Body Language – Virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan Whistle Blower


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I guess one could hope she has a small nugget of info that could lead to more the FBI can look into.

Mike G

She just released a scientific paper on her evaluation of the virus… concluding it was created in a lab… that has been entirely ignored of course.
But, she lays all the blame on CPP, when it’s clear it began in the US, and also funded by Fauci through intermediates (multiple sources with records online)…

Gen. Stewart

Mandy: I’m more impressed with your intelligence,humor and commonsense delivery. I would consider you a friend ! I am praying all is well for you and your’s smile

Gen. Stewart

She has every reason to hold her cards close to the vest. She is in a life threatening game now ! If she is a free agent ?Her first hand sources are in danger. The chinese government will be interrogating everyone she has come in contact with. If she is a free agent ? She has risked her life; Very brave ! I am praying for her safety!


It was just a few days ago Tucker Carlson interviewed her. In that interview, she was saying that COVID 19 was made in the lab and released on purpose! Now that is a lot bigger story. Why doesn’t she mention that now?


I agree with Tina, since the first time she popped into the MSM I notice something was off. She is definitely a plant by the Chinese and was introduced as a some kind of double agent. She seam to have been hand picked and was made aware of the issues she is claiming with first hand knowledge so her deceiving tactics would not be uncovered and push the agenda in a more desirable way (for the Chinese). The Communists Party might be holding something back again the American Left as a blackmail token to used against them if they don’t get control over prior scams (fleecing of America). Was the Virus scared used to keep America submissive?


ok mandy, i get what you’re saying BUT: if her sources and methods are willing to back her up, then we now have some evidence. so, for example: her texts with 2nd hand info are subsequently interrogated, and they back her narrative with first hand knowledge, then we have someone who is more of a data aggregator (which is what i do where i work)


i think it is very odd that the W.H.O. which is basically bill gates is IN CHINA and JUST as responsible as china . the W.H.O. was in china and is responsible for not only allowing china to lie but W.H.O. was reinforcing china’s lies ? people keep saying china,china,china WHY are people forgetting that the W.H.O. was there WITH/IN china at this time ?


Yep. Always follow the money. You might appreciate the article & video in the link I gave to GOMF3602 about the two most dangerous men in the world. No surprise that Bill Gates is one of them and the other is the Witch Doctor.


If she is a Chinese plant, then look out for signals that the Chinese intelligence would know. She may have assigned talking points that she needs to get through in order to fulfill her contract with her government. Maybe that’s why she answered some of those questions so awkwardly.

Alex Ogle

This seems so unfortunate. She obviously knows something but the media are whipping it up to be more than it is.
She strikes me as a typical Chinese academic: wanting to please, wanting to show knowledge, wanting to help, but not always seeing how she is being tripped up. She is effusive and she is fitting her answers to what she perceives is being asked.
Her answers seem honest, but can be used to overblow the issue before she is discredited and then cast aside.
The analogy of silver and gold was precise. She has silver, and it can be used to establish the truth of the situation, but she may be castigated for not having the gold the media wants.


I’ve seen her online being interviewed by others, Youtube ‘Loose Women’ posted Sept 11th, and on Tucker (on Fox), if you want to see those or compare. The other one’s, she seemed different somehow, her demeanor seemed a little different. At least to my observation, which doesn’t say much some days lol. Maybe she is becoming a little more comfortable being interviewed/TV. I read she’s been published in The Lancet. Regardless, I’d use anything to get free from Communist China too if I were her. (Oh, you played a small clip from ‘Loose Women’ at the end lol. Thanks Mandy.


Dang… such a pity. I was genuinely hoping she was going to be the one who blew the lid off this plandemic/scandemic. Here’s hoping the government can use something that she knows, especially right before the election. Bonus points to Bill Hemmer for asking straightforward questions!

Thanks for reviewing her interviews, Mandy. Hope all is well with you, Mr. No Name, and the fam.


