Body Language – Minneapolis Riots, Mayor Jacob Frey


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This is the kind of politician I would love to go up against. No backbone, no testosterone or certain glandular sources, and no brain. I’d be master of that city in a month.


What happened to Floyd was absolutely horrible but I really have a difficult time understanding the reaction from everyone. If we’re talking about the crime of murder then why isn’t all murder addressed? If we’re talking about a black man dying at the hands of the police, then why don’t they address how many black people have murdered the police? Why is this not being addressed?

Kaz Z

My thoughts on this whole debacle was it was mostly staged by sellouts: the dirty MN cops, the MN Governor, the Medics and perhaps some of the pedestrians recording it on their phones.

The DEMONRATS wanted a sacrificial lamb to their DIVERSE GOLDEN CALF and therefore paid off 4 dirty cops to find and target some poor (ie: POC) schmo with a misdemeanor record and to force him resist arrest.

It just so happened he didn’t even to point of death, he died and NOW the DEMONRATS have their narrative to deviate the US from the BIG PICTURE which is: the BIDEN-UKRAINE collusion, the faux CV Pandemic, the DRONESTRIKE scandals and the frakkin corruption at the DNC.

That’s the These DEMONRATS’ goal: to distract the United States from the BIDEN-DRONESTRIKE shady dealings, and to prolong this CV19 lockdown ruse well past the Nov 2020 election.


#BrainDeadDegenerates #YouDirtySmearMerchants #ConnivingNincompoopNonsense


Different topic; I’m sure you’re on this, Hilary Clinton attorneys today and then HER when she finally has to submit to a deposition. The MSM tried to evade coverage on this today with the whole riot stuff. Thanks, you’re awesome!


What in the hell is this JUVENILE doing in ANY position of power…he doesn’t even know to comb his hair before going out in public.


first let me get this out of the way, PM Trudeau and this guys are like twins, same everything. Anyway, I don’t know his government hierarchy in the jurisdiction but in many, the Mayor is just a figure head, the City Manager is the big stick, thus the ignorance of this clown. but maybe he has too many skeletons in his closet and is afraid of the door opening up. I see ANTIFA allover his face!

Chasidah Fried

This is an MKUlta operation It is part of the Fabian socialist fascists tactic of depopulation by any means necessary.
A Federal agent started the riots. More corrupt intelligence agencies warring for power in last ditch attempts at a coups.
He is clearly a pawn and a stupid one at that.
I am more concerned that Boone intervened to stop a murder in plain sight yet filmed it and how people do not understand that that is what operation nanoquell was meant to achieve.

Eileen Guthrie

Here’s the thingy. He and the other leaders from Minneapolis are saying the rioting is being done by White supremacist but the images coming out of this city and the others is showing black people with Antifa and black lives matter flags so it hard to wrap my head around this new narrative. We are just as upset by what happened to George Floyd, he didn’t deserve to die and I don’t know what George did to push this cops buttons but he was in hand cuffs and there was no justification for kneeing on his neck when he was already subdued. We are watching black people rioting and looting 60 inch television screens but it’s a white people’s problem. Yeah keep telling yourselves that one. But the rioting and looting is only hurting black owned businesses, so you are hurting your own community. You have Americans attention do something positive with that. This clown of a Mayor is already blaming Donald Trump. How many times have we seen these things occur under democratic leaders? How many times have we watch things like this unfold in the past? The writing was on the wall and they did nothing to stop it. But it’s always someone else’s fault. You would think he should have known something was going to happen, the people were outraged, and he was unprepared for what was about to happen to his city. See the cop would murder George Floyd had 18 brutality complaints against him. EIGHTEEN and that’s a huge problem. He was never punished for what he did, and he was a ticking timebomb waiting to explode and I’m sorry there is no justification for that or for what he did to George Floyd… NONE. Your lame excuses are just that… lame. Take responsibility for missing the signs that violence was going to happen. You made a choice and it was the wrong one. But take responsibility for that for just once. He and the police commissioner need to resign. There is nothing to salvage here for your incompetence.

Diane Hering

I have been trying to listen to this video since you posted it but I cannot get it to play.


What a weak, pathetic clueless fool.A Benghazi like respond on night one. I looked at the crowd shots on nights two and three and it looked like it was at least 50% Antifa types. This whole situation has a set up feel to me. Corona virus is petering out and it’s getting warm so let’s go back to a race war.


I saw this yesterday. Two young men came upon a pallet of bricks that were left in front of a court building in Dallas Texas. The bricks appear to have been left there on purpose in order to create greater levels of damage.

Sarah Hopgood

I’m so glad you chose this to analyse. Great job as always.

Gen. Stewart

Give him a clap ! He is capable of stating the obvious,but he is no leader and IS NOT who is pulling the strings. He was put into place “Because he is an INCOMPETENT “. That is the communist way of selecting idiots that will wait to get instructions. Leadership DOES NOT want someone that will take the initiative. When Ronald Reagan was governor of California. Berkeley tried this shit and he marched the National Guard in on them immediately and stopped it cold in it’s tracks. They shot the first one that ran at police.


Yeah! Shoot em up! What a sad angry person.


Where are the cops? Apparently, if they’re not looting or provoking violence (an often used strategy by the state to discredit legitimate protests) then they’re arresting CNN reporters. And, though not a statist, but a free man, I think Trump described him pretty well. Triggered!


UNBELIEVABLE! I hope this is not what the world is coming to.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.


Picture worth a thousand words:
comment image


What a perfect example of lack of leadership. A leader who cared about their community would have arrested the first thug who broke a window. Whoever is in charge doesn’t give a darn about law abiding citizens and enjoying the chaos. Minneapolis may be strong, you are a puppet.


“The City encourages everyone to exercise caution to stay safe while participating in demonstrations, including wearing masks and physical distancing as much as possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The City has made hundreds of masks available to protesters this week.” – Jacob Frey Typical Dem, especially during these past several corona virus months. Hey, Jake! They’re called “riots”, NOT “demonstrations”, and they are staying “safe” by putting on the masks you provided to protect them from the tear gas. Grow a pair or step aside. This isn’t the time for stupidity on anyone’s part.


He talks just like Obama. He comes across as false.


Thanks for the video. I really enjoy your insights, as I have an interest in psychology but am not very perceptive. I’m great at problem solving and logic but miss a lot because I am not paying attention. It’s great to get your take on people and I enjoy both learning and being entertained by you.


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