Body Language – Pence, Meadows & Q


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Reading the comments I will assume most of not all of you have not seen this video. It was pretty much wiped world wide after it came out. This is a link to the video Millie Weaver produced. It is about an hour and 22 minutes I recall. The Male is legit, he is who he says he is. The female is harder to say. I have researched her as best I can. I think there is a good possibility she was/is down the rabbit hole. ToreSays Dlive. for her show now that Red State Radio fired her after the video came out.

Be prepared to be presented with information that will astonish you. I know it did for me, and I have researched this stuff for years. All this press stuff on Q anon etc started after this video hit. You will see why.

You might even figure out what/ who Q anon was, is, and now. at the first of the video watch the floor number of the button push on the elevator.

Good luck, we need it.

Donna Procher

The really tough part of Q at this stage is that it is difficult to catch up when Q has been active for close to three years and there have been over 4600 Q drops. The drops are cryptic and filled with acronyms, so it is not easy, but it is intriguing.

As suggested, there are a number of decent aids out there, and, yes, IMHO, the best is Praying Medic. Martin Geddes is another one. It takes a while–and needs some commitment–to get up to speed.

The compilations of Q “proofs” have been valuable; that is, the signs and proofs that the Donald is deeply involved. He cannot be Q. It involves too much work. Some suggest Gen Flynn or a bunch of insiders with deep military intel – but it is all with the full knowledge and co-operation of the prez who, BTW, is referred to as Q+. Those who have been following Q over the years sometimes waver, and then something happens that re-confirms it solidly, and they realize afresh it has to be real. One of these proofs seems to be a bit quirky, but it does make one sit up and take notice. It is the number 17. Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet – and the prez often uses that number in his talks, sometimes randomly, sometimes with a little smirk on his face. Recently someone put together a video compilation of him using the number 17 in talks. Incredible number of times! Too many to be happenstance.

Why Q? To awaken people to the knowledge there are those in power and those with societal influence who are attached to deep evil – an evil that is unthinkable. This evil needs to be flushed out if we as a nation and a globe are truly to be free to move ahead. This evil is labelled variously as the deep state or the swamp. Q exhorts followers to research the many clues that are dropped so that an army of digital soldiers can bring knowledge of this rot to the surface. The more one follows, the more one admires the genius.

As for Meadows or Pence, even they may not be read in on prez involvement – so they could have plausible deniability. This makes sense as it was obvious the MSM would start to ask questions. Interesting thing is that they waited nearly three years to do so.

Personally, I and many others believe the Donald is 10 steps ahead of everyone else. But, make no mistake, we are in a life and death battle for the soul of this great nation. This truly is the most important election ever.

Marita Jeffrey

Welcome to your bouncing baby boy Jasper. I am so happy for the whole family!! What a blessed baby to be born into your family. Thanks for this great video. Your videos have been my ability to reason with people who listen to the media or who rely on social media for truth and are blinded. Your videos are incredible and have helped turn peoples hate to understanding. So thank you for everything. So glad you are back and everyone is doing well…. CONGRATULATIONS!!


For Pete’s sake, Qanon is the elephant in the room and a magnificent strategy to inform the public. I’ve been following the boards since day one. The Qanon movement is about waking people up, all over the world, and especially America, to restore our country and prevent the erosion/destruction of our constitutional rights. There is much more. The information shared from Q is done in accordance with federal law, and allowing people to think for themselves and do research.

Dave Haye’s book, Calm Before The Storm is a good introduction to the movement, plus Qanon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening by WWG1WGA (a group of anons). X22 is a good podcast to listen to about current events of finance and politics. This is the creation of another Dave.

GOMF3602 is right; don’t waste your time nor your breath trying to convince someone who isn’t willing to open their closed liberal mind. I’m a patriot, red-white-and-blue. I love America. (I also loved all of the countries I travelled to over the years.) We are blessed to live in a country where we have opportunities beyond our wildest dreams.

Years ago, I said we need a business person in the White House, not a politician. Well, he’s here now. Thank God President Trump is working hard and fast, for us. If President Trump is not re-elected, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Because we won’t survive what the Democrats have planned.