Dr. Li may not have direct memory- based knowledge of what took place in the Wuhan lab, but in doing a little research into the work of Dr. Shi Zhengli in North Carolina before her research and enhancement of function on bat coronavirus was deemed too dangerous and her continuing the research in Wuhan, there are too many coincidences to not have high suspicion that the virus was manipulated and developed as a potential biological weapon. The CCP does not support research for exclusively humanitarian reasons, and is fully capable of doing what some of us suspect. Accident or on purpose is the only question I have.


There’s no question about it in my mind. In situations like this, my instinct is to follow the money. That was no accident.


Follow the money, indeed. Did Fauci’s agency partially fund Dr. Shi’s banned research once she moved to Wuhan? Is this what he was referring to when he predicted a worldwide pandemic during the Trump administration? Did he knowingly fund research that he could reasonably conclude might be used as a weapon? What are his connections to patents on the expensive drug he pushed into approval versus another that he dismissed and orchestrated a politicized ban on? Patents on vaccines and virus sequences by both Fauci and Gates? These people are evil and dangerous.


The link below will give you a clear picture, GOMF, but don’t click on it if you have high blood pressure (and that goes for everyone else here.) You could well have a freaking stroke!


Thanks, Nonna. Fortunately my blood pressure is much lower since I retired from working with mentally deranged teenagers two years ago.


Whatever her reasoning, second hand knowledge half truths to stay in the USA will be dealt with.
The one consistent fact of this pandemic is China’s repeatedly lying, misinformation with the WHO compliance makes the origin of this “virus” completely suspect – bottomline I believe China was and is happy dancing on the negative impact COVID-19 has had on the U.S.


Thanks for doing this woman.. Something seems fishy to me, maybe a China plant, or just a fast way to get to stay in the USA.


While I believe she has some knowledge about what went down, given the fact that she is from Hong Kong, I have to agree with you, Tina. She wanted out of there and she does have something, maybe not much, to share with the US government. It was a smart move on her part.



Gen. Stewart

Yes,Nona,I did have to wait the three days. After receiving the money, I showed the gun based on the statement made about them not being responsible for my safety after leaving. It was the tone of voice and facial expression that solicited my reaction. As an example of just how corrupt the banking system is. Even though, the transaction was a personal and private exchange between me and the bank. I received pre-approved loans for hundreds of thousands of dollars,credit cards and many other offers for months from institutions that you wouldn’t think was associated with that bank. This was when BANK OF AMERICA was ripping people off.


I think there is also the possibility that she is controlled opposition, hiding the fact that no virus has ever been isolated, a must, if one was to scientifically prove viruses cause diseases (using Koch’s postulates).

Susan McCall

I was so hoping she had something to bring to the table. When I posted her article on fbook, I had asked: ‘So now what? If the msm goes in hiding over this, what will happen? They don’t care about truth’. But if this is 2nd hand information, I don’t know……

Back in ’09, I once told my friend: ‘Expukeprezo could come to my door, completely covered in blood, holding a bloodied knife in one hand, and a video of the crime in the other, with a full confession and witnesses…and people would not believe he committed a crime’.

It seems we are bankrupt in truth causing more divisions than ever in our American History because we are being forced to pick a side (not without repercussions).


The truth is there somewhere. Perhaps there is really no pandemic,but that it has just been a typical flu season.

Susan McCall

I agree madvinmryk. I think we have to ask the question about her: If she is lying, what’s in it for her? A few days ago, my son was blaming Trump again about the virus – I should have asked the question again: ‘Did you spend the c-virus $ Trump sent you’? (Every time I hear that k – rap, I will ask the question now).

Susan McCall

A few minutes ago: TRUMP: “Whether it is the mob on the street or the cancel culture in the board room the goal is the same to silence dissent to scare you out of speaking the truth and to bully Americans into abandoning their values, their heritage, and their very way of life.”

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