Body Language – Keith Ellison, Prosecuting George Floyd Murder


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Isn’t Mr. Ellison a Muslim and associated with the “Nation of Islam”, which is also associated with the Muslim Brotherhood?


Not uncommon…. In other words, it’s the fallback position. I would like to point out the truth in both sides of his belief system. True, it is an attack (often by state provocateurs) on individuals and (small and large) business. There also is a long history of oppression in the whole damned world, so it’s hardly surprising we see it surface in this manner. After all, the state is force and for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. Not just for physics. Which I never took. Violence is often the only viable option most people have in authoritarian regimes. Like the US. Yes, I said that. Covid dictatorship ring a bell? Unfortunately, I think we are ending the crisis stage, of which the KJB defector in the 70s warned us, and are now moving into the normalization phase. Ring another bell? No, I don’t blame the Russians. I blame the people who never question authority, only urge it on.

The truth always speaks

Both of these people are full of baloney.

I know of not a single white supremacy individual in any of the videos that I’ve seen. If indeed they were, they sure as hell wouldn’t be working hand in with those they profess to hate.

They have C3 going on, Comms, Control and Coordination. I’m really surprised some citizens didn’t shoot them like the LA riots I flew on and after the trial.

Baden’s Wikipedia speaks to his sellout tactics with numerous conflicts of interest. The entire thing stinks to high heaven. I can’t speak to Soros with any solid evidence but I have certainly heard of it.

With Barr on it, hopefully he’ll get answers but what about the real looters during the 2008 housing crisis I.E. (Too big to fail) and none of them did time?

Like George Carlin said, “It’s one big club and we ain’t in it…it’s just a shame dueling went by the wayside.

Thank you, Mandy, once again…


I once lived in an area with a great many of these thugs and I can tell you, they don’t care. They are nasty, they play games, they are violent, they’ll call you nasty racist slurs and if you fight back you get in trouble. The teachers and staff will take their side and punish you. I have been assaulted in class while the teacher did nothing, and when I got upset and swore, the teacher sent me to the office for swearing. Nobody even asked me why I did it.
Those kids were nasty, roudy and paid no attention to their class. They took everything given and threw it on the ground like it was worthless. Then, then play politics and victim.
Look at that racist terrorist play the victim and try to justify this. I know these people and I know how they think. They’re liars, and they expect compensation because that’s the easy way out. I say, the government should feed them all the drugs and alcohol they want as compensation for the non-existent crimes, but no food, housing or anything else, just drugs and alcohol. That will fix this problem. It’s what they like most.


Many are. But why? I don’t discount individual responsibility, but they were set up to fail. And many aren’t. But a small mind overgeneralizes things. And no, not a liberal (except in liberty. Something Americans fear.), nor a conservative (except on government. Which is mind control. Govern mind. From the Latin. Governo and mente.).

Gen. Stewart

Complete your studies and someday if they ever rise above flipping burgers. They will be calling you boss,saying yes sir and kissing your ass. Just ask that long haired bearded cracker.


Wow! Another ad hominem attack! They’re the go to tool for the mentally incompetent. And all that you’ve written to date. And you’re just mad at my hair because your bald. What the heck! It’s not like you have anything factual, or mature, to address. Just pure ignorance.

Sam Mudd

Would someone pay a white man (BIG) money to kill a black man as long as it does it’s job….to bring about riots?…Thanks Mandy, but everyone already knows….Chinese Communism (and China money) wants to come to (Kieth Ellison) America.


The MPD has serious problems in the heart of its training and probably it’s culture and it is probably not race based.
A few years ago a white Australian woman living in Minnesota called police when she though she heard a woman being abused in the laneway behind her house.
When the police arrived she went outside to greet them and the black muslim officer in the car leaned over, pulled out his weapon and shot her dead!


Yes!! I *wish* this case had been publicized, and spread now. There’s clearly a systemic issue within the MOD that needs to be addressed, that doesn’t involve the entire nation.


