Body Language – Dominic Cummings & The Media Hysteria


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Bryan Gordon

At 7:34 Mandy is saying that by choosing to not wear a mask “you are taking your life in your own hands”, which is a typical “I’m number one and it’s all about ME!” American reaction that completely disregards the danger such an idiot may pose to others. So we have a president who sets the bad example and his like-minded followers endorse the same kind of irresponsibility.

Bryan Gordon

At 7:34 Mandy gives us the typically selfish mentality of many Americans, “You take your life in your own hands…” Wrong, disregarding the risk to OTHER people from one’s irresponsible, self-centered actions is typical of the shallow, dimwitted bravado of the “I’m number one!” crowd. Unfortunately, it’s exemplified by a president without depth, or comprehension of the seriousness of this Ebola level pandemic. Let’s see how things look by July and August.


I dont know why you are upset. You can wear a hazmat suit. The mortality rate of this virus isnt anymore deadly than the flu…so not sure why you are upset over others deciding their own fate.


I suspect Bryan Gordon is a pseudonym for Karen.


Larry Elder posted a short YT video today called “The Hong Kong Flu Killed 100,000 Americans…”. It was very good in comparing the Spanish flu, Asian flu, and Hong Kong flu response to the Wuhan flu.


I really like your videos and realise that if I were to ever take an office job again I will be paying ongoing attention to this area, like a situation of ongoing learning; and your service would be a good option to subscribe to.

I agree with your insights into our government. I don’t know what the issues is whether the deep state is stronger in our country or the government is weaker but what I think is it comes down to the people themselves. For some reason the British have not really taken, en mass, to the British equivalent of Trump who is, by my view, Nigel Farage. I think there is a bureaucratic aspect to the EU being this dominant body that has kind of sapped the power out of British politics to a larger extent than America. In America deep state people are active but not in such an untouchable way. America is still its own country. I think the British are kind of steeling themselves away from really bringing the hammer down until they are out of the hands of the EU.

Boris got in largely because he has a bumbling charm and he is able to speak to the overtly female aspect of the left, and the greens and whatnot, while pursuing basically the same goals. So he’s comfortably with lying. But he’s lying in favour of the right so I suppose that is OK. But it means he doesn’t challenge the media and that’s why Cummings feels unsupported.

The Cummings thing is so boring. So so boring. So so so boring, and nobody cares. I always got the feeling from Boris’ original announcements that he was making everything vague so the rules can be broken. One exercise period a day is literally uncheckable. It’s the end point of a society that has a large amount of Karens in it.

Karma for Karens!!!!


the british public have not felt the ‘pain’ of corruption yet. But when they do… the ‘trump’ will come


have they caught any more criminals ?… lol

Eileen Guthrie

Oh goody another politicians is having to explain why their rules and edicts they make everyone else obey, don’t have to follow them themselves. Its not just in the US. These political elitist expose their own hypocrisy.


I am so sick of this covid dictatorship. Numbers are gamed in every possible way. Half the “covid deaths” are in nursing homes. Lew Rockwell has a disturbing post on that. But what really ticks me off are all the cowardly idiots who are too stupid and fearful to figure it out. They practically spell it out that it’s a nothing burger, but they put on their masks anyway. Which now makes up a majority of the roadside litter, I might add. The illusion of having rights is now gone because of cowardly idiots. Probably not a good idea for a reporter to talk to me.

Eileen Guthrie

You are so right and on point. We have had 68 deaths in my county and of those deaths 56 came from just one nursing home. Like NY state, these people were taken from a state university hospital and placed in the 3 nursing homes in our county, but the deaths only come from just one nursing home. Why is that? The longer the lockdown, the more I hear people questioning why. We had the make-believe Chris Cuomo supposedly lock in his basement to keep his family safe when he tested positive. Now, we learned that his family was in their Hampton’s home and were seen riding their bikes and walking on the boardwalk hand in hand. Then you watch these WH press briefings and see reporters wearing their mask but when the cameras are turned off, they remove their mask. Why is that? When Governor Andrew Cuomo had a ship hospital, he could’ve sent those patients to the ship but chose instead to send them to nursing homes instead. Then you see and hear these democrat governors and mayors sending out their edicts and their tyrannical rules, but they and their own families aren’t obeying those rules that they want everyone else to follow. They are traveling and going on vacation, they are going to the beaches. SO, yes… I am questioning them and their actions and behavior. Is this a political stunt? Do these politicians, governors, mayors and reporters know something the rest of us don’t? Why is it okay for the big box stores to open yet the independent and family businesses must remain close? Are there no germs in the box stores and only germs appear in small businesses? Then you hear that these box stores, their CEOs and their employees have given a lot of money to those same politicians. Something doesn’t feel right here and every instinct in me is screaming politics is their sole motivation and the democrats are very motivated to keep us all indoors until the end of the year to force us to vote by mail. It seems the coronavirus is more about politics then the fear of people dying. And its really hard to miss just how happy and giddy Nancy Pelosi is behind her designer mask, which she wears incorrectly or doesn’t wear it at all. So, what does that tell you? Something smells and it’s not Nancy Pelosi’s perfume.


I think it’s a transition to a totalitarian regime. Contact tracing? Please! A stazi by any other name…
Economy crashed to cover the collapse of the dollar. And to make the people more dependent on the government. Covid is how the green new deal is going to be shoved down our throats. And it’s bipartisan. Freedom will win, but the price will be dear.


Hello could you please make a video on this woman


Iam dying to know if she is a lying fraud thats making money out of emotionally unstable people or if she believes what she says. Would apreciate as always.


I can’t even open it.


This is off the subject but would you consider doing a video on Jeffery Epstein? Just saw the Netflix movie and that guy was one HUGE slime ball!


See Jamie Dlux on youboob. He has tons of information on Epstein. Don’t watch Netflix, but I doubt they spread the slime on thick, or wide enough.


I have no sound


All is fine here with sound. MacBook Air; Safari.


check the mute button


Glad you clarified that what I thought was a bellowing cow trapped in quicksand was a protestor. Don’t know the whole story, but I do know that when you try to give a rational explanation to the ravening hysterical fake news media, you have already lost. He needs to grow a pair and watch the new White House Press Secretary in action to learn how to handle them. I predict that he will soon resign. He reminds me of a lot of the Rinos that have been taken out by the media jackals without a fight.

Gen. Stewart

LOL ! Don’t know why his upper body stayed ,because this legs were getting the hell out of there. Serious note: That’s the hypocrisy of these self endowed elitist; They give their reasoning,which can be justifiable,yet at the same time not allowing others to do the same. He’s a self center sonofabitch that is incapable of serving others first. We should be used to it by now !

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