Body Language – Trump On Oil Crash

Body Language - Trump On Oil Crash

Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Marita Jeffrey

Thank you for educating us so brilliantly!! It’s so refreshing to go to an intelligent common sense site that doesn’t spew hate but only truth! It makes my heart so glad! It’s why I have supported on Patreon all these years!!! ❤️❤️❤️ But under a different email!! THANK YOU!!!!


Hi, Mandy. Are you planning on doing Fauci soon? Can’t wait to hear what you have to reveal about him 🤗 thanks for the video, this is great!


We did him already!


Would love his help getting rid of my debt! 😁

Gen. Stewart

If I heard President Trump correctly ? He said in a an interview the other day that he had 75 Million gallons bought ?


Correct, putting it in our petroleum reserves.


Love it!


One step closer to the end of Federal Reserve Notes.

the Maestro

Only to bring on the Amero.

Jeff & Traci Babcock

Just wanted to say we’ve watched you for years…. I’m visually impaired but my wife lets me watch you on our huge flat screen. You fascinate both of us with your talent and ability. I wish I could learn sound cues and tips for doing the same thing when peope speak. I am blind in my left eye, and very impaired in my right. People up close look blurry to me even with my thick glasses on….I do however have a natural sense when people aren’t at ease or are nervous/bluffing/being deceitful/at ease. My wife says I’m a good judge of character overall. I just wish I could blow up their faces big in person, like Traci does on our big screen TV, to see what you see when you describe behavior. With our stimulus check we were finally able to join with a Gold Package. Traci & I are so excited to spend time on here watching and learning. Traci is an MSW who works at home for United Health Care. I’m a former (27 yrs) night nurse LPN who is disabled after 2 CVA’s and open heart 5 way bypass after a heart attack. We are both your captive audience for sure Ha ha! smile
Also we are glad for your whole family that the two of you found each other, because everyone deserves happiness especially whole families. Me & Traci are almost 23 yrs together. Two people KNOW when they can’t live without one another, and that’s a gift from God for those who are truly paying attention to life.
Finally, if you are noticing any sound or vocal cues when you read body language, comment on them for the gifted listeners like me.

GBU all- We’re glad to be part of Bombard’s family of viewers. Traci & I cry out to God everyday. Just know you are included in our prayers. Thx to my niece Maxi who typed this all out as I spoke.
Peace & God’s Blessings on us all!!


Thank you Maxi! Thank you Jeff and Traci! I am glad to hear you are in the Lord and doing well. As for eye sight, with age mine arnt getting better lol. Thank you again for your wonderful message and May God be with you all!


Our #1 job is returning to normalcy. Everything else will bounce back. Notice how the Dem run states are fighting it, normalcy?


I had a bad stay at hospital one time and could not work immediately after. Well could not do much but was technically jobsearching. During that time I spent every day going obsessively over markets and zerohedge and things and getting ideas as to how it was all working out, I felt I did start to grip some of what was going on and see some patterns, and this was when it was far less complex, but now… It’s like watching someone operating an alien space craft or something. I have no idea how any of this stuff works. You can gain insight from the occasional Q post or something but mostly … well, alien craft.

I suppose it might be interesting is if some of the “bad actors” in the oil industry are less well funded!

Cheryl Cooper

Loved your assessment as always. I would love to hear what is in his head when he was smiley.

podo cast

Get ready for negative intrest rates
The fed is printing for the American banks

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