Body Language – FBI Christopher Wray, Wolf Or Sheepdog


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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He is a Wolf. He is a dirty Wolf. Placed as part of the coverup. August 15 the info goes out via Sundance and crew. The breadth and scope of the coup is vast. Wray is a puppet a willing puppet. Gang of eight and those in both sides of the aisle are a part. Yes what is about to be revealed shows Repubs are a part of the coup. Trillions are at stake and soon hopefully they will lose those trillions and their freedom. If not lives


I know you’ve done Covid. But this one is so important. I have an IRL friend who knows one of the nurses telling their story.

Please do this one.

They are trying to lock us down again and she’s talking about HCQ treatment at her hospital too. Please!


Matthew Hausman

Thank you Mandy for all the great content. I love getting google alerts when you post something new. Keep up the great work!

frank papandrea

liken him a lot more, seems he was waiting for the guilty to be gone and now he will present everything to the DOJ.


He has gotten rid of more bad apples than any other corrupt agency weaponized by Barry the traitor, and I suspect the treason in the bureau was more situational than the inherent corruption alluded to by Sidney Powell in Licensed to Lie and Conviction Machine that has existed in the Justice Department for decades. He definitely appeared less tense and stressed 1:1 with BB than he appeared testifying before Congress. Reading into him, I suspect that he thinks that the bureau has returned to its’ mission, investigating crime and threats rather than setting people up, or concealing crimes of political allies. If I ever have to be questioned by the FBI again, however, I am lawyering up immediately, based on what I now know..


Many you ARE outstanding as one of the commenters said here, and i will add… in all of these but Barr and this one really even beyond your usual best for me. I don’tknow what I would do w/o these . I watch a lot of additional news reporting and commentaries and compare them all , some very researched and hours long almost daily and when come back to you and yours is where i get microscopic zoomed in and all trappings removed perspective that nothing else gave me. I think all of the different kinds of sources matters but yours is like dessert after work and dinner. Also love your voice…but most of all getting to the truth. I wish more people were watching these.. The people who are …are quite pleasant and usually rather intelligent and informed with sense of humor and other appreciated qualities with none of the sometimes shocking and disturbing rhetoric in comments under you tube for example ,,,so thank you for providing this. more enjoyable way to participate and learn. Sometime in future i will have time and funds to do some of those paid for reviews and/or lessons and that will so much fun.


thank you, my pleasure


Reserving my opinion on Wray, bearing in mind my nickname for him was Slithering lol. I find it increasingly difficult to trust career politicians and government with all their failings & corruption. The lines have been blurred, it all looks political now. So many leaders seem incapable of governing with integrity and implementing strong & effective deterrents to weed out the bad actors. In the past I felt Wray came across as arrogant and uncooperative, part of the DS. Maybe I’ve been wrong.


The jury in my head about Wray is still out, too. This analysis did give me a bit of optimism at long last. He spoke about many different groups converging to create the chaos. I ask, “who benefits?”, and then try to find and follow the money. It’s just the way my mind works. All “different groups” roads ultimately originated back to Soros. Is Wray or the DOJ looking into him? Somebody better start and end it once and for all.

The thing that struck me is when Wray gestured towards the “prosecutors across the street” who are slow walking the info Grassley (and others) requested. Mandy was speaking and the video was frozen at that point. The look on Wray’s face and in his eyes spoke volumes. I got the impression that he strongly believes it is the prosecutors who are “dirty”. Still, I looked at Wray in this video and I kept seeing Comey. Maybe just a belief system at work? The jury is still out.


outstanding mandy! great ending too about barr. i think very highly of barr, and to see sort of an emotive response from wray is very good. no wonder trump says “jury is out.” he’s been betrayed so much, who could blame him?


Thanks, Mandy! Only noticed Wray using the “I think” phrase when asked about providing documents requested by Grassley, and his opinion on his relationships with Trump and Barr.


I’ll admit, this makes me feel better about the FBI. I certainly like feeling better about major organizations like this.

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