Body Language – Chet Hanks Personality

Body Language - Chet Hanks Personality

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Please do this one. Several ppl have come out and said X hospital is at capacity, turning ppl away, choosing who dies. Then the hospitals are having to make public statements and saying, NOPE, not happening. I’d love to see you do a few of those and here is my contribution to the list.

Cherian Jacob

Pity the Fool !

Eileen Guthrie

Well, since both of his parents are huge Hollywood, arrogant, pompous elitist and a flaming narcissist, then their offspring are too. Chet’s very proud of his upper body, trying to pretend how cool and hip he is. He’s pathetic, another “look at me” Hollywood person, please stroke my ego. I don’t care that his parents have the virus, Hanks is worth $350 million so they can afford to get the best medical care and advice. Although Tom does have a one of the preexisting conditions from the list as being more susceptible to the coronavirus because he has diabetes 2, he’ll be fine. So, what is the entire point of these two videos? Who cares what this nobody thinks? I’ve met Tom twice and he’s a real jerk and asshole and treated his two assistance horribly. Tom is NOT a nice person. I asked one of his assistants why does he stay? He said it’s an opening to get into the business. If Tom had spoken to me in the same horrible way he did to his assistant, he’d be talking a higher octave.


This is not what I call sexy in any way, shape or form! These types of people or simply put…attention whores! The world owes them for who they think they are because of parents.

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you, Sweetie.


WOW must be a REAL slow news day. I’m sure he appreciates your attention though.

Zarmo P. Fudpucker

Great job here, I did no know just how to take this guy when I first saw him. now with your help. I can put it where it belongs in the trash.
Great Job. and thanks for your work.


Another pathetic attention seeking dumb ass. Happy birthday to the little one! Enjoy the cake!


Thank You!!!


Ha, I love it, you really nailed it with this guy, he has a real need for attention. This guy just might have a meltdown if he doesn’t get the attention he thinks he deserves and end up on the heap with so many others with famous Hollywood parents.


Bless his heart…


crying XD


He’s “very spiritual.” crying crying crying


Right??? All while dropping “F” bombs. 🙄


Whenever you get a tattoo you really must look at the big picture…. If you didn’t want to be part of a conspiracy theory then maybe don’t put the cult of the all-seeing eye on your chest and show it off!


Dude is awfully defensive talking about his tats. Those with the all seeing eye know what it means.

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