Body Language – Nancy Pelosi, watch out for claws


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In watching the older Pelosi clip, it was during the Clinton/Trump campaign before he won, correct? If so, she has aged tremendously in 4-6 years. Very telling.


I also think she wears wigs. One day her hair will be shoulder length, and the next day it will be longer than the previous day. If she doesn’t wear wigs, she’s got the most glorious head of thick, luxurious hair for an 80 year old woman.


Sorry, I have to comment again..she is saying….”what did he know and when did he know it!” That is what is being said about former Pres. Obama.

Anne Meridien

The still shot at the beginning of this video looks like Nancy has had a stroke, or will soon. She also appears to be depressed
perhaps because of some bad news about her health. I am a licensed speech pathologist and she has many soft signs of a neurological disorder. Rotating her jaw is called “routing behavior.” She has word finding problems. She also has an intention tremor in her hands. Her hatred for Trump and her addiction to power will likely create a catastrophic health problem by the end of this year. The same for Joe Biden.
Most wealthy people their ages would care more about their health. Obviously their spouses aren’t looking after them.


“testing, testing,testing…” Well, she never was interested in “testing, testing,testing…” all the illegals flooding into our country. Can’t a bus just run over her?


omg…now the evil dem-tards are blaming Trump for deaths?! I wonder if her policy to “lock” everything down includes the border?! God…I hate this evil bitch!!


I believe that this is the Dem’s latest tactic to try to destroy President Trump, (nothing else has worked) to blame him for all the deaths from COVID 19. I noticed it a few weeks ago – several Dem’s and MSM started to say things like this. I am not American, I have been following these Pres.Trump haters since he was elected. President Trump should get a “do-over” for the past 4 years seeming that he has been the victim of endless trys to get rid of him. Also, I wonder this….I have relations in the US who only watch CNN&MSNBC. When I talk about President Trump and what has been done to him, it is like you are in THE TWILIGHT ZONE!! They are so brainwashed it is just sad! These are intelligent people here! These people in The Twilight Zone have no idea of all the new evidence that has come out about the lying about the Russia Collusion Hoax. I was speaking to one friend today, who only watches MSNBC and talked about all the truth that has come out….he told me that I have been drinking :”the Kool-Aid!!” They believe that President Trump told people to drink bleach, even though he never said that. When I heard that, I thought it didn’t sound right, so I researched and found the press briefing where he said no such thing. Are these people so brainwashed that not one of them stop and think as I did? I do pray that they will see the light, I pray that God directs them to the truth. Sorry for going on a bit too long.

Frank Christensen

Christian pastor told me back during the early 70’s “Sincerty is no guarantee for truth” words to live by.

barbara jewell

another face lift, her eye brows are 5 miles upward from her eyes, LOL she is friging unreal.


Yes the eyes were obviously sad. The whole look was defeat. Perhaps we now know why. Trump today fired ICIG of the intelligence community, MIchael Atkinson. This and she knew it was coming I would be, they all did. This the man who helped in multiple ways to bring on and introduced the impeachment evidence, and all the illegal things they did with the whistle blower and much more.

Sad day for Nancy, even sadder soon I would wager. Might be very close on your prediction Mandy.

FauxChi and BiRx. one thing for sure, they are not your friends. HOpefully soon to be gone, not completely for PR reasons. Not running the ship so to speak. The New guy is doing the heavy lifting. He is doing surveillance, and developing antibody test, FINALLY>. No surveillance by FauxChi and Beavers mom. They are doing it bassackwards, on purpose. FauxChi for dough from Gates, I hear 200,000 MM. for riding this out for Gates Vaccine.

NOtice FauxChi always promotes Vaccines, not the Quinine Pill. Today Trump basically stepped to the podium as soon as FauxChi turned, to emphasize TRy the Zpack and the hyrdo quinie whatereve I like that. Trump knows.

