Body Language – AG Barr, The First Congressional Presidential Debate


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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TK McAll

I think these Dems are so wierd. The converstions are bizarre. I think they are compromised. Seriously, many of them have been compromised – like Epstein had a big jet!

Monica Castro

I liked how every once in a while BAM Barr gives a zinger. 😂


At imes like these I remember how Jesus was attacked by these Saducees ore Pharisees and planted traps for him, but he evaded each one succinctly. I wish I had such skill. These traps are affective and entirely unfair. I fear them because I know how nasty people are. They now have their excuse and they will escape into their fantasies, and what they decide you are who knows, but you won’t like it.


Another great analysis! However, Barr is covert deep state, as I have said. Nothing has come out from his numerous “investigations” into the Clintons, Bidens, Obama, and the FBI which illegally spied on Trump. All of these should be easy prosecutions. Barr’s past as George H. W. Bush’s “fixer” included covering up for the BCCI scandal, and the Bush drug running, proof of his allegiance to the PTB. His recent actions show he might have political ambitions.

barbara jewell

Barr, did a great job , of putting up with this crap.


Remember these clowns yucking it up when Barr refused to testify. Deplorable
comment image

We needed a chicken bone yo get stuck


First, welcome back! hope you and your new family member (and family) are doing well!!

Eileen Guthrie

Honest to God, I give him so much credit for his patience and showed such restraint with these liberal parasites, and I apologize to parasites everywhere. I would have lost my patients in the first half hour, no, I’m wrong… the first 10 minutes. It was a dog and pony show for the little kiddies in the mainstream media. I’m afraid the democrats have no integrity, and this is all just a big joke to them (there is a rhythm to these verbal exchanges), to throw out these questions to Barr, not allow him to answer to throw him off his timing. The constant over talking over him and interrupting him when he does try to answer. Then they whine. It’s my time, I’m reclaiming my time. I believe each member gets 5 minutes and the democrats are only making false statements, showing their histrionics and political theatrics. Then when they go on a news program or on the campaign trail, they will say that Barr refused to answer their question but there is a big difference between refusing and not allowing. At one point he asked for a break to get something to drink and eat. They denied his request, his response to Humpy, Lumpy, Dumpy was… you’re a real class act. There is no integrity, honesty or fairness in any member of the demonRatic party. This is just another reason why I will never vote for a democrat ever again. THEY HAVE NO REDEEMING QUALITIES, A SOUL NOR A CONSCIENCE and I’m not inclined to give them the power and control they demand, as they have shown us time and again, that they will ALWAYS abuse it.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you for truth. Blessings to family.


As most of those inquisitors had their statements written by their staff, of course they didn’t want answers. They didn’t want any dialogue with AG Barr. It’s clear that each one had a topic they were to spew vitriol and lies about, but I’ll bet they could not have answered any questions about what they were reading. I’ve seen it at so many of these so-called “hearings” and it makes me sick to think of how much they get paid, what retirement and health benefits they get, and all of their perks. They serve themselves.


So thrilled that you do these and especially this one Mandy. Your expertise in observation as well as how precisely you describe what you see is like nowhere else as keenly clear and honest as you do it. What a gem you are and your work is to all of us. I do appreciate the people’s comments too …some of the best comments also of anywhere on line under videos are right here. Guess it’s an example of like attracts like or it’s equal.

Best wishes to you both and the baby coming..


Thank you and i agree, i am so proud of this websites comment section and the brilliant minds that fill it!

Susan McCall

We have a wonderful mentor Mandy! (And I haven’t said that about anyone for over 35 years – ha). Your new nickname: Mentor Mandy.


These Demorats interviewing AG Barr remind me of the judge Roland Freisler attacking the suspects who were the alleged conspirators in the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler in 1944.


Barr was awesome. Such patience. It’s a shame that they can get away with this.
Your tax dollars hard at work. (Term limits?)


Rep. Cohen has it all wrong — Lafayette Park isn’t known as a place to protest or riot or enact violence. Instead, it’s known as the primary place for gay hook-ups and pick up. Not even kidding.

Hope your health is well, Mandy!


doing a little better! baby has dropped


Yay! So glad… almost time!

Carol Herbert

I hope you have a swift and smooth delivery. The time just before giving birth is a waiting game, out of our control and forces us to accept nature and God. If you have already had the baby, big congrats to you and your hubby and God bless you and your newly expanded family!


The degree of personal disrespect, and I would say disdain, of AG Barr by the fist guy shows where they’re at. We’re seeing tactics that are straight ‘Alinsky’. Communist, America-hating garbage ideologues.

PS – Mandy, How are you feeling now? Better I hope. Hope you’re getting some rest before your precious delivery.


lol, i hope the delivery is soon. but the baby has dropped and am at least able to keep some food down!


To those of us who have the power of rational thought, the demon-possessed Democrats made fools of themselves with their side show, word games and asking questions without letting Barr answer. It is obvious to us that he possesses more intellect than all of their empty heads put together. To their cry baby culture constituents, however, they “spoke truth to power” and “took on the man” and probably will get re-elected because the majority of the voters in their districts are emotional mental lightweights who are the product of the Marxist Brainwashing (educational) system. As the streets indicate, the numbers of anti-American, perpetual adolescent, cry baby tantrumers seems to be on the rise.

Susan McCall

On a side note, before the hearing, jerry nadler got in an accident {no details on the accident but it did cause a delay for the hearing by 45 minutes, and then later, nadler refused Barr a bathroom break – ain’t that something?} …I saw these 3 answers in the media:
A spokesperson for Nadler said the lawmaker was not driving nor was he hurt. The accident also did not involve another vehicle.

Fox news: The accident, which involved Nadler’s car and another vehicle, took place while the congressman was on his way to the hearing, Nadler’s spokesperson said.

And then the yummy…’the hill’:
Nadler was on his way to the hearing — the first time Barr will appear before the committee — when the accident happened. He was not driving the vehicle, according to CNN. The hearing, which was initially scheduled for 10 a.m., will now take place at 10:45 a.m.

Gen. Stewart

Nadler did a poo-poo in his jammies. Accidents happen when your scared


lol…probably true….lol


wow…thanks for that news report….lol


I watched it. I think Barr did well in letting them know they aren’t the boss of him. The Democrats oozed hate as they do most of the time. They hate and because they hate I have little doubt they are genuinely angry that Clinton didn’t win and that their plans of taking us all over have been met with resistance as they were suppose to be the resistors not the rest of us. I would be surprised if some of them also don’t have some fear of what might come from these investigations. JMO.


totally agree


They are probably very fearful about what could and should come from the investigations. Unfortunately, I tend to doubt they have much to fear, given the lack of any noticeable seriousness in these investigations. They’ve gone on far too long to still show nothing.


I too watched the horrific GRANDSTANDING rhetoric spewing venom without the courtesy of giving AG Barr a chance to answer. When Barr laughed at the congresswoman (the one with hair loss) I lost it too! Good for you Barr I screamed! What a FARCE this was. Rude? Oh I would say (pucky – NADLER) your committee leadership is that of a ranting, domineering hector. Oh, wait, that’s the same behavior as the criminal agitators BURNING down America.


I really hope the general public sees what is going on and I hope they view it in their own light and not the light of the MSM!

I also hope that Biden avoids the debates and Trump gets to spend hours hours answering uncensored questions phoned in by the public! I think that would send ratings through the roof.

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