It is obviously raised here in Australia but then it is a “look over there” moment with riots all over.


Yes. And it’s a nation wide problem. I live in Fluorida where they hire the cops fired elsewhere. It’s not just racism. It’s a who can I abuse and get away with it thing. I’m white, but I have long hair and a beard. Always stopping me because they want to check my ID. I never get stopped by the same cop twice because I go off on them. I think they have notes on me, because they often look more frightened after calling me in. I’ve had a few cops fired. That takes some doing, but it is possible. Oh, and they rarely get my ID. Why? Cuz I hate Nazis.


The Soros agenda and plan is to fund ANTIFA and use them as organizers and rabble rousers to push the BLM folks (who he and the Clintons also fund) to be manipulated cannon fodder in the civil war he and his sons are trying to instigate to destroy the USA as we know it. He has been quoted as saying “we will use the African American community to destabilize the United States because they are the easiest group to manipulate” It was definitely pre-planned, and staged, with bricks, gas-filled bottles pre-placed and ANTIFA instigating looting and violence. One of their favorite tactics is to get behind legit protesters and start raining bricks and bottles on the police to goad a confrontation and over reaction. The stand down orders and delayed deployment of the NG by Dem leaders was also part of the plan to maximize the event and encourage contagion in other cities, which worked. Though the killer cop clearly behaved in a despicable manner, there was something about his demeanor that makes me suspicious. If you had your knee on somebody’s neck and you knew you were being filmed, would you leave it there and even reposition it until the guy died knowing the video would be evidence? Makes no sense.


Soros is in the big club mentioned below. It’s not just a few people; that would be easy to resolve. Why do you think he hasn’t been assassinated or had his assets frozen? Because those club members hold the reins of power. The club is not one fake political party against another fake political party. They are allies against the people. And yes, I include Trump. Israel’s greatest president. Who just paved the way for regulating the internet, thereby making it too expensive for competition. Oh, you think regulations are great? I used to work in stocks. Most regulated industry. How’d that work out? Also, I am very concerned about using the military here. That’s a normalization you don’t want to see. And how does including the same cops (who primarily attacked peaceful protesters while letting the looters get away. Something all you racists are ignoring.) help keep the peace? Note that Trump never disparaged the police. Even careful in his wording on the murder to avoid it at the beginning. Though the professional anarchists he mentioned would have been the Black Bloc; which are undercover cops who instigate riots for an excuse to crack the heads of legitimate peaceful protesters. Never mentioned all the police abuse on peaceful protesters. Focused on people attacking cops. Which they should do. It’s called self-defense.

Gen. Stewart

wELL, at least you weren’t virtue signally this time. We are all racist ? You worked in the stock market ? So,you’re in your late thirties and a professional thief ? Obviously not a good one ,too your credit. So,how is the trolling working out for you ?


Shove your virtue signalling up your stolen valor rank. I’m 60. And my comments generally spell the words correctly. Unlike trolls. And yours. Retired. And it’s not my fault that you aren’t smart enough to properly read what I write. Or look into events to see beyond the most shallow aspects of it. That’s yours. Some General. An entire comment composed entirely of ad hominem attacks. Not trollish at all. General! Hilarious!


Cops get away with blatant murder like that every day. Youboob is (or was) filled with such examples.


Looks like I ticked off a racist or authority nut. Note how no response. Just a dislike. Why? Because both are cowards.


I didn’t vote your comments down, but I disagree with a few things you said in all three comments and think you missed the mark. You are entitled to your opinion. However, your last comment is totally uncalled for. So someone didn’t like what you typed and voted you down. Get over it. It happens. We don’t have to agree. But, insulting each other is not the way to go. Some things are best left unsaid (or in this case, not responded to).


