Body Language – Trump, close to the light


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Berni Jacobs

I missed you


I recall a few times when Trump would say that tunnel of light stuff on twitter and when he said it in the presser it is like he wants to scream out and tell everyone what is going on. But that obviously he can’t. But if someone says in all capital with no context LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! You can imagine that they have heard something like mutilated kids delivered to navy ships or something.

Like it seems like it could be an emotional need on his part. Like all this is happening but he can’t tell anyone but he can at least tell the Anons and associated.

Gen. Stewart

Hello Mandy gang ! SMH, Hoping all is well with all. Many of the Patriot sites are showing an interview that NPR did with Obama just before he left office. If I have learned anything here ? That interview says everything about that sorry excuse of FILTH that we will ever need to know. Please do that interview for us ? “Ridin it out in Texas,Yee Haw ” LOL


will look into it!

Susan McCall

I usually love your work, Mandy, but I think you’re so wrongheaded about Trump; he is not generally thoughtful at all… he often free associates… his choice of the word “enemy” over “virus” is not necessarily reflective of intelligence or sensitivity; he’s a professional provocateur– remember his whole “think this might be the calm before the storm” schtick? was that him being careful with his words??


I completely agree tzizzo.
He is as sly as a fox in a hen house of chickens.
His followers are like chickens pecking at the kernel of corn that he spoon feeds to those that worship him. Wake up! Be an eagle and take a look at what is going on around you. You are in a cult following a narcissistic personality disordered person that is in over his head.


I’m remembering something President Trump has said before about leaks…he has said that sometimes he has said certain things to certain people to see if they will leak it. He doesn’t seem surprised at all but they look terribly uncomfortable. Even his asking them if they wanted to say something was almost like a “would you like to step into the trap” moment.


I have suspected for some time that “invisible enemy”, “ dark time for our country” and “ light at the end of the tunnel” have a double meaning. Maybe because of the change in the President’s speech and affect. It is also quite interesting to study the way the media are being exposed by him and also the way drips of declassified material about the coup attempt are coming out but are not being reported or focused on due to the obsession with the virus. Got a funny feeling….

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Be safe.


Mandy I’ve tried to submit a video but I’m tech challenged please look at Bill & Melinda Gates interview with David Muir. They disturb me so much & HAVE but, I want to see what you think of this interview in particular. If you think it’s worth your time.


if there is anything new in body language ill consider it. we tend not to do a person more than once. Remember people dont change, they get comfortable.


Thank you!


I am a Greencard holder and I love this country so much! We pray daily for our president and his safety and I thank God for his protection and guidance during these difficult times. America truly has freedom and good people. Our Lord Jesus Christ please protect and guide our president as he serves our country!

Jennifer Reynolds

Light at the end of the tunnel might reference the Qanon groups belief that children trapped in sex trafficking are being brought up from underground. Trump vowed to go after such trafficking.


I understand that but he has been ‘rescuing’ children for almost all 3 years. I think it mean something else

Gen. Stewart

I’m hoping that the democrat party see’s a light at the end of the tunnel….and there’s a head on train coming at the end of it.

Gen. Stewart

We are so fortunet ! I don’t know which way he is going. I enjoy the mystery of the Q adventure.The only thing i do know for sure is we got lucky that he came along when he did. Can you imagine the chaos of the hillary gang ruling over us.


Gracious, I worry about his health… Praying his physical and mental endurance survive this trial.

Peter Shaw

Yes, but for this one man, where would America be today?
What he has achieved against the odds is stunning to me.


I firmly believe God called Trump for this time in our history and who God calls, God enables, with help from His angels and our prayers.

Gen. Stewart

Amen,Nonna ! The Bible is full of proofs of that.

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