Body Language – Ghislaine Maxwell Prosecution Team


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Wendy Artagame

Just wanted to say that I accidentally flagged two comments when scrolling but can’t remember which one! Sorry


I have a feeling Ghislaine will roll over on the low hanging fruit, but doubt she’ll finger the ones who really need to be put behind bars. The super powerful elites.

frank papandrea

will Max make it?


I hope the testifying victims do not start committing Arkancide.


Maurene Comey, daughter of fired FBI Director James Comey, so what could possibly go wrong. I’m sure this woman will ask about Maxwell’s connection to politicians and business people and of course to friendly and unfriendly intelligence agencies. I’m sure she will be asked to layout everything she knows about the death of her father, Robert Maxwell, etc. Oh wait, could the deep state not really want answers to these questions??? My prediction is that Maxwell will get a “Plea Deal” and serve time at Club Fed and be deported back to France at the end.

No one, especially the public, will ever hear the truth. That’s why this deep state actor is prosecuting her. Can’t make this stuff up.

Linda Wilson

Maureen Comey?? Isn’t She a conflict of interest on this case? I am sure the apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree.


Insurance policy …. sound familiar?

Patty DeBingo

Perhaps Ghislaine will be given to the Brits after she dies of COVID19, per a pre-prepared headline dated July 11, 2020 that was seen yesterday, July 3rd. I predict that she will just happen to die of COVID… I told my husband that she would, when I heard of her arrest. We will see NOTHING. NOTHING here in the USA. She was a spy for the Brits, and Epstein is with the Deep State Israelis, as he was a spy for MOSSAD to get the dirt on all the people so they could be blackmailed. Remember Q said enjoy the show… is this some of the ‘show’ for us? I’m not convinced it is anything other than that.


I figure Ghislane’s days are numbered. Somebody will find a way to kill her even though ‘somebody’ has been protecting her up to now. She’s got a lot of incriminating information between her ears. The FBI had better be on their toes this time around.


Come on James Comey’s daughter is in charge of prosecuting this pimp. There goes the case next thing you know she is going to make Trump the chief pimp.


We can only hope for justice… I too, had questions about the lack of a mugshot. Then it occurred to me, that DOJ is probably keeping her in custody in a non-typical location that they don’t want to make public to keep her alive. Beyond that questions abound. Why no mention of the island? Perhaps it does not fit with the time frame of the indictment, but that is suspicious. Why would Maxwell, who has millions, buy property in the US when she could easily purchase a compound in a country with no extradition treaty? The only answers that make sense are that her chances of staying alive are greater getting caught , or this is part of her mission ordered by her masters (Mossad? MI 6? CIA?) and she is going to implicate somebody they want to take out. If so, who could that be? The next few weeks should be very interesting. Will the Berman blockade removal open the floodgates? Contents of Weiner Laptop coming? Nice to see that their body language indicates that they are serious about the prosecution at least.


I don’t know, GOMF, but I’m hoping the outcome of all this is going to be better than the best 4th of July fireworks display ever created. According to Baker, the FBI decided not to prosecute Hillary because they honestly and absolutely believed she was going to win the election and having her indicted right before her crowning would have created a total mess for the country, the likes of which we’ve never seen. Maybe, and that’s only just a “maybe”, they are working to “take out” Clinton at long last and get back their law and order reputation. Remember during the debates when Trump told her that if he were president, she’d be in jail? After what he’s being put through since the election, it is possible that he is also going to keep that promise, too. One can only hope. One more thing: Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself!


That would sure be great. Ghislaine better hope they move her to Gitmo or at least a military brig someplace.


Sorry, but I just have to comment on the masks…damn…never mind.

Eileen Guthrie

Ghislaine Maxwell is a sociopath and was in a sadomasochistic relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Everything she did was to please Jeffrey. She knows all the names that were involved with Jeffrey’s deception, abuse, rape and their “John’s” were all powerful, famous and have some very deep pockets. They all could face some charges themselves. NO ONE WAS LOOKING OUT FOR THESE GIRLS and now they have been traumatized AGAIN by both Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. So, Ghislaine could be facing charges of child trafficking and conspiracy as did Jeffrey. She can’t face charges in Florida, Jeffrey made sure of that, but it did NOT cover New York, the Bahama’s, France or New Mexico. From watching the numerous interviews about Jeffrey and Ghislaine with that dirtbag Alan Dershowitz, his body language showed that he was lying and being very deceptive. He was involved, very involved in Jeffrey’s pursuits with minor girls. And Prince Andrew first said he would cooperate with the FBI and then did a 180 and went into hiding. I’m sorry that doesn’t sound like an innocent man. They targeted emotionally damaged and vulnerable girls and that sickens me the most. NO ONE WAS LOOKING OUT FOR THEM OR THEIR SAFETY.


She had an extremely privileged childhood – and I suspect she wasn’t given much attention from her billionaire father. She learned all her dirty business from the ultra rich society and herself was abused/taken advantage of in her HS and college carer..

Gen. Stewart

I saw this live earlier; I love that little lady ! I got the impression that her disgust? comes from a personal gender perspective(Good). Her second time at the podium,she toned it down a little as not to come across as mean spirited.(Good).The bald headed guy is a boy scout ! He normally wouldn’t let himself be personally connected to a case. By using the word slithered set bells off for me(Good) ! In doing that ,he is solidifying what the little lady is subliminally telling us(Good). Beautifully well coordinated effort to redeem the F.B.I.’s pathetic recent reputation. However, I would have taken COMEY off of the case ! The connection that name has with the F.B.I.,will tarnish it for years and undermine the effort ,they were displaying.


That Maureen Comey? I’m not confident she will prove any better than her father who covered up for Clinton, saying Hillary was only “extremely careless” in her handling of classified info. Is Maureen talking to her father about this case, which also “allegedly” involves the Clintons? Will Wray finally prove himself to be one of the “good guys” at the end of this? I don’t know the answers but, I’m sure of this much: Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself!

Gen. Stewart

I don’t care what Wray does in the future; He’s a self serving snake ! Guy’s like him stand on a fence !


The first man, as he described Maxwell’s move: “she slithered”–oh, that was good!


The middle prosecutor mentioned last year’s press conference on Epstein’s arrest. I wonder if he spoke then? Might help establish a baseline read on him. 🤷‍♀️

As always, thank you! Hope all is well with you and yours, Mandy & Mr. No Name. 😊


This kind of evil is very hard on the soul. It’s hard to act like a total objective adult about it. It’s a relief to go attack mode. Maybe that was her motive. She was trying to alleviate the stress on your soul by eschewing detachment and going Perry Mason. This evil in particular shocks the conscience.


Absolutely! Pimps are one thing but perversion recruitment is hard to take in. And, that’s what she was: a recruiter. That, and ‘slither’ is most appropriate.


thanks for keeping it real mandy! you are a valuable reality check, and one of only two patreons that i sponsor.


It’s almost as if they could have just sent anyone out to read those prepared statements.

And no one explained what took so long.

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