Look at this comment section. It is filled with racists and authoritarians who only blame blacks. Or support authority without considering authority not only caused this, but deliberately escalated it. I don’t like racists or control freaks demanding all dissent be crushed. And for what you say I’m wrong about? Who knows? But until you grow a spine and address it, I could care less. But you are only concerned enough to write against what is (again look at the comments) obviously the truth. Little people never like it when they are called out. The people I obviously ticked off are blind trumpers, just as bad as the blind anybody elses, and the racists. But I’ll be nice. Not! I’m an old fashioned American. Rebellious and have no trust in those that just toe the line they’re told to toe. In short, I don’t like slaves. Now if you want to discuss what you believe I’m wrong about in a civil manner, that’s fine. But keep your preaching out. Especially if you’re not going to say what I’m wrong about. And as this is my 6th comment, I am forced to assume you meant the 3 in a row. And I’m not wrong. Perhaps you should educate yourself more.

Gen. Stewart

I came back to retract my comment about “at Least you were virtue signaling”. You quoted “Little people don’t like to be corrected”. So,are you a little people ? You quoted “You don’t like control freaks”. I think you have authority issues. You whine like a sissy when anyone questions your self centered self imposed Authority. You’re an arrogant ass that needs to go back to who ever will waste the time to listen to your Sanctimonious bullshit. Trolling Toddlers !


Well, I know it won’t be you. Trolls never do anything. Note how your entire comment was another ad hominem attack. Weak minds use this approach. So far, just like Nonna, you only say I’m wrong without ever addressing what I’m wrong about. Why? I would think a General would be able to readily address and dismiss the points they disagreed with. After all, I was only a E5 in the airborne. Surely, a great strategic mind of a General wouldn’t be that ignorant! 😂😂😂


Guess you’re just going to stay on your high horse and say I’m wrong without saying why. That’s being mentally weak. And that goes for your original post where you did just that. And no, I didn’t like or dislike your comment. But I did notice you didn’t call out any of the truly ignorant commentators. Speaks volumes about your character. I fear no one. And I stand my ground. And I spit on the racists and cheerleaders for violence. By the way, hiimpact flix just put out a video showing white cops unloading bricks for rioters in Boston. Of course, most of the commentators here wouldn’t change their opinions. They’re only too happy to be played by their masters. To remain divided. Morons.


The blacks aren’t rioting because of oppression, they’re rioting because that’s what they love to do.


Your screen name is fitting. What a ghetto attitude. Superficial and denying the reality of state cooperation in the matter.

Gen. Stewart

Is there anything that you don’t know ? Other than to keep your mouth shut until you’re given permission ?


Plenty. For example, I’m not sure if you’re mentally competent enough to wipe your own rear after you go potty. And, I am a free man, unlike you. You have embraced hate and ignorance. The two most necessary ingredients for a slave mind. I try to learn something every day. A prerequisite for being free. And unlike you, I don’t have to raise my hand for permission from you, or anyone else. Note how you, as usual, failed to address a single thing I wrote. Ad hominem isn’t supposed to be a language, but it sure looks like you’re trying to make it one. If you wish to address what I’ve written that you disagree with like an adult (rather than as the old geezer White trash you’ve demonstrated to date) I’d be happy to discuss those with you. But we all know you aren’t capable of that.


Exactly what I have been requesting.


Thanks again! A reporter asked on local news about him and the book he was “noticed” with, and how people are “reading” into that. What a completely softball question, although reporters are afraid nowadays and I get that to an extent. The answer was “it was just some book” and word salad. So, easy to look up on the web the Antifa book and Keith POSING with it. Uggh. What a slimeball! Of course, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Gen. Stewart

“Softball Chris Wallace” ! Don’t ya love how they call on old reliable when it comes to shilling.


I have an idea that George Soros and his ANTIFA people had this pre-planned. I don’t condone those disgusting actions by the MPD either. They’ve been arrested and charges brought against them and fired. That’s how I know Soros is behind this. There were men caught paying people to act for the cameras. That’s my opinion, for what it’s worth. Thanks for the great readings, much appreciated.


Soros has his slimy hands in this for sure.


Soros has been slimy all his life

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