Body Language – Flippin The Script, Terry Crews Vs Candace Owens


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Steve Rogers

Nailed it. I almost never try to convince the person I’m arguing with online. These people are “true believers”. Nothing you say will change their minds. The real audience is everyone else. Thus the point is to destroy the argument of the person you’re arguing against. Candice did that. She also realizes that you have to go after people with logic and emotion, because not everyone relies on logic.

Crews is just a legit good guy. He assumes other people will rise to his level and be honest and open. It won’t happen. However, there is a place for him too. Some people will recognize what a POS Lemon is when he tries to take down an obviously good person.

Kwame Oluwasomi

Yeah, some woke blacks don’t like Candace Owens but she’s wildly successful when it comes to destroying liberal elites. We need her!


Haha, I love it. “Look at the lines on Terry Crews’ face. That’s intelligence “ — now look at Don Lemon……


I must learn Candace’s ways. I’ve always tried to give politieness and deal with problems logically but I get torn apart by these emotional manipulators. I come from a dysfunctional family, and they’re all emotional, none are logical. This is enlightening however, to know that that’s how my audience was really thinking. They were just being emotional. How nice to finally figure this all out.


Nice comparison.
Most of you are probably to young to remember this. TV didn’t always go all night. It signed of to a test screen. Then after a bit it would turn to snow. Snow was just black and white pixels flashing all over. During the snow the sound on the tv was shhhhhhhh. That was what I saw going on behind Lemons eyes, he wasn’t listening or seeing. Just shhhhhhhh
Oh and Lemon, armadillos have a soft underbelly, you just have to turn them over


XD crying


What I thought, like what I instinctively thought, like not as a tactic. Was with the Terry Owens example. When Don Lemon said ‘It is easy to paint a non extremist movement that you don’t agree with as extremist’. I’d be like “Yeah, PRECISELY, but we’re not talking about CNN’s coverage of the Trump movement here, this is about Black Lives… Do you not care about black lives?”

I actually get that sort of emotion when listening to liberals a lot. I can’t keep the insights back. Like when talking to someone promoting feminism he then mentioned that ‘women don’t want to do those jobs’ when he talked about doing a difficult gritty job and I just said something like that maybe they should fight harder for equality then!


Those two women over Curly’s shoulder have GOT to be the most brain-dead females I’ve seen in a while. Their facial expressions are incredible! It’s like Candace is speaking Chinese and the sound of a black woman speaking is the mystery of the century. It’s scary that these illiterate fools actually vote.

Eileen Guthrie

I have been saying what Candice Owens is saying for at least two decades and for me it’s very obvious to me what the democrat’s true goals are. If the democrats actually cared about the poor, blacks and other minorities, you would think they would do everything in their power to make that happen and give them all the tools they need to get a better life. The democrats are opportunist who will exploit people for political gain. But the democrats support an educational system that only brings failure. They churn out minorities and the poor who cannot read, write or do simple math or know basic American or World history. But the democrats only care about winning, greed, power and control over EVERYONES life and in the end, they show so much contempt for the poor and minorities because the democrats need a captive audience. They give federal funds to these liberal states and school district where those billions end up in a black hole never to be seen again. They care more about the teacher’s union then the students who are NOT getting an education. It’s no wonder they are against the educational voucher program and are trying to make it illegal to home school your children. The democrats don’t want to be judged by their results (because it ALWAYS fails) but only by their political rhetoric. Because if their social policy weakens black families, the resulting social ills are the result of racism on society’s part and not any arrogance, presumption, or failing on their part.

frank papandrea

Candace is the bomb

frank papandrea

Black lives are better is racist, Lemon is not stupid, he has an agenda, never disrespect your enemy.

frank papandrea

wow, Lemon is such a smarmy POS. Who ever said he is the deicer on who is smart/ right and who isn’t.

Chicago Diver

First of all thanks for showing the unsuccessful versus successful argument techniques. Secondly, Candace Owens rocks.

Regarding Terry Crews – anyone who goes on with Don Lemon and expects anything resembling intelligent discussion is sadly deceived. For crying out loud the other day when discussing the flaws of our founding fathers the man just said that everyone knows that Jesus Christ was flawed when he was on Earth. Anyone with the slightest understanding of the basic tenents of Christianity knows that his statement is ridiculous.

Personally I believe he’s brain damaged. But that’s just my humble opinion.

the Maestro

First off, F*** Don Lemon. And Candace Owens is a goddess!


She is a true heroine. I let out a cheer and a gleeful laugh when Jim Jordan got her extra time.


Yes , that was one of my favorite to watch moments of all times with Candace. Jim is awesome too. He did that so beautifully when no one expected it.


