Body Language – Michael Reinoehl & Kyle Rittenhouse


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Black people attack White people all the time unprovoked. Why is that so hard for this jackass to believe?

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you, and Kiss the Kids for me.

Odalys cardona


Steve Rogers

I think she really nailed this one. One thing almost nobody is talking about in this case is that the first guy Kyle defended himself against was also hit in the BACK according to the medical examiner. That hit was likely what did him in, because it got his lung and liver (thus his diaphragm). The hit in the head was a “grazing” hit. Nobody is asking who got him in the back or if the ballistics match. I don’t think it was possible for Kyle to hit him in the back.


Luckily the kid has some really good lawyers. He was being railroaded.

Steve Rogers

Just like Flynn.

Julieann Peters

RIP Kyle.

Gen. Stewart

I think it would be pertinent for everyone to watch the Colbert / Kamala Harris recent interview. I would like to make some suggestions of domestic needs that a person might want to shop for. Only because these things will be flying off the shelves. I would also appreciate some suggestions; Long range walkie talkies(encase of interrupted phone service). CB radios will operate on car battery( monitor police traffic and long haul trucking).Barrels to catch rainwater (Toilet flushing).candles or coleman lantern,Batteries,medical supplies. I’ve already exceeded my exchanges for the day. Please forgive me; .


How do you feel about BitCoin and withdrawing cash from bank accounts? Add matches, rechargeable batteries, and camping equipment?

Gen. Stewart

As long as jewry exist BitCoin will be safe ! I withdrew all moneys and only keep what is necessary for bills in the bank. When I withdrew money from one bank. I had to threaten them to get it. They are a major bank and claimed that they didn’t have that much on hand and what would i need that much cash for anyway.After trying to talk me out of the withdrawal. I blew up and caused a scene. Stating,you mean to tell me you don’t have that much money in this bank ,My Money ! They told me it would take them three days to clear it. They told me they couldn’t be responsible for my safety after I left the bank. I laughed and showed them my gun. Good call on the rechargeables.I’m going to order some. God Bless and don’t be afraid We are all adults here that understand the realities of life.


I almost spit out my drink when you said you showed them your gun. 😆 In a bank 😳


“When I withdrew money from one bank. I had to threaten them to get it. They are a major bank and claimed that they didn’t have that much on hand… and what would i need that much cash for anyway.” That’s outrageous. Some bank personnel asking you what you are taking your money out for? I was feeling ornery just reading that. I have to ask, did they make you wait three days for your money General? God bless you too.


Since I live in a residential suburban area, my first choice for external home defense is a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with deer slugs or .00 buckshot, with a sidearm, to avoid overshooting the target and endangering neighbors.

Gen. Stewart

You are right about the chi-coms ! I see an article today where the chinese are warning that if more black people are killed ,they would come in. I think this is fake propaganda coming from the left based on geo-political concerns. However, the chinese do want us going after one another. They are flooding the civilian arms market here with ammo and guns. I just came from a site where you can buy one hundred thousand rounds of ammo with the press of a button. They are selling military grade armor piercing m855 ball 5.56 in lots of one thousand. They are averaging over one dollar apiece. Where usually they run for twenty six cents. Many individual lots at a time. I witnessed one,one thousand round lot had thirty six bidders and it wasn’t finished. This is an auction site where you are forced to compete. Hundreds of people are bidding at a time. These poor young men are forced to bid on small lots that are inflated beyond their reach. There is no shortage ! Do not let anyone tell you differently. Your selection of weapons are perfect for urban use. God Bless !

Susan McCall

Something odd here…..An arrest warrant had been issued by the Portland police earlier Thursday, on the same day that Vice News published an interview with Mr. Reinoehl in which he appeared to admit to the shooting, saying, “I had no choice.”

Antifa supporter Michael Forest Reinoehl was killed Thursday night when federal authorities attempted to arrest him in connection with the fatal shooting of a conservative activist in Portland over the weekend, according to multiple media reports.

Now we won’t know if there is ‘another side’ to this story …. words like: allegedly shot, or appeared to admit…makes me allegedly or appear to be ‘crazy’!

On one video awhile ago, it looked like a young person on a skateboard….heck, this is right in there with the vegas shooter – never hearing the end of the story.


He’s an ex alleged Antifa shooter now… US Marshals Service confirmed in a statement, Michael Reinoehl was shot by law enforcement after drawing a gun on officers as they tried to arrest him.

It still blows my mind that they don’t see they are the communist/Marxist/fascist ideologues or how dangerous their belief system is. Disposable pawns who are severely myopic and ignorant. These are quintessential non-independent thinkers. They apparently don’t know history, or what a fascist is. History classes have been removed from the Leftist run education curriculum who pushes these radical belief systems.

