Body Language – Bill Gates On Coronavirus


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Michael Kim

I like where he says “testing the right way” ………scary shit.


What about the T.E.D. talk when he said the overpopulated Earth needs to be depopulated, by using vaccines and healthcare? Lowering the birth rate by at least 10-15%… By the way it’s not overpopulated, every single person could stand in Jacksonville FL and still have room to move around! Oh they ignore these comments by this luciferian psychopath! This man is as evil as they get. He’s a murderer, he needs to be put in a cell and never let out. Shit even that is to good for what he deserves. How about he takes all of his vaccines along with his family. They don’t vaccinate because he knows why it’s not tested for Carcinogenic potential mutagenic potential or impairment of fertility. This is the non toxicology report in ALL vaccine inserts. I ask if there safe, test for this. They are not safe! They’re poison!

Berni Jacobs

I was hoping with Ebola, Zika, Sars and Mers…….this man is a drop out, prosecuted for questionable business practice and because he ripped all of us off, he created a virus and made us buy the anti-virus software and he is doing it with medicine and he is not licensed, he is a drop out that we made rich and now he thinks he is king of the world. The Facebook page for Covid-19 dates back to 13 April 2017! Fauci, Gates and Buffet are some of the names playing with our lives, this is no human sitting there, he is lizard, cold calculating lizard and he paralyzed 47 500 children in India. Children who once could walk. The poverty in India is horrific, then you take a child that can run, walk and play and you give that child polio drops and get the world to call you a philanthropist. I am sorry I watched this video, God have mercy on his soul.


right at the end, 09:46 bill gates showed contempt (raised left lip) would you agree?


WE NEVER take stock in just one tell. for all you know he could of smelled a fart.

Anita Huggins

I just noticed you have been banned from youtube. I hate that. Wish I could pay for a subscription for your website, but I can’t. I just watched a “nurse” crying, wiping her eyes with her facemask pulled down. Wiping her nose and mouth with the same fingers she pulled her mask down with. And with the way she was carrying on, came barely any tears. Like she had to force them out. She finally pulled out a couple tears at the end. Can’t share, since I can’t afford to buy a membership. But look for it. I don’t know what hospital, since she didn’t say. I wish you well.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Blessings. Stay safe.

Crystal Simonton

You can hear a door shut when he’s looking over at that other person.

I like the one on one with Anderson Cooper and it is a three person panel.

Eileen Guthrie

So creepy.


I am so glad you did Bill, he creeps me out. What caught my eye was when the interviewer asked about the economy crashing, and Bill had a huge smile come over his face then caught himself. Thanks!!

I wish someone would ask him about Event 201 and the timing..Yeah, a bit more excitement than just his bubble of discussion. Our country will never be the same. This is looking like how Agenda 21/2030 and global government is going to be injected. How can I not see that? Please someone show me how I’m wrong.


Australia’s number are low and infection rates dropping yet today the Prime Minister said these restrictions will last for at least 6 months.
I think we will be in this state until a vaccine is created.

My heart breaks for America. I hope your guys reach your peak asap and it reverses.

Then we need to fight for our rights to be reinstated.

We have some conservative commentators arguing already not to go global and these voices are powerful


6 months!? That’s unconscionable! What a crock! Way obvious that this is being done for other reasons than for their concern for our health.


Interesting, and thank you. Wonder what other seeds Mr. Gates is planting or has planted… 🤔


I thought he was either patting a dog or maybe something else down there…. 🤔

I find any person that smiles so readily while talking about this virus to be untrustworthy…. I think finally Bill Gates has his dreams come true and it is probably the most exciting time for him.


I don’t necessarily think that smiling about this event makes someone untrustworthy. Mandy said “in his bubble” or circle. If you think about those people who dedicate their life to studying these things, it can still be seen as something exciting to witness. I say that, not to be cruel or heartless, what I’m saying is that Bill Gates has a similar reaction to this as Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, does and Mandy pointed that out. Maybe “exciting” isn’t the best word to use here, “fascinating” might be better. That’s my two cents.


Mandy also says one tell is not enough.