I also love when she says someone’s statements or position taken is “hilarious” …that’s so perfect. to put it that way with these type of ‘deceivers’ and huge hypocrites that she is referring to.


I can’t stand that mealy mouthed, Lemon. He’s convinced himself that he’s smarter than everyone else and hates the fact that he was born black. He knows other blacks don’t like his type, he also knows most men in general, are creeped out by him, that’s why he’s always trying to shoot them down, unfortunately for him this guy wasn’t going to let him do that. Candace Owens is the left’s worst nightmare, she’s black, beautiful, smart, and courageous, she chews up their tripe and spits it back in their faces, she cuts through their crap and lays the truth out there for all to see, I love watching her in action. You did a good job on this one, as usual, Mandy. Thank you.


As a heterosexual female, can I just say that Candice Owens is one of my woman crushes? 😇 Love watching and listening to both her and the Press secretary slice and dice hypocrisy! God bless Terry Crews for trying — he’s a good man and factually correct; needs to learn how to navigate liberalism better, though.


listen to the very end,,, the emotion audience that everyone is fighting for, requires the single subject NOT have more than 2 emotions in a single segment. Segment, meaning the length of a TV episode. What Candace does is expose more than two emotions. because facts dont matter to emotional people. By showing 2 emotions of your ‘opponent’ you expose hypocrisy. which the emotional thinker despises.


Yes, that does explain the deadpan audience. Does your comment apply to the guy in the white shirt, too?

Natalie F

The left was, is, and will always be purely about emotion. “how does it make you FEEL?” They can’t rely on fact, because facts will never support their agenda, so find the least educated, most morally bankrupt,(Hollywood comes to mind) people to support your truth and push it down the throats of anyone who will listen. The emotional parts of their brain work in overdrive while the logical parts are inept. The tragedy of their narrative is the morally bankrupt entities at the top know exactly what they are doing but the low level sheeple have no idea they are being played like a fiddle. Candace Owens is an intelligent woman who completely frustrates the left because she is suppose to be like all the rest of their disciples and let emotion override logic, but she refuses! As a female I hate to admit this, but there’s a reason more women vote Dem than Republican… Emotion. We are emotional creatures by nature, but I thank God for women like Candace who are strong, emotional, AND logical.
Mandy, I was interested in the curly haired woman to her right and hope u will go further in analyzing her body language. It looked to me like when Candace began speaking, she was comforting herself,(rubbing her thumb with her other thumb) as well as looking down. She almost looked like she was ashamed, like she knew they had twisted her words or whatever the reason. I think Candace got through to her a little, but she will likely go back to the herd and they will slap her back into logic free sheeplehood.
Someone commented on the guy behind Candace. To me it looked like he was thinking, oh boy, she is going to destroy them now, almost cringing at the spectacle. He had a loud expression of satisfaction as she spoke imo but would love your take on that also. Thanks!


listen to the very end,,, the emotion audience that everyone is fighting for, requires the single subject NOT have more than 2 emotions in a single segment. Segment, meaning the length of a TV episode. What candace does is expose more than two emotions. because facts dont matter to emotional people.


Love Candace. Thanks for doing this one. We need more like her.

I don ‘t think Jordan needed to interrupt with his two cents. She’s very capable of defending herself.


…nothing to do directly with this video, but I had always problems to understand the ‘Liberal’ mindset.
I discovered this yesterday:
This is by far the best explanation of the warped thoughts of the Left.
Anyone can find, I would claim.



..starts at 9:14


I almost didn’t watch this because of the length, but I’m glad I did. He reminds me of my liberal friends. We remain good friends because we will hear each other out and respect each other’s opinions, and agree to disagree on a few things. What was most refreshing was that this is an INTELLIGENT Hollywood liberal.

Chicago Diver

There’s a huge difference between “Liberal” and “Leftist”. My mother’s family was liberal Italian immigrant New Yorkers. However we had many discussions around the kitchen table. Rarely agreed but never disrespectful. Leftists believe that they have moral authority and to disagree is evil. That’s why they will cancel even family members who disagree with them.

Dave Rubin is a classical liberal who can have disagreement with conservatives but in a respectful way. His YouTube channel “The Rubin Report” is worth checking out.

Gen. Stewart

Thank you so much ! Proof that I am getting my money’s worth. I have supported the foundation for a long time.


Thanks, Greg. That is a take on the liberal mindset I had never considered. We drive ourselves nuts, wondering how they can be so nuts. Now my objective is to discover the antidote.

Steve Rogers

Yeah, I’ve seen that and he nails a large portion of how they think.

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