Body Language – Sergey Lavrov, Covid-19 World Will Be Different


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Chasidah Fried

Mandy please check out
I just want the information out there I know she is truthful

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank You.


I find it very interesting if true that China and Russia have very low numbers as far as the death rate goes with the CCP Virus. I still think that this was done as biological warfare against the world and the CCP has a cure or vaccine that they have used on their own people to stop the virus and the deaths were allowed for the good of the whole, at least that is what the CCP would think as far as deaths go.


In a total boomerang move, China just shut down part of its’ border with Russia due to the amount of Chinese being infected by traveling Russians. Wonder what will happen when they are able to figure out this came out of a lab. The WHO should make everyone nervous since they are led by a homicidal psychopath.


reality these days is a comedy


I think they know. The Chinese have been playing down the numbers while the US is inflating them ridiculously.


This might be the real spilt into three superstate areas like in 1984….


‘China has been a good partner and we instinctively trust them more than the US with whom we are engaged in third party wars with but co-operating with insane globalised to change your demographic is a bit ott’

Lol. I have no idea what the real story is just thought that was funny!


Not much difference in philosophy between the two (CCP and Soviets).


There is a lot about China that indicates they have no respect for human life. I.e. the treatment of the Falun Gong movement and removing organs from practitioners without anaesthetic. Treatment of minority’s including the Ughur Muslims, Orwellian social control meaning about 80,000 with a low social credit score are banned from leaving the country, the dog trade and also, due to insurance laws in China if you hit someone and injure them you have to pay their healthcare but if you kill them then you don’t. So often after people accidentally hit someone else they finish the job off!

I don’t personally think they would have an ethical problem with genociding their population.

Q Anon indicated that they were complicit in this but that is not enough evidence really. But it is an interesting angle.

Epoch Times has come out with articles stating that there are 20 million fewer cell phone users in China after the bug.

Chasidah Fried

check Jerome Corsi Phd with his Boris Interviews and stop the

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