RE: Kyle Rittenhouse. He had incredible focus & maturity amidst unimaginable danger imo. I don’t know many adults who could have handled themselves as this teenager did in this situation.

Thanks Mandy, and thanks Jasper for giving mommy a break.

Gen. Stewart

UP DATE : I watched his first interview with Vise Channel yesterday. He was in hiding in the mountains. I watched several different videos of the event as it unfolded. His story didn’t match the video,nor does this one,with a different slant to it. This guy is human SCUM ! His 11 yr old daughter was with him at a riot in 2005. She was with him at mayor Wheelers condo burning the night before the shooting. She is 26 and was armed with a ball bat. I can’t substantiate the witness account of his son being the person on the skateboard scooter at the shooting. Yet ! The federal marshals caught up to him across state lines in Washington. Killing his sorry ass ! His younger sister is the one that identified him to authorities. The family had disowned him years ago. The family story is a tragic heart breaking one. I have located antifa’s compound and names,states,private companies and individuals rendering aid. Lawyers,professors,food equipment and safe houses. I hope you and your’s are well. God Bless


iq 0f an ant he has. im curious of the family dynamic

Gen. Stewart

I didn’t go any farther than the immediate family,if you could even call it that. The only contact he ever had with them is when he wanted them to take care of his children while he was in jail. When he needed his mothers help with bail money. He would steal her medication. Guilt her into help for money. Tried to beat them out of family land ,that was willed to them. The sister lives with and takes care of the mother. He tried to get his sister out from the house. She’s twelve years younger. Their family was very poor. He was in the army early but never adapted. Just self elected white trash that destroyed all he touched.


Great sleuthing General – You’re our In-house intel.


so could he be a mind control victim? (as in the book Trance formation of America ?)


Tent city in Portland in a parking lot with a fence around it from which the cockroaches emerge on a nightly basis to wreak havoc. In Kenosha, The Freedom Road Socialist Organization, the nationwide National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, and New Students for a Democratic Society and BLM out of Milwaukee and Chicago invaded the town. The FRSO was also behind the Minneapolis riots. Chinese Communist organizations poised to attack any city where a black man is shot by police to hide behind the race card and carry out the revolution. If we can figure this out, where the hell is the FBI? In both cases, these are the things that are inevitable unless effective social controls are in place. Common denominator, Democrats in control. Unless the NG is sent in immediately when there is a shooting, this will repeat itself.


I get the impression that it is deliberately intended that this keeps repeating itself. Sure it’s the Dems following orders from their DS NWO controllers. As long as Wray is still in charge of the FBI, don’t look for anything constructive coming from there. But, I’d like to think that it could be that Trump is allowing it to continue in order to round all of them up at an appointed time, ending with a HUGE final blow. Plausible?


I hope so. To prove conspiracy they have to get surveillance warrants on the coms of the ones who were arrested doing street crimes to connect them to the ringleaders. They used RICO on both organized crime and Chicago street gangs fairly effectively, though the unintended consequences in Chicago made things even worse. They cracked the encryption codes on the phones of several terrorists, so they know how to do it. I know one agent got exposed trying to infiltrate Antifa so they are being cautious about that. If they can get somebody facing a 20 year felony for aggravated arson they will flip, but they can only finger those they know. Unfortunately the funders can play dumb and say they thought they were supporting social justice. Taking out Soros would help a lot. Where is “Frank Sturgis” when you need him.

Gen. Stewart

Thats the info I was telling you about earlier ; And if I have it ,then Barr and the FBI have it!
I’m going to start sending it to you.

Gen. Stewart

I am praying that you are right,Nona !


Me, too, General. Me, too.

Eileen Guthrie

Sad but true and they are all getting a lot of funding from the parasite billionaires and millionaires, so they can keep this going on for YEARS.

Eileen Guthrie

I have absolutely NO DOUBT that he was in a FULL psychosis episode when he shot and killed Aaron Danielson. If it wasn’t Aaron, it would have been someone else, as he went there for the sole purpose to kill, which is obviously abnormal behavior. He was a psychopath, had numerous personality disorders (antisocial, borderline, dissociative, paranoia and schizoid personality disorders (schizoid people avoid social activities and interacting with others, they tend to be emotionally cold and detached). Although, sad that he died, he was a danger to his community and the people around him. I don’t know if he was being treated by a doctor or a psychiatrist, so I hope they do an autopsy (any physical ailments, brain damage and tumors) and a drug screening (looking for prescription drugs, illegal drugs and high-potency marijuana). I would love to know the results of both.

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