and perhaps in addition, a stealthier earpiece. The guy is shot, and although President Trump had to debate Wallace, Biden and his handlers, he still got in at least 8 knockout punches. We don’t want a President that will take shit from these demonic traitors.


Well well crhis is abit nervious because he knows biden has a wire and an ear piece. weve seen it all over facebook. his phone was on the podium probably getting texts. Why did he not want to get checked for drugs too. just saying.


I wish Trump had cited the Constitution and past Democrat precedent for why he should nominate SCOTUS during an election year.

Is it me or is POTUS’ shoulders more hunched than usual?


Biden reminds me of my father. He’s such an arrogant liar, a creep. I just want to beat his ugly face in.

Gen. Stewart

You should get some help with that ! Forgiveness is a gift to the forgiver from themselves. It releases the person of the sin(torment). The person that the potential forgiver holds animosity toward ,might not even know that the potential forgiver holds them in contempt “trespass against them”. Proof of this is found in the Lord”s prayer. I am praying for you ;

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