Body Language – Rod Rosenstein Testimony On Corrupt Russia Investigation


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It’s as if he’s channeling Obama

I have not studied the Nuremberg trials, … but I can still smell the chard decomposing human flesh from the death camp I was sent to while doing my 72 hour days on the Iron Curtain!
I am thankful for your work here! As a simple US Cavalry Black Horse Vet I can say that the Rosenstein Defense is counter to our US Doctrine, Law and the Laws of the International Community.
… If the United States and the UN still exist!
Thank You and your Team!!!
Darren Wayne Lovelace
The Institute For International Law And Democratic Affairs


My household will be voting Graham out on June 9th!!

Gen. Stewart

Rosenstein reminds me of Barney Fiffe on Andy of Mayberry. He’s over animated, nervous by nature and speaks with the same rhythm. All he is saying is just filler,Nothing ! He’s cut a deal of cooperation with the task of getting out there and selling it. Damn few senators there that’s not on board. He should be an insult to intelligent people. We need a task force of body language experts to form a tier system that new prospects have to go before employment. Clean the whole damn system out and rebuild. Hope the baby and all is well with you(mandy) and yours. Baby should be getting big and talking by now. Maybe you should give us a laugh and interveiw baby. LOL


It’s not the point of the video, but want to mention Mandy’s comments ending at 8:11. HRC campaign/DNC have long been known to have financed the Steele dossier through law firm Perkins Coie. Mandy’s sarcasm and apparent disbelief of this seemed odd.


You’re SUCH a good teacher but I have SO much to learn. I’ve been following you since the Benghazi hearing and LOVE your videos. But I need serious work.

I watched ole’ Rod and for the first time, thought, “he seems convincing.”
But as you point out his tells, oh my goodness! What’s WRONG with me???
Look at those hands ‘shshshsHaKiNg’ and his eyes wide open – he couldn’t even blink!

THANK YOU so much for doing what you do!!



Spot on as always. Have to say enjoyed Senator Scott’s straight forward speech. Speaks his mind with colorful descriptions.

Eileen Guthrie

Maybe when we start arresting these dishonest, lying politicians and these federal unelected bureaucrats, who in my opinion are criminals maybe then we can reestablish order. They do these things because they know they will NEVER be held accountable or punished and it only gives them the confidence to continue to commit crimes against the American people. They are protected and will NEVER have to face justice. I think that’s why Americans are so fed up with these dishonest people and the two-tier justice system we have in this country, when you’re a wealthy elitist or politically connected. I hope they face crimes for treason and sedition, because I believe they committed both. It’s also obvious now that Rosenstein lied to Congress so he should face perjury charges too.


Rosenstein has nothing to fear from this committee, as long as Graham is in charge of it. Perhaps his nervousness was because he wasn’t sure Graham had the other senators on the committee under control. Apparently he does, considering what key questions weren’t even asked. This is just another waste of time and money on another dog and pony show intended to slow walk investigations until the statute of limitations runs out. I believe that’s the a reason the committee isn’t going to vote on any future witnesses for another week.


So much here, Mandy, from Graham’s complete reluctance to butt-bouncing pencil neck Rosenstein’s poor attempts to obscure his treasonous crimes with sophistry. Unfortunately, throughout my lifetime we have had leaders who cannot resist weaponizing powerful agencies to target political enemies. In the case of the FBI and DOJ they learned how to target individuals rather than investigate and prosecute crimes when they went after people like Al Capone. They have applied the same technique to the political enemies of their bosses, who maintain their bureaucracy. Unless examples are made this will continue as long as we have corrupt leaders. I watched the entire hearing and was hoping you would comment on a particular smirk Rosenstein gets on his rat-like face, where he shows his teeth a lot. It seemed to happen when one of the senators pinned him down successfully. I read it as an extreme stress smile- wondered what you thought.


I just can’t get past the fact the Lynsey and John McCain were BFFs.


The FBI should be disbanded. From its inception its been more criminal than those it prosecuted. Hoover was in bed with the mafia even. Most recently, they dropped a human trafficking case because so many FBI agents paid the victims for sex. Could have prosecuted the agents, but instead they let the traffickers go. The list is endless. And as to making it so hard to fire someone, that could be resolved with the stroke of a pen by Congress. But they don’t. And so the government falls. I’m glad of that as its been so corrupt for so long. As in from the beginning.


Have only just started watching but I did go back and watch most of the old Rosenstein video for a refresher…. he does look more stressed this time around !


