Body Language – Lindsey Graham, Surveillance Of Trump Administration


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It’s hilarious how the male swamp creatures get nuetered by Trump. So funny to watch! McCain was so damn crooked right along with the Bushes, Clintons, and the non US citizen past President, and by far the WORST President in the history of the United States, Obama! Lindsey you’re such a liar! You don’t give a damn about ethics!

Carol Herbert

Lindsey Graham is all bark and NO bite! He’s a never Trumper!


It’s important that Sen. Graham knows that we are watching him closely. He’s too compromised to be a neutral agent, seeking justice. We need to pressure him into doing the right thing. He’s up for re-election this Nov.


I went to catholic schools and one benefit ( of very few) is that Lindsey reminds me of those altar boys in class that sneaked a taste of the priest’s wine hidden in a cabinet of the sacristy and is about to get caught. The ‘good lil’ boy is about to be exposed., and he looks tired- as in- too much effort to keep on the face. Is that portrayal fatigue?
Now mind you, Carter Page actually graduated from my catholic high school exactly 20 yrs after I did and boy his body language reminds me of the same. I can spot them a mile away. He seems to have this gleam in his eye that belies the words coming out of his mouth; like he ‘knows’ something no one else does.


I have been saying for AWHILE now that Graham looks like he’s seen a GHOST in his interviews. Before he was confidant and smooth now he’s troubled maybe even scared. I knew he was a snake but, I was hoping once McCain was gone he could start anew. The skeletons in his closet are too many & they’re about to be opened. He knows it! There probably is something so much worse, none of us are even aware of because he’s been literally afraid of his own shadow for a few months!


Lindsey Graham, Surveillance Of Trump Administration
May 13, 2020 has NO sound?


check the mute button in the player and your computer thanks


Uh-oh… Trump just called out Lindsey. He’s on to him. Look at Lindsey’s lame response for all the proof you need that he hasn’t changed.


Flushed him out with the call for Obama to testify, and branding the Russia Hoax: “Obamagate” which is still is based on Soetoro’s mumbling media leak to activate Judge Sullivan to keep General Flynn silent as long as possible. It is my hunch that the President has been on to the scum sucker all along. I can only imagine how many corrupt bullshit artists he has had to deal with in his career.


The Potomac two step .. heard that somewhere , will prevail. Only lowest level minion will be executed,suicided. the actual evil will march on..IMHO


Dang, I just don’t see it. First of all, I think after McCain’s death, Lindsey became a free man. His friendship with John (the traitor) was certainly more powerful than his convictions. That all changed with McCain’s passing. Now I know we all can be dead wrong sometimes. We were both sucked into & mesmerized by, Boy Scout, Jim Comey’s 24/7 performances. Maybe I’m wrong again (about Graham). Or maybe the glaring heinous words & deeds of the liberal’s leadership make everyone else around them look angelic.

Gen. Stewart

You’re sitting on the fence. Take the red pill and your confusion will clear up.

Gen. Stewart

You have no idea of the self control it took to even listen to one word this closet diddeler said. He came by that resting bitch face rightfully ! Guarantied he wears women”s panties. This pathetic excuse of the male?species had to have been a tattletail in school. The only reason i didn’t turn the sound off was to hear what mandy had to say. Him and people like him tests my christian faith. I’m going to have to ask Gods forgiveness now.


Said in my most Southern of drawls, “My, my, my… (fans self) I do hope Senator Graham’s panties aren’t in a twist over this story.” 😜


Oh bless his heart …..


His act is designed to stall from any action prior to whatever Durham is going to do. He will not call anyone to testify before his do nothing committee or issue subpoenas using the excuse that he will not do anything to interfere with an ongoing investigation. I suspect that whatever blackmail Noname had on him (probably gay photos) died with Noname and allowed him to be superficially supportive of the President but he is slimier than any of the lake trout and salmon I cleaned yesterday. Deep state all the way. Just like Ryan, Gowdy, Flake and Corker. The guilty look when Huma “Muslim Brotherhood” Abedin approached him at the Noname funeral was all I had to see.

Gen. Stewart

Brother,you hit the nail with every swing ! I think Trump has that info on him. I think trump gave him immunity from the death sentence. I would kill him anyway ! Flimsy graham isn’t a snake. He’s an eel,the slimist in the swamp !


Imo, you’re definitely on target with your comment. I just have one point of disagreement. I don’t think it was a question of blackmail, just birds of a feather. Out of self preservation after he lost his side kick protector (Noname), Lindsey shape shifted to appear to be something he is not and never was. He will get to the bottom of nothing, except the swamp, being a bottom dwelling scum sucker. Actions speak louder than words. I expect nothing but a Trey Gowdy impersonation from him.


I see a smirk of his face…. a very subtle smirk. He does it often like the sort that you do when there is an inside joke and no one you are talking to have got it yet!

Cheryl Cooper

Another great analysis there is still some slime around Lindsey. McCain being your best friend is an indicator of character.

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