Patty DeBingo

My daughter in health care said that the percentage of deaths in comparison to other year’s is very low. What’s going on here? In Mich. where I live, I couldn’t get a test, tho’ sick, unless I went to hospital with pneumonia. I didn’t have CO-19 symptoms, no test, have pneumonia and sent home from an Urgent Care with Zpack…h-m-m-m. Found out today I can get dr. scrip, and ID, and go to a place and get test. A person here in MI wanted a test, couldn’t get it, got pneumonia and is very ill in the hospital and on respirator. Something really fishy is going on with this. There is also something about a do not resuscitate here in MI…. Again… what’s going on?

Resident Graphologist

Easy to read.


Mandy what do you think of Dr. Fauci? Before anyone said anything I told my BF he makes my 6th sense go crazy. I don’t believe ANYTHING he says.


I dont know. He seems to the be the only one not stressed by tv, interviews, stats and lockdowns. it usually better to have someone go through a range of emotions. not stay in one spot.

Susan McCall

Napoleon complex, can’t stand his tone, and he looked the other way in 2009 for the h1n1. He was the first one to announce, brag, yell: 100,000 people will die! Then somehow Trump said: 100 – 200,000! Then at the end of the day it was 224,000! Everyone just SHUT UP about making predictions like that and I am shocked Trump said any figure. (this to me is playing along with them but this is not the time to make such announcements).

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you.:)

Gen. Stewart

Just stopped by to say I’m praying for ya’ll and your extended family. Stay safe and hug that baby tight. smile


thank you! same to you as well!

Eileen Guthrie

You know that number is totaling false and wrong. She’s lying again or is it still? One of Pelosi’s closest allies, Rep. Nydia Velázquez tested positive yesterday. She and about 5 others have been in Pelosi’s office plotting, scheming and coming up with a new strategy. Could Pelosi get it? Here’s hoping this wicked witch of the west gets it.

Gen. Stewart

Oh,I’m sure the Lord has something special planned for her !


I do not understand why a woman as wealthy as she is does not have implants and properly fitted bridges, etc. When she mentions that the death numbers have doubled, my thought was about the thousands or more of aborted babies that she doesn’t care about. And just maybe President Trump could have done even more sooner than he has if he had not had to deal with the impeachment fiasco. But they never accept any responsiblity for the evil that they do, do they?


“But they never accept any responsiblity for the evil that they do, do they?” Of course not! It’s Trump’s fault!!! (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Frank Christensen

Maybe she has ran out of anesthesiologists that Pelosi has trust in? Do not resuscitate.

Cherian Jacob

‘A toothless tiger, so watch out for her claws’…Amazing…Plenty of people to use this on !


At this stage, it’s impossible to take either of them seriously, but what’s not impossible is to see them as pathetic, disastrous human beings: two good reasons to walk away.


The last face lift has definitely worn off. She might have been stretched by her plastic surgeon so many times that there is nothing left to work with. Think you can see her real fuzzy hair under the front of her wig. And one day soon those choppers are going to pop right out of her mouth. I never noticed the one sided mouth sag before and was thinking stroke, but it could be that the lift broke down on that side before the other. Dead eyes. She looks like somebody that the demon that has possessed her is about to exit and jump to somebody else, whereupon she will disintegrate into dust. I have zero sympathy for this incredibly evil and corrupt husk of a human being. Think it will soon be “game over” for wicked Nancy.


comment image


I swear this is the best representation of that bag.


The last four yours have taken their toll on her physically Wow, what a difference in her appearance. It looks like she’s moved her eyebrows nearly halfway up her forehead, which enhances the Believe Me look. How incredibly sad, well, sort of. It is difficult for me to feel pity for this evil woman.

Roland Thompson

It is really hard to watch this bitch. Forcing pork on the stimulus like 43K for a performing arts center? What a piece of shit. Lie after Lie after Lie. Special place in hell for this women. May God have mercy on her wretched soul.

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