Body Language – Minneapolis City Council, Dismantle Police


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Dear Mandy,

George Floyd was murdered in my neighborhood. Lisa Bender is one of my city council women.

She did not really tackle the issue of protecting citizens from harm, such as someone(s) break into one’s home to rape, steal, murder. I have communicated my hope to the council that they will explain “dismantle police” so we know what they have in mind SPECIFICALLY.

I will be holding a community open house to have this discussion with my neighbors.
Many of us in our neighborhood lived through the 1990’s drug wars here, and remember dead bodies in our streets when rival gangs were staking out their territories.
The police, I am sorry to say, were of no help. (!) “How can that be?”, you may wonder. “Don’t they themselves have guns, and don’t they run right over and find the bad guys and arrest them, and….”
Uh. No. Sorry to say. Wish things were different.

So, rather than telling you what, in fact, happens, I will find a good book on inner city violence and send you the name. There is so much to explain….

I will find out what Lisa and her (and my) neighbors are saying about the real possibility of violence against individuals and get back to you. One of my best friends was murdered in her own bedroom. (I am not referring to the recent murder of Breonna Taylor, a black woman accidentally killed in her bedroom when the police opened fire in the wrong home.) My friend was old, and her body was not discovered for days….The police never found the perpetrator.

More innocent citizens have been murdered by police than by other violent citizens in this city. That we have not yet come up with an answer to this dilemma does not mean there is no solution.

Thanks for your work, Mandy.

I always feel a slow burn that you have been censored “for our own good” by the thought police.



Hahaha! “SJW on steroids!” You nailed that, Mandy! Ugh! It made my teeth itch! 🤦‍♀️

the Maestro

Anarchy at it’s finest

frank papandrea

Their belief system is a cult like. She appears to be in a trance, repeating their mantra. Almost like one of Manson’s girls. Their goal is overthrow the gov., the strategy is create instability, and the tactics are riot and looting. Those were use by Lenin, Trotsky and Molotov, resulting in power plays and murder later, the USSR and failure. Her naivete is appalling.


LMAOF…who the hell is going to protect the public from criminals? WTF! So now total anarchy is totally acceptable?! This is clearly coming from the evil Democrats!

Mike MS

First off, phenomenal analysis. You captured her state of mind and how she really is.

She is the sort of person I find most dangerous. When we look at some of the people around dictators talking we see the same unflinching dedication to their belief system and to their collective cause. These are the type of persons that could prevent violence or bloodshed but won’t because they are focused on the endgame.

I truly pity this woman”s sons and daughters. They have to live the reality she is planning for then.

That’s the type of people and living associated with cults. If you try to leave them, regardless of who you are, you are done.

Susan McCall

Hi Mike – I just learned last week that a local acquaintance (we used to be on a Women’s Golf League in ’93) removed her beloved niece from her will due to her niece being in a religious cult. This niece was the only remaining family my friend had – wait till her ‘church’ finds out she will not have any $$$ to give to the ’cause’! I really didn’t think this happened anymore – I mean, I know it happens with millennial’s and liberalism/leftism – but not after what Leah Remini went through or what happened with the“Jonestown Massacre”! (occurred on November 18, 1978, when more than 900 members of an American cult called the Peoples Temple died in a mass suicide-murder under the direction of their leader Jim Jones (1931-78). It took place at the so-called Jonestown settlement in the South American nation of Guyana).

Mike MS

Hi Susan.

That’s right. I have also heard personal accounts by people that went through the same insane ordeal with loved ones.

However, this is the first time I see people engaging in feverish cult-like submission due to political or social issues. I’m not an expert (my field is Physics and Software) but it is my understanding that the dive into a cult or submission to it requires a certain state of mind more in line with personal problems than with a worldview and subsequent reflections on societal anomalies.

Jim Jones type of characters seemed to have had a not too broad base of influence (many hundreds, as you point out) whereas the AOCs of this world enjoy a larger platform (millions?). But then again… what would happen today, with social media being this powerful, if a Jim Jones type surfaces?

