Body Language – Barr On Durham Investigation, Restoring Trust In The DOJ


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oratio contraria

Here is a reverse speech analysis of a section of the source video. Revealing.


Patty DeBingo

Country sheriff in MI got mail in ballot for person dead about 20 years; another person in MI got mail in ballot for cousin dead 6 years. This has to be stopped. Now the left MSM is really attacking AG Barr…so we know he’s on the right track. And, thank goodness the man in SDNY got replaced. Why is MSM making such a big deal about this? Why is SDNY so important? What was there: Clinton Foundation, Weiner laptop, Epstein, Five Eyes, Ukraine, et al. That man was a block in these investigations. Hopefully now we can get some of that completed and info. gotten out and/or arrests made. SDNY is where Schiff and Nadler took all their requests, to. IT IS TIME.


There has always been multiple tiers of justice out of government. And it hasn’t changed. He is part of a system which denies change.
As an aside, Maria is as fake news as it gets. She made her bones misleading investors.


Sometimes I think that these people will behave and say things according to the audience. He knows that on the other side there are a more conservative audience listening and eager for justice, so I believe that that’s what’s all about. I do not believe for a second that justice will come out of this mess, and even liking his style and the appearance of a good guy, I’m also skeptical of the outcome. He might be the one there to actually slow the whole thing down. Hello, we have the most powerful government in the world and we know very well that they can come full force against anything they pursue. Until I see something substantial, I do not trust nor believe anyone in government, especially career people. At this point, I’m not very hopeful and sorry for my skepticism.


That is very true to certain personalities. Barr does not have that personality.


Guilty conscious then?


It is pretty interesting that the interview took place before the firing of Berman, which is a bigger deal than most people realize. My guess is that he has been sitting on the contents of the Weiner laptop, including the crimes against children, as well as the Epstein investigation, thereby protecting countless scumbags associated with the Clintons and Epstein, while running harassment investigations against people like Giuliani, who are trying to expose their corruption. It must be very taxing to have direct insight into the depth of corruption of all federal agencies weaponized by the Manchurian Kenyan. He knew what he was getting in to, but he must be staggered by the depth of the treason.


Like dessert, saved the best for last. Bill’s tiny smile at the end when Maria replied to his mention of a delay… ‘in gathering a grand jury?’ LOL Loved it!


“Treason. Treason. It’s treason,” Trump said referring to the crimes committed by his predecessor Barack Obama.
“They’d been spying on my campaign,” Trump said. “Turned out I was right. Let’s see what happens to them now.”


Love your review and intimations, Mandy. 😎

Anyone else want to push Maria’s glasses back on her face for her, or just me? 🤣

Patty DeBingo

Maria’s glasses? ‘course I feel for anyone wearing glasses, as bi/tri focals makes one have to have glasses up and down.


Oh, yes… been wearing glasses for a couple of decades now. A few years ago, had to switch to the graduated lenses. Have distance in the top, 20/20 in the middle, and bifocals in the bottom.


I love these readings. It is so interesting to see that when something is pointed out, it is apparent to the observer what was previously unnoticed. I’m reminded of the pilot to the series Kung Fu (for those old enough to remember), the Master referred the boy, Cane, to the sound of the grasshopper at his feet. The boy surprised that the master heard the insect, asked the Master how he heard such a subtle sound. The Master responded, “how is it you do not?”


Loved that show!

Joanne Rnathan

This is the first time I’m on this page. I usually like these videos on YouTube. Where do I like here?


Welcome! This is a site where we learn how to read body language from a great teacher. We express our like or dislike, as well as any questions about the video lesson, right here in the comment section. Our hosts are kind and helpful. I can say the same thing about a lot of the members, too. For more in depth lessons, become a paying member for access to the nitty gritty lessons… so worth it!


Well said!

Gen. Stewart

One of his tells is that he answers very quickly on questions that is getting close to home. It’s like he’s stopping it to keep it from going farther.


So glad to hear that they are plugging away at their investigations. I’ve pretty much given up, but now I’ll hold on a little while. It was encouraging to see the slight, brief smile on his face.


He’s making the right noises, but I doubt he will follow through on any of it, judging from the past.

Patty DeBingo

We have no idea what is going on behind the scenes. So much is for optics and to make you look somewhere else.

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