Gen. Stewart

Hi,Mandy ! Hope little Jasper is doing well; Something Q inquisitors might enjoy ? As Pence completed his nomination speech,President Trump and the first Lady came on stage. The camera was panned to An American Flag on a tall flagpole. Tell me how many stars are on the flag… silent Now,look at the difference in all those flags on that stage and the ones that are in the capital buildings behind Pelosi as she is deriding President Trump for using the “Rose Garden”.Alice in Wonderland?


The Fort McHenry flag has 13 stars for the first 13 states.


Keep moving forward.
Stay on that righteous path.
Let truth light your path.
Don’t look back into the darkness.
Expect more lies, chaos, crimes and destruction from the traitors.
President Trump will restore America, increase her riches and powers.
When all hope seems lost, then (thrice) they will be brought down.
Don’t look back.
Keep your faith.
President Trump knows exactly what he is doing.
Timing is of paramount importance.
These people are vicious and do not play “by the book.”
President Trump has to take extraordinary precaution and think outside of the box.
All in good time. ?
President Trump gives the sign.


1. Instill fear
2. Lock people in their houses
3. Drive tens of millions out of work
4. Remove the pressure valves: Sports, Concerts, Bars, Theaters, Lunch with Friends…
5. Close the churches
6. Dehumanize through masking the healthy
7. Wait
8. Strike match…?


It’s about time we see Republicans finally giving it back to the Left and their DNC props in the fake media in the same way the Left dish it out. Give them nothing. They need to toughen up and bring it, unapologetically. Seems an uncomfortable tactic for Pence to be aggressive. Maybe in time it will come easier once he gets his head around the idea that this is war and the Left will always play dirty. No more Mr Nice Guy.

Hope you’re feeling a little better each day Mandy ♥ Love, prayers & well wishes as you recover with sweet Jasper!


Love all of the Q Anon attention from the media! Unintentionally red-pilling America, one broadcast at a time. 😁 If only the media spent as much time investigating Antifa and BLM, Americans might realize who the true terrorists are.

Hope all are well, Mandy, and adjusting to Jasper. 💜


Sure wish there was a warning with this video that we would have to endure listening to and looking at Mike Wallace. But, I’m glad Meadows took control, even if he did have to go into portrayal to do it. Glad to see a couple of Republicans, besides just Trump all the time, finally fighting back! Maybe some of the stress is because fighting back is something new to them. They both even used the tactics the Dems always use during interviews. Just keep talking over the other person and change the narrative.

Because I don’t know much about Qanon, it seems to me to be a distraction when the talking heads focus in on that. I can’t wrap my head around the whole Q thing. Mandy, could you please elaborate on why you think there is something tactical going on? Did I misunderstand or do you think it’s coming from people inside the White House? Does anyone here who follows Qanon have thoughts about that? I would like to learn.


A tactical deceit can allow the individual to ‘play dumb’ until a more appropriate time is available. As for knowing about Q… I may know only a hair more than you. lol


Q Anon was likely a Deep State plan to fool Trump supporters from the very beginning that they were taking down the Deep State. They wanted us to believe that they are a group of benevolent government insiders that are waging a war against evil “deep state” plotters attempting to overthrow President Donald Trump.

Gen. Stewart

Jesus said ,while casting out demons .That a house divided can not stand. What would be the benefit for the deep state to build Trumps base to a world following ? Why would Gen. Stanley McCrystal be hired by Trumps opposition to counter the Qanon movement ? McCrystal has a storied past as Obamas deep state Chief of counter intelligence. He is working alongside another one of Obama’s administration staffers. I thing you know who the opposition is now.


Q drops “crumbs” leads that the anons then research. Anons are sometimes called autists. Not because they’re autistic but because they have an autistic like desire to delve into a subject. Anons each have a skill. One may be experienced in law, another in all things military, or all things airplane. It is supposed to be an insider or group of insiders close to Trump. Whether true or not, Q has taught people to bypass the MSM propaganda and research for themselves. That is a good thing. Sometimes you’ll hear some out of this world stuff. That’s because Qs crumbs can be misinterpreted, not because Q posted it. You don’t need to be scared about Q, it’s about research. The MSM and left seem awfully scared of something they think isn’t real. Which makes one wonder how close Q comes to the truth. If you want to know more about Q, I would recommend youtube videos by Praying Medic or x22.


