Body Language – Bill & Melinda Gates


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TK McAll

These people are sooooo sick. ugh! Pieczenik calls him a Savant. I think he might be right.


How did Melinda turn into a man?


It looks like Milenda has a droopy smile problem. When she was younger, it wasn’t there, but if you look at her photos, it seems to have developed over time. It also looks like a recent thing. Up until recently, it looks like her smile was fine. It highly doubt that it’s a tell:comment image?mod=1533691924


It’s all about the vaccine. I will not be vaccinated.

Charles Lewis

Hmmmm. Let’s see. He is not a researcher, not a doctor, wasn’t he a college drop out?

ohhhh I get it, he has an agenda.

Is his agenda his, or some other group or persons agenda?

So he spend his ill gotten money, to pander an agenda by paying people to do his pandemic games etc…

Gosh sounds like he’s a John and they are prostitutes… no wait wait, there isn’t any sex… or is there?

How does a person who hasan’t coded a line of programing in his life, end up in this spot? Oh yeah Daddy.

Daddy’s law firm positioned Bill for pandering the agenda. Daddy, “Bill we are going to make you rich BUT you must
do what we tell you to do”.

Oh yeah… he has lots of businesses in China, he loves using slave labor to destroy jobs in America. Actually these
people are enemies of America and need to be removed.

Too bad he had kids…


Too bad he’s a eugenicist, too.

frank papandrea

that last smile was the…see we are smarter than you


Maybe she’s partially paralyzed from the botched sex change operation.

Bonnie Hawkins



Stage 3 “The Truly Normal Phase”… “After the vaccine has protected ALL of us.” demon There’s a video I was sent of Gates being interviewed by Fareed Zakaria (I’ll post it below). Watch the -2:17 mark. Zakaria is speaking of the devastation to our economy and Gates cannot contain himself. He starts laughing, euphorically. It’s incredibly inappropriate IMO. Then you watch his face as he morphs from elation to then tying to portray a serious/ concerned demeanor. In many ways, I’m more concerned about Gates over the Wu Flu. I’m not trying to be hyperbolic but to me he’s potentially a much more dangerous threat.


Yes, he IS the threat. Or rather he represents it.The woo hoo flu is only the excuse for implementation of the plan, which is to vaccinate everyone.


these two are typical bilderberg sadistic elites.

Michael Webster

I have been a viewer since before Body Language Ghost. Please consider Parlar. Thank you.


Im on Parler @BombardsBodyLanguage


you madam, will be my first invitee.

Michael Webster

Is this what is referred to as “duper’s delight”?


They both are so deeply weird. May God protect us from evil. 🙏


If being filthy rich buys you an ugly wife like her, I want no part of it.


she worked for him at m$. it’s all part of the satanic breeding program.

Susan McCall

I think melinda’s diamond necklaces are supposed to be a distraction from her face….(haha)….Both are equally creepy – he is extremely evil, and she actually has a masculine look about her. I noticed bill said ‘we’ a lot – stop that bill – you only stand to make your evil pals richer. There is no ‘we’ when you want to use us for guinea pigs like you did for the African children….even they kicked you out of their Country.


The necklace Melinda often wears is an upside down or inverted cross. It’s origin has been repurposed as a sign commonly used by satanists and occultists. It’s also an anti-Christian symbol.


The more I see of these sick individuals, the more I believe in demonic possession. This is about the third time we have seen the diabolical glee in them, almost like they have been fantasizing about this moment all their lives. Then you start looking into the background of them, Fauci, Birx and the rest of them, and the millions who have been sickened and crippled by their contaminated vaccines full of mercury, aluminum, fetal tissue and mouse retroviruses and it is just disgusting. Thanks for exposing their evil.


Agree. I don’t understand exactly what demonic possession is, but there is something evil working in concert through many individuals.


I remember when B.O. was newly elected and he was being interviewed by Steve Croft of CBS. B.O. was speaking to the dire condition of the economic outlook and was unable to contain his giddiness. Croft thought it strange and questioned it. B.O. replied, “well, you have to have a certain gallows humor.”


Yes, evil is working through very many people these days. If you or anyone here wants to know about demonic possession, read the book “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin (5 actual cases of demon possession). A word of caution, this book is definitely NOT for the fainthearted. I read it over 30 years ago. It scared the crap out of me then and it still does. I distinctly remember the hair on my arms standing straight up while reading it and with the forceful turn of each page, I said out loud in terror, “Oh God! I’ll be good!” It really is that scary and is acclaimed today as the definitive work on the subject. If interested, check it out:


It sounds very interesting. My guess is that it is written from the standpoint of involuntary possession. I think these detestable creatures invite it.


No, not involuntary exactly. Some people just open themselves up for possession to happen without realizing it. Then there are those “detestable creatures” who knowingly sell their souls for obscene profits, since they don’t believe in God or the hereafter. BTW, the priest in “The Exorcist” was based on Malachi Martin, although that was baby pablum in comparison to Fr. Martin’s book(s). To learn more about Fr. Martin: Conservatives love him and Liberals hate him and have spread vicious lies about him that are still circulated to this day.

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