Body Language – Malcolm Turnbull Political Tribalism


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I thought you said the liberal party and conservative party were different but in australia the liberal party is the more conservative party of the 2 major ones.

It’s a little scary if he is being honest because he seema to be getting upset over something he did to someone else, I e. Take leadership position away from them without being voted in. Sigh.


I really have to work hard to watch and listen to this man. As a politician and a businessman I have zero respect for him. When he is describing his “enemies” he is really describing himself. Nonetheless, great work, Mandy.


Happy Mothers Day, Mandy and to all the moms here, too!


I liked this a lot. I thought he went into portrayal at 8:30 and stillness at 10:50, Only for about 20 seconds though on the stillness. Something was off perhaps about the political theory he was describing there, like he was oversimplifying it? Portrayal, at least how I understand it often annoys me. I can’t stand that false earnestness. Also, the smile he had at 16:45 was very genuine and I have noticed personally that men who get into their older years and are working with power do tend to really let go of any of the more material elements and do just try and do their best, for the kids of whatever! Out of the ones that aren’t weird sociopath/ maybe even reptilian types like Soros.


As always, Mandy, you are “spot on.” Good work.


Until I saw Cat’s post, I really did not know the story of his term and skullduggery, but I did immediately pick up on the “moral narcissism” very similar to that of James “Cardinal” Comey, who was the example Mandy repeatedly used to address belief systems, in his case which could be simplified to “believing your own b.s.”, a term I often used with my clients. Moral Narcissism is at the core of leftist belief systems. “ Since I have the morally superior beliefs, the ends justify the means.”


Yes… I think the James Comey comparison is perfect. If your belief system says bringing down the president is so important to save the world then all of your illegal activists are really justified. Saving the world is so important and you are the perfect perdon to do it.


I can’t believe how much my anxiety levels rise while watching this man. I have never disliked a politician more than I dislike this man. He is so smarmy!

This millionaire is a snake in the grass….

In US terms he is an AOC/Soros belief system in the Republican party! The shocking thing was that after this coup happened we discovered there was an extreme left faction in the conservative party that the public had no idea about. Their belief system allowed them to hide for years and the voters had no idea. They wanted to shut down mining and go all green renewable with sneaky investments in their own back pockets. They lied for the good of the country!

He wanted to join the left party and asked multiple times but they rejected him so he joined the conservative party!

His hatred of ex PM Tony Abbott was from decades ago where Tony led a referendum win where we stayed in the Commonwealth and Turnbull wanted to us to become a Republic. He always wanted to be a President!

Everything he said here he honestly believes … it is his truth…. but ask those around him and he is actually describing himself and his behaviour.

Thanks so much for this one Mandy…. and I will try to recover from the bit where you said you sort of like him…. 😱 lol


XD Thank you Cat!


Wasn’t Abbott the Australian guy that got ousted by Goldman Sachs from not going along with the global warming agenda?


“Snake in the grass” is a perfect description of Malcolm Turnbull Cat!
Strangely enough the Labor party had it’s own coup. Not long after Australians had voted for Kevin Rudd a Prime Minister in 2007, he was ousted from the position in 2010 by Julia Gillard. The Australian public was not happy and didn’t realise that the Prime Minister they had voted for was not the Prime Minister they were going to keep. The amount of media attention Julia Gillard got was astounding! She did not have the compassion or the intellect that Rudd had. Gillard became the media darling, the reason…she was the first female Prime Minister! This move was an example of what the Labor party would become today, a carbon copy of the Democrats in the USA.


Knowing nothing about Australian politics, I am absolutely amazed at the the parallel to what’s going on here in the USA. Thank you for doing this one, Mandy. It certainly brings things into clear focus.




You are so spot on… this two party system has to stop and I don’t know how we do it because it seems they have manipulated they system so that only one of the two will ever get power…. in reality it does not matter who you vote for you will always have the same outcome!


I love watching classic movies. One of my favorites is “The Leopard”, an Italian film with Burt Lancaster in the lead role as the Prince (the Leopard). It takes place during a turbulent period in Italy’s history that even the Italians don’t fully understand and is based on a novel by Giuseppe Lampadusa. What’s so great about the story is that it lays out the timeless game of politics. The take away is that the more things change, the more they stay the same. I highly recommend it.

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