Right on Mandy, Graham says he wants to know want happened; he doesn’t. And Rod was shakin like a leaf. He must be terrified. You’re end question… The openly criminal culture has been allowed to ferment. The lack of consequences, lack of integrity and respect for the law have created the perfect climate. Everything starts with a slow creep, even our kids do this to test our response. And when there are few/no consequences, the standard reduces to become the unacceptable & unthinkable, and arrogantly so. As a result, a culture of criminality has risen from these individuals arriving at the conclusion they are untouchable. Without strong deterrents and swift consequences things cannot change. And if the crime of treason (for example), then the punishment of the crime must be paid. Without personal accountability and cultural responsibility to honesty, rule of law & justice, anarchy and lawlessness take over. And we’re witnessing that. JMO. Cheers Mandy.

Gen. Stewart

Excellent assessment ! You just proved you’re over qualified . You have to be a bumbling incompetent to be accepted in their circle.


Thanks General. I can’t find my keys half the time lol yet these ppl are in charge (?) And Graham, another pathetic excuse again. Now, he and the senate are apparently so exhausted by a one-day hearing they need a one week’s vacation to recover. This after the senate judiciary committee debated for 2 hrs on whether to approve subpoenas for former B.O. officials over Cross Fire Hurricane. Lindsey ‘Delay’ Graham strikes again. It’s all theatre. This should have been done 6 mo ago. Kudos to Sen Johnson. Now he can hold public hearings and go after B.O. officials and the deep state cabal. Yet, if Durham’s gang deliver first, we may get to see them perp walking individuals with charges/arrests/indictments and prosecutions. And eventually if they’re going down, I’m hoping if the fire comes on them and they face real consequences, they won’t be covering or taking the fall for B.O…. Wishful thinking – A girl can still dream.


so why does he write with his right hand (at the end) and gesture with his left? also: he tends to gesture with a pointed “two finger gun” when he opens his left hand? is that some sort of emphasizing his leo creds?

Gen. Stewart

Good questions; i’d like to hear mandy’s assessment.


You use checks and balances on the organization so that no dictator can take over. The FBI is a tragic case that the founding fathers foresaw, that democracy is just two wolves and a sheep deciding on what’s for dinner, that absolute power corrupts absolutely, and that revolutions normally fail. They knew that the one weakness is religion, that they used Polybius’ observation that nations fall when the customs of the people become corrupt. That’s why they protected religion. The FBI has now a religion of Wokeness (which stems from Gnosticism, the original “woke” people), so they feel they are doing the right thing, and they permit themselves because they, “know.”
The FBI should be re-engineered with checks and balances. In fact, many of the “deep state” is a culture infiltrated through the “Marching through the institutions,” attack that the radicals pulled. If these government agencies were built properly (or better yet, never built ever), then this whole deep state problem would be minimal. Too bad you can’t fire a government employee. There’s no way we can fix our beauroarcracy, it’s here to stay.
Your tax dollars at work, folks.


When I was watching this I got the feeling him and Lindsey were allies.. Thank you so much for doing this video, listening and watching you work thought it was very interesting.

Gen. Stewart

The F.B.I. and C.I.A. have turned the very tradecraft that they’ve been taught . Against the very country and people they were trained to be responsible for. This man is using it on these senators.


Can’t believe we’re still having hearings and even still talking about this. This should have been resolved some way some how long ago.
I think many people are happy this is still dragging on.


Gracious, so much good stuff packed into one video! Thank you for reviewing this hearing, Mandy, and preparing it for viewing, Mr. No Name. ☺

Lindsey’s panties are in a twist, because he knows it could be his neck in the noose & not bouncing Rod Rosenstein’s.

The man behind Grassley shouldn’t have bothered with a mask if he’s going to wear it below his nose. 🙃

Poor Senator Grassley – used to be a spitfire and harass government departments, but now can’t express a complex thought, or form his questions based on RR’s answers.

The powder blue tie guy behind RR was doing A LOT of self-soothing during RR’s testimony. 🤔

And last, but not least, bouncing Rod Rosenstein! He’s as guilty as the day is long, and he knows it.

As you said, Mandy, how do we fix the culture of corruption that is genuinely rampant throughout our government and country? Guess it’s time to level everything and rebuild. 🤷‍♀️


its like we need a house cleaning but on a level that makes examples of people as well


Reformations. Those work.

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