Body Language – Birx On Covid-19 & Flu


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How can she say “this is still our working hypothesis, WE HAVE NO DATA RIGHT NOW STILL TO SUPPORT THAT.”!? No data? What the heck? Consider if a consultant came into your business and after six weeks they offered a “hypothesis” and said they have NO DATA to support their hypothesis. I’m beyond dumbfounded. This makes no sense, and its embarrassing to watch.


Mandy, can you tell if the “hot mic” video that I posted down in the comments is real or not? I can’t tell by the body language if the words match their movements. But
If its real the video needs to make the rounds on the www.

Eileen Guthrie

I think it’s becoming more obvious that both Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx are deep state operatives with close ties to Soros and the Clinton’s, so they aren’t interested in reopening America anytime soon, because they believe the longer we stay closed the more it will hurt Trump come November. I have to say that locally where I live, there are 225 people who have the coronavirus that was started by a college age girl who went to Milan, Italy during spring break. She immediately infected 4 other girls in her dorm. This weekend we had our first death, a 68-year-old woman died on Sunday. We have some very strange things happening here since the lockdown. Six shootings from men fighting over Clorox wipes, paper towels and toilet paper. A kidnapping that ended in the death of the kidnapper after a shoot-out in the mall parking lot with state and local police (mall is closed until further notice) the 3 children were unharmed, 2 high speed chases on the interstate that didn’t end well, one man died when he hit a light pole going 90 mph, 5 Amber Alerts and yesterday a grown ass man punched a 2 year old little girl for crying and was annoying him. So, his answer was to punch her in the mouth and made her cry even louder and longer. He was arrested. I don’t know how much more lockdown our County can take; people are going crazy and acting nuts, but it always seems to be men only.

Once the lockdown and social distancing ends life will not get back to normal so soon. It will change my 2 large university town; kids won’t be returning in the fall I’m afraid. Because of finances the parents just won’t have the money to send their kids to out-of-state colleges. Our two large universities had to reimburse the families whose kids were in dorms and had meal plans for $23 million recently. They estimate the colleges won’t be back to normal until 2023. Layoffs are being discussed right now. But the governor did reopen the beaches so maybe the craziness will start to decrease. I guess that may depend if the Tiki bars on the beaches will reopen too.


These people make me sick

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you, Sweetie.


Birx has access to about three billion dollars from Bill Gates, through Global Fund… odd that out of all the models for this virus, she chose the Gates model. Fauci has a $100M grant from Gates. Fauci moved the bioengineering that USA placed a moratorium on back in 2014, over to China in 2015, using millions of US taxpayer dollars sent through the NIH. Fauci had the chloroquine cure years ago….these people are going down hard.


Brilliant! I’m glad you cleared up all the conspiracies regarding the blinking. I emailed you with that particular request and thrilled you found it worthy. I ;m sure this is already on your radar, do you think it’s scripted? The “hot mic” (quick link: “Don’t drink the Koolaid” UT channel; hot mic vid) where the two reporters pre covid press conference talk a bit too much…..

Kick some more butt, Mandy, YOU ROCK!!

Jim Kearney

I was even more interested in your assessment of DJT’s body language during this pitiful evasion. That is why I logged in. IMO, Trump gets it. I could see his wheels turning. It WAS a brilliant question, well put. I believe the scarf queen is also terrified of us catching on that this was all a sham and it’s all going to be on her and her accomplice, Fauci. Watch for more aggressive attacks on those studies to discredit and dismiss them. Fascinating how the snake so fixated on “data” is so uninterested in the MOST interesting data these studies gives us.


Hot mic before this press conference catches the truth between reporters talking about C19. ?



yes its real


Thank you!


Ugh… she and Dr. Fauci need to be gone. Hope DJT isn’t listening to them!


The oil’ Snake Oil Doctor is playing the shell game to cover her inaccurate assumption, based on “no data”, that the peaks of flu-like illness in the fall and winter in western states were influenza A and B, instead of a combination of those and Corona. She will fight like hell to conceal that Cali already has herd immunity. Guess where those peaks did not happen. New York and other eastern states. She can take her bogus models and PEPFAR wrap them up in her scarf and….

Gen. Stewart

When is someone going to ask her about that 30Million that went missing,that she gave to Ukraine for Aids research ? Oh, that’s right ,it went to George Soros Aids fund for research.


Gives states another reason to stay closed as long as they want.

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