Body Language – The Silent Majority of CHAZ


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Fred Sanford

I’m looking forward to the HRC testimonial analysis. Even I could see her gears whirring during the run up to the first question. I couldn’t stand to watch her for long once she started speaking, she’s parsing her language while ignoring the havoc she created for Benghazi. Sound familiar? Not unlike how the liberals parse President Trumps language and completely missing (ignoring & subverting) his meaning.

Carol Dee

Interesting analysis of the different dimensions of ‘the mob mentality’!

Timothy Foster

Reminds me of the sheep in animal farm… not a group I want any part of.


Native American Indians occupied Alcatraz for 19 months – eventually kicked out by federal agents. The Indians trashed the place – hard to do that to a decommissioned prison – but they did.
Certainly don’t want to see Chaz kept around that long. If they do exist longer – it would be shortly after November that they would leave.

Susan McCall

2:50 “the clapper” – A friend sent this picture/story – it’s not the same guy is it?


I think a lot of them are just scared. They’ve been taught NOT to have their own feelings and opinions. This silent majority will suffer.
The rest will eat themselves.


Why is Seattle still supplying electricity to that area? How did the citizens if CHAZ obtain microphones and loud speakers? Ugh…


Not only that, someone (probably the city) is providing porta potties, allowing food trucks and even sending cleanup crews after the occupiers complained about the trash. I wonder how the taxpayers feel about funding this. Apparently these people are not to be inconvenienced.

Fred Sanford

If I’m right, there are deep pockets supporting this bunch. There’s a limit on how much covert dollars are available due to the chaos & high profile situation, but it’s not even pocket gnurr to millionaires, much less billionaires.


Really graceful on youboob just posted a good video on chaz. They didn’t take over the area. It was handed over to them on a platter. I add this to emphasize the group weakness and that they are being used as pawns. The bickering is a normal part of any extremist group, but most notably the far left. Just a bunch of weak nobodies.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


From the beginning of CHAZ, I thought that Trump, despite his threats, doesn’t have to do anything there. They will metaphorically eat each other as they vie for position and power, like this video is starting to demonstrate. It won’t end well for either side (or sides, if Gen. Stewart is correct, since there will be even more divisive factions moving into the fight). The Silent Majority there seem to be Snowflakes, so when things get really heated, they will simply melt away. That’s what I see in the crystal ball inside of my head, anyway.

frank papandrea

a bunch of white kids testing their college thesis/term paper. this CHAZ, in a year, will be a gentrified, cool, hipster artists community

Gen. Stewart

LOL…You might very well be right; In the spring of 1967 a Guru that lived in a commune in Boulder Colorado announced that the world would come to and end in June. The beatles had a personal Guru and it was all the rage. LOL. The Guru had said that if you wanted to live through it,to come to Boulder. Kids were running away from home and young people from all over the states were hitchhiking and getting there however they could. LMAO. I was in Colorado and the population was only about 700 people in Boulder. Well, the world didn’t come to the end and many stayed in communes there. That is why the industry there is crafts,herbalist,holistic medicines and whatever else the hippies created to survive there. LMAO

Susan McCall

So right Gen. Stewart! I lived in Boulder from 1980 to 1992 – (went to CU there – what a mistake but oh well)….I remember the concerts at Folsom stadium and lived 2 blocks from it. Once upon a time, the Grateful Dead was a’comin’. Soon Boulder was filled with tie dyed shirts, tents, and dredlocks. Then the big night came and kids were jumping off bridges and stayed for days after the concert, on their journey to the next concert. I noticed the city was split between the mom’s who stayed home with their kids vrs. the feminists and trust fund babies. Some stay-at-home (feminatz) moms were weird though – no sugar allowed and no tv. And suffice to say that the bar people were not your friends – no lunch dates – just drinking/singing partners. It was a lonely time for sure.

Susan McCall

It will be one paragraph on wikipedia, asking for donations.

