Body Language – Hollyweird


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Carol Dee

Very cool insight, Mandy. Thanks for sharing. I hate when people are disingenuous and that Demi/Miley video was SO cringe.

Stormy Magiera

Miley & Demi PLEASE quarantine yourselves together in Canada! You both were supposed to relocate 3 1/2 years ago. There are Patriots waiting to love your Malibu n Beverly Hills homes. Americans who would appreciate having what you have under Trump.

Janie Boeckelmann

Madonna and the male comic both made a capital L with their right hands. What is your take on this? Coincidence?


i dont know… i always thought that stood for looser


Pity the fool who takes these folks seriously.

Susan McCall

The other day, a friend sent me this:



The original video was made Jan. 28, 1985. These were the people we admired, honored, respected, and loved. These talented people decided to speak against America through the years – have grown to despise America. Everything they sang and hoped for beginning in 1985 have now grown empty and cold while we deal with the COVID-19 and the struggles normal Americans now face.

Many of these singers have only loved one president. Their hatred for Trump only grows and they think that they can relate to us now? Their hypocritical ways of ‘we are the world’ is a mockery in today’s times. Who will sing about these dark days? Who will we admire after this is over?

frank papandrea

talk about self-absorbed

Bonnie Hawkins

Thank you. Kiss the baby for me.


will Do its birthday week! so she and her brother have been celebrating


Lovely. I cannot believe it’s been a whole year already! Happy 1st Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!! Love that you do B-Day WEEK lol… How fun 😁

Eileen Guthrie

David Spade is a conservative and he has this very sarcastic and ironic personality and comedy act. He appears to be mocking and ridiculing celebrities like Madonna, Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Ferrell, Amy Adams, Kristen Wiig, Sia, Cara Delevingne and any of those moronic imbeciles singing and butchering John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Madonna looks like a science project that went awry, she’s freakish looking. Drew Barrymore really looks horrible in this video too. But I’m not the least bit interested in what they are doing, as so many celebrities and politicians are making these videos because their all narcissist and need that constant attention defines them. Instead of whining and making daily videos, try reading a book for a change.


Yikes!! Madonna is starting to resemble socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein, the cat woman with the crazy face.


the Maestro

Oh… that was Madonna?!


Fakewood fakers starved for attention, social distanced from their stylists and make up people. What strikes me about them is how non-talented and brick-dumb most of them are as well as being immature. Their whole career is based on faking what other people have written for them or singing into auto tune. I don’t doubt that the majority of them would gladly sell their soul to Satan for fame, and that the majority are perverts of some ilk, but you are right, they are way too stupid to even know what a coded message is.

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