Whoa! I just checked out Praying Medic and was able to wrap my head around Q after watching Q for Beginners. Then I went on to another video just posted yesterday, “The Great Deceivers”, and freaked out! Now I’m thinking Q really is an inside op coming out of the White House, given Ab Vigano’s letter to Trump, which the Pres. made public, wherein the Ab made reference to Baphomet by using the phrase, “solve et cogaula” as a warning to Trump. (See more info and video here: That explains why Trump, Pence and Meadows blew the subject off and changed the subject when asked about Q by the press! Thanks for your help, Kd7!


Praying Medic’s real name is Dave Hayes. He was a paramedic and an atheist, until he had an experience that changed everything. His book, “The Calm Before the Storm” is an excellent place to learn more about Qanon. He has another book coming out in a few weeks called “The Great Awakening” He is by far the best, but far from the only, person attempting to explain the Qanon phenomena. The media likes to present the most extreme material in the Q “drops” in a distorted way to discredit the movement and present it as a dangerous cult. They are trying to discredit it because it is growing and is an existential threat to their narrative. I suspect that they are trying to either get the administration to disavow it or endorse it, with a false flag event soon to follow. As Kd71 has eloquently pointed out, Qanon drops crumbs and questions that lead us to do our own research. That research has led to awareness of things that later are proven to be true by future events. Vigano’s letter is a good example. If Qanon is a cult, it is the only cult in the history of mankind that encourages people to think for themselves and do their own research. I know some think it is a psyop designed to promote complacency. If so, it has not worked on me. It has only led to increased insight into events that the media tries to spin. The only down side is trying to communicate with those who are still under the noxious spell of media spin without alienating them. They have to be gently eased out of their stupor or they often freak out. Proceed with caution in that area!


I wasn’t in a stupor, but I did freak out when I immediately made the Vigano connection. I was fascinated, but hesitated to research further, not wanting to fall into a rabbit hole. But, your words, “It has only led to increased insight into events that the media tries to spin.” tell me to go for it. Thanks for sharing that with me. Here’s a personal gift just for you in appreciation. I’m sure you will enjoy it, my Irish cyber friend!



Gen. Stewart

LOL…I see you found the happy dance. XD


Thank you! Lovely music. Did not mean to imply that you were in a stupor. I was thinking more of friends and family who have no discernment and swallow the deep state/media spin without question. Trying to tell them the truth too fast often tilts the pinball machine of their cognitive dissonance. You strike me as a naturally curious and skeptical person. I am too and was doing a lot of research on spygate, the Russia hoax, the Mueller coup, etc when I became aware of Qanon, probably in the spring of 2018. He/ they were posting on the same things I was finding in other places and posting about things that later were revealed to be true, that I was not finding at the time. It has been sort of a compass that if followed, leads to more understanding of events that are not being presented accurately by much of the media at all.



Gen. Stewart

Beautifully put !


A little scary sometimes but I find from the research that when the news of something finally comes out I think, “Well, I already knew that.” 😆 WWG1WGA


Nonna..and others…check out Amazing Polly. One of the greatest researchers that came out of Q drops researching and she went way way beyond that. Check out her in depth findings on Gates and Fauci and so many others..and then well substantiated too. Mandi you might want to hear some of her videos as well…on You tube.

Gen. Stewart

Good comment ! And why would the FBI say that Qanon’s are domestic terrorist when we have never heard of a single violent or criminal account ? The FBI has broken more laws then what we have heard from Qanon. They,afterall have been proven to be in direct opposition to President trump.Deep State thinking

Gen. Stewart

If Q is not real,Then this Q / Qanon Thing,for lack of a better word is Absolutely Brilliant ! Q / Qanon has not only held Trumps base together for four years,but has expand it to a worldwide following.BRILLIANT !…To answer your question,Nonna; Go to Q.Pub and learn the com’s. Once learned the messages ask questions for you to answer for yourself. It becomes a treasure hunt for who is the corrupt people in the swamp. The world wide network of people solve the questions and share them with those that can’t. Just like a treasure hunt. When you discover one ? It will excite,piss you off, shock you and sometimes,you’ll do the happy dance. happy


Check out Amazing Polly on You tube..

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