Bill Gates father was a Eugenicist, Bill Gates met with Epstien after his conviction to get money for his world health programs, and he thinks Africa is over populated and funded a cheap contraceptive vaccine.
Oh… why was he one of the hundreds of wealthy people to resign their positions on Boards in 2019/20?

So it is not the happiness on his face alone that disturbs me.

The CDC guy is happy his years of dedication to his job and planning for an outbreak finally gets to be enacted… his happy face does not bother me.


Thanks Cat, I did not know many of these things. Your answer has had me digging into a lot of background information. I do not think I can adequately debate much of this due to my ignorance in much of this. I started with digging into eugenics, and its a very broad topic, one that I knew little about. It appears that there is a big gap in someones beliefs here. Would I think having a system in place to help reduce children being born in an already economically struggling household, if I thought it was better for the family as a whole? I do. I think, on the surface, its a cause to help someone that might need assistance based on their situation. Its a little tricky because in someways I see similarities to Alcoholics Anonymous, if there someone is making consistent choices, getting consistent results, then if its possible to help improve their situation based on knowledge and planning, that seems like sound logic. What I am seeing in this is that eugenics is susceptible to abuse, as the holocaust is that prime example.

“Positive eugenics is aimed at encouraging reproduction among the genetically advantaged; for example, the reproduction of the intelligent, the healthy, and the successful. Possible approaches include financial and political stimuli, targeted demographic analyses, in vitro fertilization, egg transplants, and cloning. Negative eugenics aimed to eliminate, through sterilization or segregation, those deemed physically, mentally, or morally “undesirable”. This includes abortions, sterilization, and other methods of family planning.”

What came to my mind was Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”, that the indoctrination of society follows the Pareto principle, and that 80% of the population is meant to “go away” and not participate and be entertained to death, while the other 20% is groomed to be college graduates, active in communities, “informed” and engaged into politics, etc. Even that example to me sounds like eugenics, as the overall system is funneling the population into its roles.

What I find contradictory in some of this is that the body is built for genetic selection for reproductive purposes (hip/waist ratio and body symmetry). On our second child, my wife had to go through prenatal screening, which appears to be “a form of contemporary eugenics”. That’s where it seems that eugenics can serve “good” and yet can be abused.

After all of this, I suppose that would be the first question I’d ask is that: “Is supporting planned parenthood the same as supporting the holocaust?”

Finally, thank you for engaging with me Cat. I’m here to learn and if it were not for this site and Mandy’s work, I’d be still very much ignorant and blind to something I wish I didn’t know, yet now I do. My goal, is to understand what’s at the top or bottom of this whole thing. It’s the clip Mandy has “Dutch Banking – Whistle Blower (Disturbing)”, that sent me off the rails, so that is really why I am here. I’m here to get clear. Please keep the dialogue going and know I am grateful for this.


His involvement in GMO vaccines and desire to reduce human population make me highly suspicious of him. Why would you recreate a GMO clone of a virus that has been eradicated unless you were attempting to construct a biological weapon? Then you have Epstein’s support for science attempting to develop an AI human hybrid. Then you have a connection between Gates and Epstein. Develop a human AI clone army of slaves for various purposes that are immune to a pandemic and then wipe out what they call “eaters” (us) ? These people are scary and sick.


Oh, yes… very sick, scary, and downright evil.

Susan McCall

Oh I forgot to say that he reminds me of hugh hefner.



Jesse Hays

My aunt Nell and uncle Richard kept bills dad at there house when he was in town in peatland Texas. His dad had 5 suits Of clothes that were identical. More stories about his dad and him.

Susan McCall

Thank you Mandy for this one – I had seen this video of him before in a Health Impact Video where his ‘secret agenda’ is for everyone to have a vaccine card (like a passport). This guy is very scary. But I do think he is afraid of people like you Mandy because he does not want to be ‘read’. He just wants the power to influence.


i bet even his leg hair is organized and combed




Thank you Mandy for all the vids of late! Those happy eyes of Bill’s creep me out. Bet he has his own ventilator.

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