Body Language – President Trump & QANON


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Steve Rogers

My take is that President Trump wisely recognized this as a trap. The FBI (deep state) has been trying to manufacture “Qanon violence”. For example, someone tied to a mob family took out a leader in the mob family. It has nothing to do with Qanon, but since he supports Qanon, they linked it.

Of course, the President doesn’t want to be cornered into condemning well meaning people who support him. So, while President Trump is trying to figure out how to deal with this delicate situation he is “constructing”. He wants to change the narrative to Qanon being people who are upset with all the horror the left is perpetrating in the US.

Then the dopey reporter gives him an out. He gets to frame it as whether or not you’re for or against pedos and bad guys. Of course, the media won’t give them any credit for being against pedos, and they won’t say they’re supportive of pedos, so they back down.

HOWEVER, in the future what President Trump SHOULD say about Qanon is that they are a creation of the fake news. That a lot of people don’t trust the news anymore because the news frequently lies to people. And without an honest news media people are forced to start trying to figure out the truth on their own. Since they don’t have the vast resources of the media, and since the media lies to them, they resort to theories which may or may not be true.

Then he should say, “start telling the truth and Qanon will disappear”.

Once Qanon is blamed on the fake media, they will be stuck with the “blame” of creating them, because the one thing they will never do is tell the truth.

Ursula Leach

Congratulations on Jasper. With you as mom he is going far in this world.


Congratulations and Welcome Back!

Julieann Peters

Congratulations on your new baby boy – Jasper. I wonder if President Trump knows who/what Q really is.

Lauren Young

congratulations to you and Jasper. I love that name! Excellent choice. grin


Do you remember Paul Harvey? So we need the rest of the Jasper story. 😆 I think Trump had an ally and someone who knows more than the others, at the back of the room He kept going there with his eyes He stood straighter for a moment when he said, “ they’re growing”

Peter Shaw

Congratulations on your Jasper; I wish him a bright future.
Thank you for this interesting analysis.

Eileen Guthrie


Bonnie Hawkins

Awww Sweet Baby. Congrats. Thank you.

Gen. Stewart

Congratulations ! Good to hear,tho things didn’t go exactly the way they were planned?,that you are alright. Praise the Lord ! I see where you(Mandy) were thanking someone in the comments and you were given a thumbs down ? First thing that came to mind was that TROLL TURD REDNECKGALILEO was back. It’s a shame that we actually have people that are so miserable ,that they have to hurt others as if that brings them some level of happiness. Thank the Lord you and Little Jasper are OK.


Notice when he was asked about Q he referred to Q as “they” not a singular entity. Q has already told us there’s more than one of them. And we know from signatures [Q+] there’s at least 2. tongue


3. there are 3 distinct personalities in the writings


First (far fetched) thought that popped into my mind was Ivanka, Don Jr. & Eric.
XD Hey, not much makes sense to me lately.

Gen. Stewart

I think of the song “Riders On The Storm” when I hear them say something about Q and the storm is coming. LOL. If Q doesn’t get them ? The Good Lord Will ! I just wish he wouldn’t wait so long.LOL

ej wxbs



congrats on the baby. thanks for doing this bit. enjoy your newborn snuggles. do you babywear? Its amazing.


I was almost born in the front of an ex-army truck hauling it though 2 foot of mud on the way to a one room hospital in a tiny town called Hillston. We made it to the hospital. When I visited in the 1990’s we worked out the building I was born in is now the doctors parking garage. It’s so small he can’t fit a big car in it.


The back is a safe place to look. He is looking straight at one of the cameras in the back. Possibly Fox or OAN. News organisations that Q anon people are following. So he is looking straight at the Q people and speaking to them in those seconds.
Q anon is about plausible deniability so Trumps is telling the truth but in an evasive manner. He not great at lying on the fly. The Q folks all know this.
The reporters identity matters; if a Q anon person asks the question they get the same answer but the style is much freer.
I believe the cannibalism is real but not quite as simple. Trump probably thought of a good one liner he could not use there. It will show up on a Q post.
We all know the DNC Pedophilia link is now well established. Weiner etc. DNC campaign staff are in jail.


The left tries to use ridicule to silence anyone that calls them out on their conspiracy, like such a thing is too absurd to even entertain such an idea and yet all we have to do is flip through the major news channels and we hear almost the exact same stories with the exact same phrases. Hell yes, there’s a conspiracy going on, not only in this country but in the free world. When a law gets passed here, a month later the same law is passed in the UK and vice versa. Now we have former GOP lawmakers endorsing Biden, why? Why would former GOP members flip? Money, what else? Now the question is, where is the cash coming from? Sorry about the novel, good job Mandy, congrats on the new rugrat. Trump 2020!

Gen. Stewart

Good comment ! Just the level of resistance against President Trump is enough proof for me ! ANYONE that is paying attention and can’t see what is happening ? Well,let’s just say that there are different levels of retardation or the refusal to accept reality.

Susan McCall

Say Gen. Stewart….did you enjoy last night’s RNC debut? I love the optimism and how much thought was put into everyone’s message. Last week’s ‘wanna-be-slaughter-house’ from puppet dems was very sad, so I am grateful the RNC is taking a different approach. There is one thing the puppet dems don’t understand – the more they try to slaughter Trump, the stronger the glue for our loyalty becomes to him. Same thing with their fear of God and trying to remove him from our lives. I am waiting patiently (like a muslim does – ha) for them to rip into them beings that 9 11 is right around the corner – the actions of the ‘squad’ – how it is possible for ilian and keith to have progressed into …..what? Acceptance of their actions and the actions of the ////terrorists//// and the take down of those two bad guys? Yup, their idea of putting down Mike Pence’s last name (julia louise-dreyfus and andrew ‘yang’) was supposed to be powerful? Pathetic.

Gen. Stewart

As far as solidifying our Loyalty,your absolutely right ! The leftist democrats aren’t really concerned with winning us over. If Q is right ,then these corrupt CEO’S,politicians,Celebrities(make my skin crawl to refer to them as celeb/stars/icons) and media have no other choice then to go for broke. Understanding what waits for them is prison and even the risk of being killed when caught in public. I’ve long felt that covid is a cover for them to hide until after the Democrat/Deep state/NWO cabal dismantles President Trumps ability to bring them to justice. The Freudian slip that Hillary Clinton made said it all,”If he’s elected,we all hang”. I am a Bible study and have followed this Abomination of world events with a Biblical lens. In a scriptural stream of time. We are very close to something very much bigger then draining our swamp. Many of the latter days prophecies are being fulfilled at an alarming rate. God Bless !


Sweet baby boy. No moss on you Mandy lol. Hope you’re recovering well. Congratulations & best wishes to you all!


I was just thinking of you today and wondering how everything went. Congratulations!


I am ONE of the”Q”. I do believe. I research. I fact check. I read. I believe the DEEP STATE is HRC, O’Bummer, Soros, Dems, Biden and Socialist Marxists who will use ANY Foreign or Domestic HATE groups to dishonor America. “Q! is NOT a movement, “Q” is information. Decide for your self.


And now Facebook has removed them, I’m going to have to look into Q myself, it sounds interesting.


There are still videos on ytube. Check praying medic and x22.


Congrats on Jasper. Luv the name. I was actually a little surprised to see you back so soon.
I think the President does an excellent job of not giving the press any little thing that they can twist into an hour long story on all their commie shows. He actually burns them on a regular basis.

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