Body Language – Facial Expressions & Multiple Tells


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Around 4:10 – 4:11 and at 4:25 you can see him swallow, His little wattle lifts up and so does his trachea area. It’s slight but there. Poor man.


It made a huge difference for me to focus on his upper face when you put the black box on his lower face.
Poor man …so much sadness.


That was neat. Breaking it down with the corner made it easier to see what you’re saying.


I presume you’ve watched the press conference where POTUS mentioned UV light and types of disinfectants, Mandy. I mention it because my more politically liberal friends say that POTUS was being arrogant, but I thought his tone and posture were deferential to the medical doctor. 🤷‍♀️


Interesting technique to teach the tells. Kind of reminds of the video stops and starts we used to use to teach people afflicted with Asperger’s syndrome to perceive signs of others reactions to them.

Darren Lovelace

It is difficult to understand from one example of what the events were to read this person.
Are there links to this interview?
……. as always thank you very much!
The Institute for International Law and Democratic Affairs

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