Most worrisome, violent riots have happened in the UK and France in recent years. What’s happening in America is happening elsewhere too. Either we’re on the verge on a “cultural revolution” promoted by social media and mainstream leftist media…or we’re almost to the point where we will start pushing back.

Susan McCall

Yes Mike – I agree with you. I think Trump’s rally next week will be a big ‘to heck with you democrats/leftists/liberals’ – of course they wish us all death if we go – but they are so ridiculous with their double standards (‘peaceful riots’, taking over a part of Seattle) and the time is now to say ‘f.u.’ It’s my birthday today, and of course I started celebrating Wednesday night – no one wearing masks – which was WONDERFUL – we all be actin’ like: we are not afraid….it was truly great – now then, I can’t tell my kids because they are still in panic mode. How is it that the WHO has the audacity to tell us how and why to wear a silly mask yet antifa can just do what they want? The time is now to stand up via the removal of masks and go get a drink at the bar!

Mike MS

Well, then, Susan. Happy birthday.

The WHO has completely failed one of its primary missions. And the unapologetic, shameless protection of China was the last nail in its coffin.

Hopefully Trump will act decisively and inspire the country to take proper action.

I am amazed at how many black influencers are fully against BLM and the opportunistic takeover of that man’s death by politicians and community leaders.

Funny thing, there are violent and semi violent protests happening around the world, as well as statues desecration. Portugal, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Australia – everything seems connected by the same neo Marxism ideologies.

Let’s hope good days are coming.

Gen. Stewart

I think the reason she blinked was because one of the bubbles in her head burst. laughing hand laughing hand


Jason Bermus did a great video on this topic.

You want no police…. Ok… do you know what you get then in this era of AI?

You get China style government.

There well be no police and instead you will get those drones with cameras and speaker and the person on the other side of the camera will be called something nice like The Drone Operator.

She will start off human then eventually be AI because you can’t argue with or blame AI.

When you do something wrong the court representative will come and take you to be jailed and tried.

A good journalist will now ask if people will still be arrested for drug and assault crimes? Who will go after the murderer and child abusers.

This town will be so covered in surveillance cameras you won’t be able to break wind in public without the government knowing.

The government will really only need to invest heavily once in expensive infrastructure so long term they will save money on police officer wages.

You just better hope that the AI algorithm Puts your assault before someone else’s….

Mike MS


China has police and they are brutal. The slightest disagreement will get you being dragged from home and disappearing onto hospitals or prisons.

Actually , these SJWs deserve that. Let them experience what it is to live in a country with no apparent privilege, where your voice is worth exactly ZERO.


That idea didn’t even occur to me but, I think you’re right. That’s their ultimate goal. Do you have a link to the video to share with us, Cat?


I am sure it is in one of Jason’s but he goes live multiple times a week and i can’t find it….
He covers AI a lot but I will message him and see if he can tell me what video.

Here is his channel.


While I don’t have a problem with getting rid of cops; all of the cities I’ve heard about also have (or desire) very tight gun control laws. Also, this paves the way for the military (or UN) taking their place. If everyone had a gun, this wouldn’t be absolutely insane. But they don’t. I wonder when (or even if) people will figure out that the state (both parties) has already declared war on we the people. We live in Bizzaro World!


If you gave everyone a gun, and took away all laws, then you would have a temporary spike in shootings. Afterwards, it would go way down. People would also be very polite. You don’t need to do anything but to look back into history to know this. At least over here. Gun ownership has a bigger effect on crime than cops.


Welp… I almost never wish ill on someone, but, as a sexual assault survivor, I hope Ms. Bender gets a large dose of the “medicine” she’s trying to force on others, especially those who elected her and others of similar mindsets.

Gen. Stewart

Someone might just walk in to city hall or the legislature and solve our problem with an AK 47 ? Wonder how many have thought about and are waiting for it to happen ? monkey see monkey speak monkey hear


I would think much more torturous to survive an assault than to be killed. After an assault, one’s self-confidence is almost completely wrecked, and you typically never trust your instincts again. Just my opinion. 🇺🇸

Cindy Lou

health care??????

