Body Language – Bush Speechwriter Anti Trump Beliefs


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Paula Wright

What a liar & moron!

Marita Jeffrey

GREATEST INTERVIEWER OF ALL TIME. This guy didn’t think anyone was going to come with FACTS. He used to being interviewed by people who agree and add to the BS he is selling. BEAUTIFUL!!

Marita Jeffrey

He blatantly LIES. And I understand its a belief system. But it is a LIE about those votes and “he wouldn’t be POTUS without Russia”. And “people around the campaign lied and umm ummm.. “forgot” ” .. what the heck?? He is LYING … or believing this NONSENSE!! “We can’t prove it”. WHAT???? If you can’t prove it after 3 years of investigation .. it won’t be proven. Good grief! This guy needs a therapist. His derangement system is so bad he is stumbling all over the place!! Thank you for doing these. Even though it’s so frustrating to watch the blatant lies your analysis is so enlightening to teach me its not a blatant but instead a lie to ones self.. “UM… UM … I try to be very careful” He is ridiculous! Thank you for that clarification. LOONEY INDEED!!


So serious question here: He said Trump got 80 000 votes due to the russians – Where does he get that number from?


From the Clintons, where else?


Thanks for explaining the difference between a belief system and a psychopath. I like the interviewer and this guy IS a Looney.


This is by far the best example of Trump Derangement Syndrome I’ve ever seen! monkey see monkey hear
You call it “belief system”, but it seems to me to be an absolutely perfect example of TDS. Great job, Mandy!


THAT was fun to watch! The interviewer was good. He let the guest talk, and asked good questions. The guest/author is a piece of work. He sure didn’t like it when anything was said by the interviewer that he didn’t believe in. He did more of the interview with his eyes closed tight than with them open lol. Perfect body language and belief system example for us.
Anyone else notice that the author even LOOKS like W. That’s creepy.
Thanks Mandy!


I’m hardly a Trump supporter, as I accept no man as my master; but I’d like to point out that China only increased its GDP because all the previous plantagents (all presidents are descendents of this particularly vicious nobility. The last, King John, being so horrible the Magna Carta was imposed as a protection against him) made sure China grew so much. Just as we supported the Russian communists. It was fun watching him squirm though.

Jeffrey Allan

You said it and I think it perfectly describes him: Psychopath.


Actually, she didn’t. It was an example of belief systems. She pointed out the difference.


Great interviewer. Looks like globalist desperation. They have thrown everything at him they can think of at the man and they can”t stop him. Now believing your own bs will not even work on the press. In some ways, scum like this one are even worse than psychopaths.


I stopped at rhe claim he was impeached for attempting to bribe a Ukraine official. 🤦
It’s been almost 4 years and the cognitive dissonance is getting worse.
Trump has imperfections. Why make anything up??

Gen. Stewart

This guy is a damn robot; incapable of passion or consideration. He is programmed for one function only. Mandy: This is a curious selection ? I pray that all is well with you and your’s. Are you in England ? Thumbs up for Boris ! Looks like he’s going to stick to his guns. Now they need to get rid of that raghead mayor laughing hand


no we are in the usa. im happy with boris too


You did a great job on this one, Mandy. It was nice to see a newsman that was interested in the truth instead of the same old Trump bashing we usually see. Keep up the good work.


Trumps predecessors were globalists and it made China the power it is, while lining their own pockets with mounds of cash.

He has a bunch of soft cover books behind him – while ok for fiction or self help books – a better well read person has a lot of hard cover books too.

He has a hard time looking into the eyes of the camera .

I’m not sure what it means when a person lists is head to the right side … trying to get away?

The guy asking questions is not throwing softball Hate Orange man questions like he is used too back in the States.


The type of cover means nothing. What matters is the content. Remember the saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover”? You literally just did that. I have hundreds of books in my nook. I suppose they don’t count at all.


My Bush prejudice got the better of me.
I am an avid reader of books. It’s great that you are too.
I would disagree about the type of cover does not make a difference though. If a book is worth reading to you more than once or twice – then hard cover is the way to go. We have bookshelves in just about every room at our place. If you have the money – I prefer hard cover.
Digital books – I have gigabytes of them – not a big Kindall or table reader.


Sounds like the bibliophile is coming out in you! I use my nook almost exclusively now. I enjoy the feel of books, but I can buy complete works in ebooks for a few dollars, which would cost me hundreds if I bought them in paperback, much less hardback. Also, I spend almost all of my time outdoors now, and lugging books around is not only a bother, but it would destroy them. I admit I am ticked at Barnes and Nobles for lowering the variety of selections.


Thanks for this one

I still don’t get why this man went on the most conservative opinion show in Australia?
By the end of the interview Andrew Bolt had him squirming like a toad with basic common sense questions.

He is so far into his belief system that if you broke him out of it he would need psychiatric care!


All I can think to say is, “Bless his little pea-picking heart:. 😉 The anchor/interviewer actually asked decent follow-up questions!

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