Gen. Stewart

America is a business ! The hells Angels has long controlled the drug trade in Seattle. The Mongols control the largest part of California and mostly are Mexican Mafia. Both CIA associated ! Is this a CIA op ? And if so,what political side are they taking ? Could the bikers be going to support antifa ? Are they going to oppose them ? Contrary to belief, bikers are not just thugs having a pissing contest with opposing clubs. They are capitalist(big business). They deal internationally in arms,drugs,prostitution and murder. They have clearly marked territories. When one tries to take over another, that’s when you see the conflict. Tho they are criminal thugs. Just like the mafia,they are patriotic. This is going to be very interesting to see what happens and who benefits from it ? Will the state troopers be stopping them at the borders ? Or,have they been told to stand down ? This is what we have come too. MOB RULE ! Politician Mob or civilian Mob ? Either way, these kids have no place in it ! Just as the bikers will make these kids shit down their leg ,if they oppose them. If the bikers are on the wrong side of this. The Military will make the bikers shit down their legs.


Bikers? Why worry? Remember during the 2016 campaign there were thugs attacking Trump supporters waiting to get inside of wherever Trump was going to speak? One time, when getting out of the limo to go into the building where he was about to speak, Trump saw a bunch of Bikers outside and asked who are those guys. He was promptly told (I think it was by the Secret Service), don’t worry, they’re here for YOU. I tend to thing it’s the same thing in this case. Apparently, The Gateway Pundit thinks so, too:

Gen. Stewart

I am not worried or scared ! I was merely reporting the latest update to the seattle FUBAR. I am a member of Bikers For Trump ! Bikers for Trump are doctors ,lawyers,veterans and active military. We are not the thugs/criminals that I described in the report. I was trying to stay ahead of people that might confuse the two. And just offered possibilities of what might happen. If you or mandy is in England ? There is a six hour difference in time. God Bless !

Gen. Stewart

Sharks have smelled blood in the water ! The Hell’s Angels are on their way to Seattle. Their long time rivals( The Mongols) is joining them. For those of you that don’t know about the blood feud between them. You should google(Laughlin,Nevada Murders). Both of these biker clubs have associates in many foreign countries and have thousands of members.They have worked closely with the CIA. These antifa TOFU TURDS are going to shit down their legs.


If what you are predicting happens, it will be interesting and educational to see how it plays out. In Anarchy, which many Antifa/BLM view as utopia, there is one typical outcome= the strongest group will dominate and destroy opposition and subject the passive to their rule. In other words, it devolves into some sort of totalitarian system. In Seattle, the government and police have created anarchic conditions by abandoning their role to enforce the rule of law created by elected government and surrendering the streets to these rather disorganized pseudo revolutionaries, who are emboldened. If unified “ one percenters” arrive and are not stopped by somebody, there is no question of who will prevail. Then the media will spin it as pro-Trump fascist outlaw bikers vs. innocent idealistic hippies and “peaceful protesters”, insisting that the national guard be called in immediately. We in a cheesy movie script.

Before I watch this I would like to know if the new constitutional nation as recognized by the UN and EU have, .. .. water, electricity or sewer systems in operation and are these basic systems being maintained?
I must admit that I have not read the new constitution, .. yet!
A simple US Cavalry Black Horse Vet
Thank You
The Institute For International Law And Democratic Affairs.
(Our DNA does seem to have a predisposition to survive under any and all conditions that existed no less than 50,000 years ago!)


At first I was like ‘OMG that womans voice’ but after a while it’s like ‘But she’s actually making good points!’

Wow, pretty amazing how powerful fear is.

It reminds me that Tommy Robinson once said that when he goes to the BBC, during the breaks people would tell him they supported what he was doing but would never say so publicly.

What do you think is the psychological difference with those that don’t have the same social fears? The Farage’s and Trumps of the world? Do you think it is maybe a bit of sociopathy or something?


With weak leadership groups like this will fall apart easily. With strong leadership, groups can be led to commit heinous acts.


With biased media groups can be made angels and martyrs .. or killers and racists.


I hope they all go to prison.

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