Body Language – Governor Andrew Cuomo, Risk Reward


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Thanks mandy for reminding us that various people we disagree with are quite human regardless of their screw-ups, rather than being snakes.
Meanwhile, elsewhere, there are still snakes-a-plenty.
I find his brother to be a snake, but it’s nice to see this slow-talker’s human side.


Mandy commented on his confidence when he first moved his arms from lap to table. It was confidence in having the answer to the question he posed.
He does it again while talking about fear when he starts in on the personal anecdote, which is backing up his points on fear. It’s at 7:27.

Nice to see the same movement-type twice from the same person.


Cuomo will be the DNC presidential nominee? Saves the day! 😉

Eileen Guthrie

Well, there is company from Ireland that manufactures ventilator called Medtronic that is ramping up production. I wouldn’t be going to China where the virus originated from to get my medical supplies from them now or anymore. Why do these viruses ALWAYS originate in China or Africa? Who has created that fear and panic, Mr Cuomo? The liberals and most importantly the mainstream media have done this worldwide. Even as China hid the virus from the world, destroyed documents and patient files to hide that data from the world that has allowed their virus to spread worldwide to Italy, Iran, Britain, and South Korea. As China has been peddling their propaganda through our mainstream media. As for Cuomo like his father has always made my skin crawl, he’s a political weasel always has been always will be. He’s trying to be a calming voice. Four people who were returning from Spring break at the University of Florida where I am have tested positive for the virus and the young girl who brought it here just returned from Milan, Italy where she spent her spring break. Classes will be held via the internet for the remainder of the spring semester and graduation has been cancelled. Most of the students have returned home but there are reports that these students think they’re on vacation and have traveled to the Florida beaches. Stupid, stupid, stupid. When they say restricted travel they mean restrict your travel, it doesn’t mean go to the beach.


I think part of the reason these viruses originate in these primitive areas is that they have no refrigeration and bring live mammals to crowded markets to be slaughtered and their viruses make the jump from their hosts to humans. The last few originated with bats in China. The reason this does not happen much with more commonly eaten mammals is that we slaughter and refrigerate our meat rather than living in close proximity to our living dinner. Medtronic and Abbott labs are two hot stocks to buy as both are ramping up to replace Chinese manufacturers and are undervalued due to the panic.


Medtronic is from Minnesota and they merged with the Irish company Covidian a few years back because of the Obama administration’s horrific overtaxation. They started in 1949 out of a garage in Minneapolis. They are known for pacemakers, and helped invent them. Minnesota proud!


Thank you so much Mandy. I am so happy you read this man. I listened to his explanations, and was very impressed. I’m not a democrat, but I think they should kick “Creepy Uncle Joe” to the curb. I think Gov. Cuomo would make this presidential race a pretty interesting race. suspicious


Speaking as an Air Force trained search and rescue officer who has been to a multitude of mass disasters, I kid you not when I state from my own experience, that no one can panic like a liberal civilian. I saw it in every single disaster I was in. I was at Ground Zero and was in Hurricane Katrina. It doesn’t matter where. It’s always the same. And the younger they are, the worse it is. Liberalism is a mental disorder. They panic and then unnecessarily endanger everyone around them instead of remaining calm and going with the program. Very frustrating.

Eileen Guthrie

It’s so true, liberals always panic as I was there during Hurricane Katrina, as soon as the storm started moving west, we were out of there. The weather channel kept warning us and we high tailed it out of their and drove off to Northern Alabama to stay with my cousin. Lot’s of rain, and some down trees but nothing as bad as New Orleans. We permanently moved to Alabama after Katrina hit. They were the last ones to leave, thinking they could get something out of it financially and ignored the warnings. Even the stupid democrat Governor Blanco waited too long to sound the warning and then blamed everyone but herself. Mayor Ray Nagin was another liberal moron. Both of these political morons blamed everyone but themselves. They kept hoping the trajectory would change and when it didn’t. they both flew off in their private helicopters to safety leaving behind all those people to die.


I’ve never heard him speak. Does he always speak so s l o w l y and precise? It makes him sound like he’s really dumb.
I made it to the 5 minute mark.Can’t watch him longer than that but did he say we’re shopping for ventilators from CHINA?!
(I saw a story about some company that’s using a 3D printer to make the ventilator part that’s so vital and it’s costing about $1 each.
I don’t think we need to get anything from CHINA right now when we can 3D print ventilators. Eff China and their virus.


its the circuit boards we apparently aren’t making


Well that’s convenient for China. The virus came from there and the life saving solution to their virus comes from there. Hope we learned something from all of this.


They are working on making them quicker with 3d printed parts, and here is the news article. [A huge problem is getting FDA clearance which the Nat. Emergency, etc. makes much easier (not in news article). If the FDA ain’t happy, you in big trouble. Compassionate care is the way they will approve it.]


On Tuesday it was perfectly safe, according to our Illinois governor, the grandson of Al Capone’s tax lawyer, to have a primary election where the public was exposed to hundreds of potentially infected individuals, but on Friday we are ordered t shelter in place until further notice. I guess the sheep have served their function. I do agree that both Quomo and Newsome have put aside their usual hate filled rhetoric, probably because they know that they are going to need big time help from the Trump administration.


We will also most likely be forced to endure an even more tyrannical and oppressive government.—Ben Garrison


Love Ben Garrison

Ursula Leach

I liked that Cuomo for the moment, but at the same tome I never forgot what he did in the past and his personality sucks. The is just something about this man that gives me the willies. Besides he was very factual but he is not passionate about the people he is to supposedly protect. To me this was an act and he was wearing a mask of factual reporting but behind it there is no caring for the peope of NY.
In this he looks and acts like like a stand-up guy but he is a weasel and I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can spit.


The only Italian I ever trusted was my nona… 😊





Bonnie Hawkins

Excellent. Ty.

Gen. Stewart

This little bastard shouldn’t be behind that desk. He should be sitting behind a plate of pasta in the cast of the Sopranos. Let’s never forget when he was telling the world that “America was never that great”. He and his brother Fredo rode in on their father’s coattails. Their father was just another goomba that was placed in his office by the mafia ,when they controlled all the unions(votes) in New York. When are people going to get tired of these family dynasties,like that automatically qualifies them for whatever office they want ?


Don’t know much about him, but he seems like a stand-up guy, which is refreshing in a politician.

Cheryl Cooper

I am shocked I liked that Cuomo too. Nice analysis to show me why.


What was the date of this press briefing?
I had just read that there is now a sort of lockdown in New York!
Does not make him a liar but does not fill people with trust and confidence!


Cuomo is the governer, cities do their own thing to an extent.

milo milo

hey, can i have the password to the david hogg’s videos ?

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