Body Language – Joe Biden & Tara Reade


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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this is so sad , how can his wife pretend that his all the way there? can you imagine him in a real debate… sad


This video doesn’t play here or at LBRY.TV.

frank papandrea

i don’t remember is to the best of my recollection

Traci Stotler

Interesting to say the least He tends to get angry when asked a hard question.

Tony Johnson

This video has been blocked in AU on YouTube. Using a VPN, it doesn’t appear in my feed at all. Seems that you pissed off the wrong people.

Ella B

This is so painful to watch. I feel sorry for him. He needs to retire and stop doing these interviews.

Mongo Hampshire

I see the video has already been taken down on Youtube. I’m glad they’re up here and on LBRY. Is there a way that you can accept BAT? Brave keeps giving them to me, and I don’t know what to do with them.


You can send them to her as a tip on Twitter.

Gen. Stewart

I believe this dementia act is BS ! I have watched him and when it benefits him,he is able to formulate thought ,fast and flowing. I think there is a strong possibility that he is hedging his bets. He knows the administration has enough corrupt information on him concerning treason . That if he loses he will go to special unites as apposed to hard core prisons. They should all be hung from the overpasses in Washington,so the people coming and going can see what happens to TRAITORS OF OUR REPUBLIC.

Eileen Guthrie

Okay, here’s the thingy that NO ONE is pointing out. It seems that everyone is forgetting things like rape, sexual assault and/or harassment is NOT ABOUT SEX, IT’S ABOUT POWER AND CONTROL. So, when did Tara Reed ever have the power? Any psychologist or psychiatrist will tell you the same thing. Because although the touch may be sexual, their words are intimidating, manipulative and the violation physical, when someone rapes, assaults, or harasses, the motivation stems from the perpetrator’s need for dominance, power and control. In heterosexual and same-sex encounters, sex is the tool used to gain power over another person. As a psychologist who specializes in abnormal behavior and rape, sexual assaults and sexual harassment IS ABNORMAL BEHAVIOR but for some reason it’s becoming more common in our society.
Sexual violence involves unwelcomed sexual contact of any type including, yes, grabbing genitals and kissing without consent. Assaultive behavior ranges from talk, texting, touch, and exhibitionist and voyeuristic behavior to rape and murder. It is sexual assault whenever words and actions of a sexual nature are imposed against another person’s will. The perpetrator may use force, threats, and manipulation or sweet talk and flattery (or a combination of all of the above). This case screams truth to me, I believe her plus there’s Biden’s history of inappropriately touching women and girls, he is a predator with a long history of this type of behavior. I believe her and she did tell people what happened back in 1993. The only thing, her mother said she didn’t report it because out of respect for Biden himself, but he certainly didn’t show respect for her.


Hi, Mandy. I know that Mika made the right questions but at the same time I read her body differently. She agrees with his statements, she nods, there is an impression of “compassion” in the way she looks at him. I see two different things. I see that what comes out of her mouth (please correct me if I’m wrong) is not necessarily agreeing with her body or even with what she actually stands. These are all democrats, they will support whoever the candidateis is in the end, we all know that. I actually don’t watch these shows so I’m not familiar with her posture. Maybe that’s just how she is most of the time.

Gen. Stewart

I totally agree !


Psycho Mika is the Lee Harvey Oswald to pave the way for whatever replacement the DNC will come up with after the convention.. If he withdraws due to “declining mental status” or sex offenses , they will have full control over both candidates. If it happens after the convention. Some think it will be a Crooked Hillary/ Hussein ticket due to the loophole in the constitution that a President can only be ELECTED to two terms and ambiguity in the constitutional language about the requirement that a vice presidential candidate must be Eligible to be president. Of course, that won’t work out too well if Obama’s half brother produces that Kenyan birth certificate he supposedly has. If you look at how the Democrat primaries unfolded it really does look like a set up for a late insertion with little need to campaign.

Gen. Stewart

It doesn’t matter how much evidence we have on them. Between the media,hollywood and the communist controllers of google,facebook,utube and other social media . They will have complete control of the message to the public.

the Maestro

Bring on Hillary Clinton!

Lars Steffensen

That would be my dream come through. Side of beef, act II. Preferable with an on-stage grand mal seizure. crying


Serious question: has Biden had a face-lift? Is that why his eyes have been squinty, even in the debate?

Mika actually threw some hard balls at him. Who knew?

Thanks for doing this one, Mandy. I do feel for Biden, because he clearly isn’t in his full mental capacity, even early in the morning.


He has had multiple face lifts, massive Botox injections, hair plug installations as well as two brain surgeries for aneurisms. His head has had more work than a 1955 Studebaker..


🤣😂🤣 – That’s a fact! I knew about the hair implants & aneurysms, but hadn’t connected the facelift until watching him here. Obviously didn’t watch the debates. 😉

Cheryl Cooper

You make an excellent point that maybe they were checking how he could handle those questions. I wondered why Mika of all people got so in depth with him it was shocking! Great analysis as usual.

Gen. Stewart

Those shows don’t necessarily have to be aired live. They can be filmed and edited over many takes. I was interviewed many times over my carrier ,with many second takes before release.


I think they gave Mika the green light to throw him under the bus. That’s why he looks do dumfounded at the end. They can declare him incompetent and roll in another candidate without holding a primaries.

Cherian Jacob

Exactly. That being Hilary Clinton. I wish I was wrong

Mongo Hampshire

I hope you’re wrong too! Even Planned Parenthood came out today, if not against Biden, at least demanding an investigation. I’m still betting that Michelle Obama gets the VP nod, and that Joe then drops out “on the advice of his doctor and family” or something. The commentators have been saying that the DNC needs to act before August at the latest, I think they’re getting ready now.


Sad she had to wait 27 yrs. And to bad she couldn’t have physically defended herself at the time of the incident.
Amazing how they can just put a creep like this out there.


I hope he stays the candidate!

Cherian Jacob

Mandy, this whole thing is a facade. All of this happening to pave the way for Hillary clinton who is slowly making herself known. We all know that Joe biden is not going to be the nominee. The NYT and the Hill have both reported/ alluded to this as well. This has been in the making for a while. Everything was geared towards bringing Hilary Clinton back. Please watch their town hall. The fact that this allegation saw the light of day is because of the Clintons.


Only if Hill still holds significant power in the DNC and can force the move. Otherwise, she’s also seen as a washed-up political hack.


To make the switch, they need someone who is already a household name. They will have less than 3 months to promote the new person. ONLY a nationally known name will be floated. Biden was never the intended candidate. He was always a place holder.

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