Body Language – Pelosi & Schumer On Stimulus Bill


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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The influenza was a walk in the park according to these two clowns? COVID IS NOT the biggest killer in 100 years! ummmmm…..there was Polio, TB, Swine flu, SARS, HIV/AIDS, and Malaria. I swear the Dem rats just talk to hear themselves talk. Pelosi literally looks like a drunk caricature.


Playing with turds… lol

Timothy Foster

Isn’t eyebrows all ways going to the Believe Me look, it’s hard to tell with the Botox. Isn’t it strange that he can’t keep eye contact at several points… he also has to angle his head just to keep his eyes on target. I mean good politicians should know how to lie better.


I LOVE Mandy’s interpretations/readings and i love people’s comments…such astute, informed, wise and good people here…what a reprieve and more than that. . You are hope and healing balm for what i see when go out or on line of so many deceived and blind compliant passive people of greater numbers than i imagined in the market place and on the public streets and in comments on other videos that when come here there is so much cohesive recognition of what the truth is and support for it..thank you all. My mind and heart and soul appreciate you . smile

Monica Castro

Well, if you wanna know some of what the Democrats on this bill. One is amnesty for all illegals regardless of criminal records.
$2000 per person the first month and a thousand a month for a year! Which would only put us in more debt. Some might decide to not work for a year but then the economy goes down bc you don’t have extra.
Mandatory vaccination.
Lower voting age to 16!
Approve the green new deal. Remember the one that makes us not able to use planes Orr boats or cars? Smh
Finding planned parenthood 🤦🏻‍♀️

Ugh! So disgusted


Worse than disgusting….of course they say absolutely nothing about that being why there is not agreement to their terms…damn them.

Gen. Stewart

I’M SCREAMING,GOD GIVE ME STRENGTH,PLEASE ! I try to be a good christian,and read my KJV daily. I knew better to watch this,but the devil got me again. OH,WHAT THE HECK; I’ll spent the rest of the day repenting. These two are truly evil people. They have been in office for 40 years ,and look at the trouble America is in. They are truly demon possessed ! Pelosi is giving us another, you have to pass it to see whats in it. Guaranteed,Pelosi hasn’t read it all. Staffers have and given her a overview. GOD ,PLEASE HAVE MERCY ON US ! TAKEM,TAKEM,TAKEM

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Blessings.


They are acting. Trump and team have won but the ‘liberals’ need to be brought along and so we have this theatre. Ripping the bandage off all at once would be too painful. Get ready for the economic reset. Gold backed money and debt jubilee.

Eileen Guthrie

You have no idea how much I despise and loathe these two parasites, who continue to hold America hostage until they get their way. I’ve been researching information on the last stimulus “small” business legislation. Some people, like Nancy Pelosi’s husband got $25,000 from that bill, as did Dianne Feinstein’s husband. Now both these leeches are multimillionaires, so how the hell did they get money that was meant for small businesses? And guess who also got money, in millions and millions of taxpayer dollars? CHINA. That seems to be totally ridiculous to me, when you consider that we are in this situation BECAUSE of China. So, was this a thank you present for spreading the coronavirus? It crushed our economy and the democrats seem to be very grateful for that. I’m sure more of this crap will be included in this bill too. Every time I see these two disgusting leeches, I have to fight the urge to want to wrap my fingers around both of their necks and choke the life out of them, as they are choking the life out of America. I really want to bitch slap Nancy to wipe her smug smile off of her face.


Schumer’s Schquad with his pompoms, raw-raw, sis-boom-blaah. Shut it Schumer. An Nance, lord-of-the-pants, we agree that we want an agreement. What the hell? You’re right Mandy. Insanity. Turd-O’s. That’s some kinda tension in Chucky to be white knuckling. Maybe Nance’s voice is his kryptonite he wants to punch something. I dunno, but It makes me turn goofy sometimes just hearing them. A kinda coping mechanism I think. Cheers – Love & prayers to momma and bambino!


Did you notice at the beginning of the video which finger Pom-Pom Chucky used to point to his chest? LOL! I believe a lot of that tension/grandstanding is another cover for what Nancy and the Dems are really up to and they are trying to be super careful not to be found out. This is not about electing a Dem, and certainly not Biden, president. It’s about creating an atmosphere wherein the election results can not be determined by inauguration day, thereby having Nancy, as next in line, be sworn in as president by default. Oh, the Horror!


Thanks for covering these two lying, bloviating, anti-Americans, Mandy. Always look forward to your videos! Hope that you’re feeling better, and that your neighbors have chilled out.


LOL… Bloviating. How perfect. Thanks Beth!


LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! I have always been fascinated with deception detection. I just happened to come across a video on YT shared by another creator and now I am hooked. Good luck with the little one coming soon….get as much sleep as you can right now though….you will thank me later for the advice lol

Hope you don’t mind but Pelosi and this issue got under my skin so I am going to rant for a bit.

RANTING:You know, I bet you if they didn’t do all those ‘FAVORS’ for all the people that contribute to their campaigns and they lived paycheck to paycheck like the constituents they (supposedly) represent,, they wouldn’t be dragging their feet getting this stimulus bill passed.

I suppose it’s much easier for the intoxicating(ed) PELOSI to sit up high in her oversized mansion, with her $10,000 refrigerator full of ICE CREAM looking down at all the PEASANTS beneath her. I mean, even though her net worth is approx. $140,000.000.00, she still collects her annual salary, $223,400 for being the BIG MOUTH SPEAKER of The House of Representatives.

We could scale back on the former president salary too considering they played the pay to play game too with the people’s freedom, tax dollars, and safety of our country! They get a pension of $200,000.00 plus expenses.

