Body Language – Dr Judy Mikovits PHD


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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John Rogers

This lady does almost no brain searches… could that be because she had prepared answers?

Bryan Gordon

I wonder if it’s a technical glitch that prevents my comment from remaining:

At 7:34 Mandy is saying that by choosing to not wear a mask “you are taking your life in your own hands”, which is a typical “I’m number one and it’s all about ME!” American reaction that completely disregards the danger such an idiot may pose to others. So we have a president who sets the bad example and his like-minded followers endorse the same kind of irresponsibility.

Sandra B

I saw this interview before your excellent analysis, and one impression I had of her ‘seemingly inappropriate laughter’ (per her haters) : not only is it stress- relief, but I also sensed a bit of actual JOY that her silence has been lifted and she can now freely tell the world what happened to her and what is going on with big pharma/research. Perhaps I over-identify, because I too have ‘tension laughter’ .. but also there can be a certain giddiness when the crisis or oppression has finally ended.

Michael Kim

Google and Youtube are submerging truth scary times.

Michael Kim

This lady is like a hero to me.


Mandy, might you do a video on Ian Lipkin? Dr. Judy Mikovits named him as part of this “plandemic” and I’m curious what you might find on his body language. Thank you.


Thank you for evaluating this interview!

Carol Herbert

Yes, thank you Mandy! I can picture you body singing as you narrate these videos. Your videos are so interesting and show people how to use their instincts rather than just follow; which is always a good thing.


Thank you. I wonder does this mean President Trump has been fooled by Fauci too?

Thanks for people like Dr. Mikovits. So sad these people can get away with this.


I still believe in President Trump. “Keep your enemies closer,” and wisely employ them for your purposes. (Scaramuche Model)


Thank you. Don’t know why I didn’t think that. I feel much better now.


Hello Mandy, I have been waiting for you to get around to this video. As a student of yours, I am grateful for what you have taught me. I saw this video a month or so ago, and I used what you taught to come to the same conclusion that the woman is telling the truth. I was so looking forward to your analysis of this video. Thanks to the moon and back.

Monica Castro

I was wondering is there a place on here that shows Mandy’s biography or credentials Just really curious how she got so good at this. It’s scary how well she reads people. Lol. Jk

Gen. Stewart

Something I would like to share with everyone on this thread. The president of Madagascar has announced that they have “The Cure” for covid-19. You can watch an interview about it on : Amazing Polly. I was pleasantly surprised to have watched the video. Because,I have been taking this product for quite some time for a unrelated health reason. I not only take it but had sent for seeds and have grown my own. They are trees ! So that tells you how long I have been taking it. It is the “MORINGA TREE FROM AFRICA” .It has 96 vitamins,46 anti-oxidants and all your minerals. ” It Works “. God Bless you all !

Gen. Stewart

This is not going to stop until several bullets find their destiny.


“It takes a vill…er…it takes an army!” cool


I believed her when I watched it. Thank you for confirming my instincts. This woman is a true patriot and a very brave hero. She knows what she is risking but, she’s willing to risk ALL that she has for her country and fellow man…there is no greater love! She deserves our support and utmost respect!



Monica Castro

Thank you so much for reading this video. I honestly kept second guessing it and hoped it would be one you did. I feel more secure in my belief if her. God bless you and stay safe.


Thank you so much for doing Dr. Mikovits. I’m sort of speechless beyond that; she is amazing. She has taught a doctor that in turn taught my doctor, and she may have taught my doctor directly. Not that she is the end all of my doctor’s education, of course. I might owe her part of the measure of health that I do have. Thank you again.


Soul to Soul, My devine reading of reality. I hit level 44, Age wise, I get it the whole open box scenario but im still not climbing in it! They simply cant compete with real sweat equity vs lies. My Soul is still Grinding! In the pursuit of TRUTH!. Program ends Now! MANDY YOUR AN ANGEL!


I know that smile….
What happened to me is so absurd, unbelievable, and unjust that you probably won’t believe it because I too find it so absurd, unbelievable, and unjust yet I know it’s true because it happened to me!
It’s not just the deep state but it is like there is a parallel existence between normal people and bureaucrats.
There was a senate enquiry this week and a bureaucrat said “we tell the government what to do” she then corrected herself “we advise the government”

The unelected public workers (all those getting government funds including workers, universities, NGOs, and other not for profit) actually think they know better than you do. They also don’t think they are doing anything wrong.

It should be illegal for them to hold the patent over government funded research. Then again do we want the government the own those patents and have the bureaucrats try and make money for their department?

Do you think there would be a huge vaccine push if vaccines were deemed a human right and illegal to make a profit from?


Inside of all academia where research is being done and patents can be claimed by the researcher or university this same sort of corruption is going on. The sad part is that almost all of the research is funded by the government, ostensibly for the good of the nation, but in the case of the university, they hold and benefit from the patent. With government bureaucrats like Fauci, it is even worse. His research can be funded by the feds, but he is allowed to hold and personally benefit from the patent. This sets the stage for medicines and vaccines being pushed that are dangerous or do not work. I strongly suspect that this is why there is a full court press being put on the scare the public about the cure for the virus that is being used that the President took and mentioned. God Bless Dr. Mikovits. For those who can find the video, watch the whole thing. This is really important. Thanks, Mandy.

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