Susan McCall

I sent an article regarding this topic to my loved one, (who absolutely loathes the police) and asked him: ‘Now What’? because your relatives in MN would like to know how to calm down with this new way of life – but I have not heard anything back. I also have a loved one that lives in a suburb of Denver where they hear gunshots at least once a month (Aurora – not a bad area and close to the Air Force Base) – I don’t need to get into details what he does for a living, but suffice to say he can protect his family and neighborhood. But if this insanity spreads to Cities, it comes down to: ‘Is this extra burden of protection’ dumped on him fair to him due to someone’s reckless and ignorant perspective of life? lisa bender sounds like other people deserve to be hurt because ‘whites have had it so good’. I wonder where this woman lives that she feels so safe? If the killing goes on in Chicago like it has since 2012, we can’t stop them from doing this…..but what about all the women regardless of ‘color’ who are getting abused physically and sexually that need help? All I can offer for advice is this: Women: learn to use a weapon, learn to take a self defense class, learn, learn, learn, and practice, practice, practice – save your kids, and save yourself. Not all women are on your side.


You are right on the money. For 25 years, I was a Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention Instructor in environments where 90% of the staff were women. A major portion of the content of the course was how to protect yourself when physically attacked. Quite a few of the participants told me that they had used the techniques, most of them in their personal lives. Since I sadly live in Illinois, I would also suggest that they obtain a Firearm Owners Identification Card, even if they did not think they wanted to purchase a gun, since you cannot purchase one without one and they delay in getting the card is several months. I would tell them the same scenario. “You break up with a psycho boyfriend and he starts stalking you. Sure, you can get an order of protection, but what are you going to do if he does not follow it? The police can only intervene once a crime has been committed”.

Gen. Stewart

They need a big brother to protect them. Samuel Colt, Smith or Wesson; Take you pick.


I took a few to the range. Ladies choice was my 9mm Sig Sauer, though they also liked my wife’s Lady Smith and Wesson 5 shot .38 revolver that she still describes as her “best Christmas present ever”.


I temped for Sig Sauer in Northern Virginia back in the day. Solid company!


They came up with a brilliant design for Navy Seals, pilots and law enforcement that enables the shooter to draw the semi-automatic pistol and fire it without racking the slide or transporting it with a round in the chamber. Double action on the first shot, single action thereafter. Total one handed operation, and much safer.


Any bets on if she will show stress and how long it will take before Minneapolis devolves into a “Mad Max” or “Escape from New York” scenario? This is the end result of human beings being shielded from natural selection for too long.

frank papandrea

they should do it, let he chaos begin. In fact wall it off.

Eileen Guthrie

I was thinking more along the lines of Robo Cop.


I have to admit this video weirded me out slightly. It actually gave me a light sense of shock.

I suppose it might have been relevant to people I had previously dealt with.


Does Alison have a poker face or is she drinking the Kool Aide too?


when CNN thinks it’s bonkers, it’s BONKERS!


Saw this interview on TV last night and had the same thought about Allison you expressed. I don’t know how she kept that bored look on her face. When the Kool Aide drinker mentioned about “privilege” there was just the tiniest, almost microscopic, change in Allison’s deadpan expression.

Gen. Stewart

She didn’t need the cool-aid. She was raise from birth to think this way. She’s rainbows and daffadils. I would bet money,she sucked her thumb at pre-teen.


At least it’s good to know that it’s OK to hold rallies now. I’ve missed them.


As far as the Left is concerned, it’s NEVER OK for Trump to hold rallies. I can’t wait to see the even greater than before enthusiasm “Deplorables” will have for Trump at these upcoming rallies. The Left will never admit it, but they will know beyond any doubt that their disruptive tactics blew up in their faces… again. The only question is will they change their game plan or is it going to remain the same old tired pattern.


Not steroids, drugs:)

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