Our current sitting POTUS, TRUMP is required by law to take an annual salary of $400,000.00. I bet most people don’t know this, I admit I didn’t know myself. Trump DONATES EVERY DOLLAR he is required to take as a salary and puts it back into the budget to cover the other areas. HMMM…..isn’t it amazing how much crap people want to talk about him, yet he takes the verbal insults, criticisms, bad jokes about him….threats to his person….and DOESN’T CHARGE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE A DIME FOR IT!…he might not be perfect, but do you ever just wonder WHY he took the job? He was already RICH and FAMOUS…he wasn’t chasing any kind of dream, he wasn’t looking for another beautiful wife….I have my suspicions, I believe he legit wanted to help the American people by exposing the dirt bags up in Washington. Maybe the people will see that and appreciate his efforts for it later.

Rand Talley

The Dems are are spiritually insane, self contradictory, destructive and corrupt marxists who would destroy the nation in order to conquer it.
The history of their behavior for the last five years or just 2020 alone, is one long tsunami of sedition and treason.
They have destroyed a surging economy, destroyed thousands of businesses, created corona virus hot spots, sponsored and encouraged mob rule for two months, put the Nov elections in jeopardy, repressed available therapeutics turning the CCP corona virus into a far more deadly event than it would have been if they had followed Pres. Trump’s early lead in January.
But no, the Dems were too busy trying to impeach the president with absolutely no evidence, to execute an actual coup d’etat.

The CCP/NIH/FDA have actively repressed inexpensive, proven therapeutics so as to dominate everyday Americans with expensive drugs, dangerous forced vaccines, and continued shutdowns. Dems’ protection of illegal immigration is contributing to the increase in deaths across the southern border states and their neighbors.
Two racketeers from two of the most corrupt states in the union, Pelosi and Schumer, stand there obstructing necessary government action while bleeding-out the nation.

Gen. Stewart

Beautifully stated !


I was going to say that , Gen. Stewart. It sure is…Rand Talley’s words…so perfectly stated.


Why do people find it so hard to vote cronies like these 2 out of office? Get some fresh blood instead of these professional bullshit artists.

Gen. Stewart

The STUPIDITY of democrat voters is beyond normal amaginations or comprehension !

the Maestro

Getting scary out there

Susan McCall

Yes, very unsettling. The latest clip I saw of P.Trump, he said we wouldn’t be seeing him for awhile due to poking the big pharma nest. No President has ever stood up to big pharma. Pray for Trump.


These two hideous individuals remain proof for my theory that the framers left one necessary function out of the Constitution. How to kick states out of the Union. They want bailouts for their bankrupt and mismanaged states and are using this crisis to get them.

Gen. Stewart

The entire effort is just to bankrupt our country. They steal all the money given just to come back get more and steal it too. Unending cycle


And they’ve been there for years and years and years and they know we can’t just be rid of them.

Rand Talley

Pelosi moved from Maryland to California so that she could be re-elected forever in a protected district. She moved despite her father having been a mafia connected mayor. Schumer has a similar story coming from one of the most corrupt states in the union. No good can come from these kinds of leaders.


Trump has successfully labeled the Dems as worker aid obstructionists. They realize it, they’ve blinked and are now conciliatory. Trump and America wins again. The bill will pass Congress. Next up: the C-19 draconian medical response has been a politicized scam.


I cringe every time (every) these two stand before a mic. Nothing about the long haul cost. I get that governors of some states want to shut down again. I do FEEL horrible for my daughter in Seattle (and all effected) who is out of a job due to COVID. THEN the rioters burned down the company she was working for! This disaster resided is ON the BACKS of the Senate and Congress who could NOT meet the NEEDS of the AMERICAN public to come TOGETHER WITH the president to fight as ONE entity, we could survive anything. SHAME on the Senate. SHAME on Congress. DEMs are holding us ALL hostage until the election 2020


I know what you mean Pam. I was just thinking I get a little cray-cray listening to the two of them together. I wanna do a Daffy Duck and scream… A SHUUUDDUUUPP!! LOL crying


Edit: Parm. Sorry, typo.

Gen. Stewart

Thanks;I needed that ! Daffy duck was funny.I was hanging on to the last fiber of a fraying string. smile


I am near Seattle and that Governor (also ours) just got re elected and we cam’t figure out how that happened ..We.know no one who wanted to vote for him. So wonder if it was fixed and what we can do about it. When told the low count of total votes/voters it seemed impossibly low. Everyone wanted him gone. He was sued for his excessive mandates and excessive fines and threatened business closures based on their not enforcing his mandates. Then…. In court he just said he isn’t guilty because HE didn’t enforce them…even though he publicly said he will enforce them , they are not just guidelines but the sheriff and police said they would not because it was illegal and not a law. So the Health Dept did the enforcing. i suspect the trial was fixed and he was told the day prior what to say …given that he showed no concern the whole time and the judge said first he was guilty because he could not enforce his mandates ..that they were not legal…and that’s when he just stood up and said he DIDN’T enforce him and on that he got off scot free…not guilty! I was also told he never is in the governor’s mansion or home and instead he lives on property owned by Gates who also lives there on home close to his …so …how far and deep does this corrupt appearing arrangement really go…and if we can’t even vote this power mongers out of office ?


Speaking of sanitation, have we heard anything about sanitation for those living on the street in her district or what is happening with them during this virus time?


And in Olympia, . WA the homeless on the streets , while not that bad at in CA, ..use no masks, no social distancing or other forms of “mandates for our protection from the virus spreading” and NONE of them have the Covid…!….what does that tell us about those mandates and the virus…

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