Body Language – Trump On FED & Coronavirus Task Force


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Good morning,
In the original video on Coronavirus,


&feature=emb_title, at around min. 56:54 a reporter jumps in talking about a woman who was rescued involving General Milley. Trump says, “They got her out of a certain country where she was seriously abused, accosted and, whatever the maximum word was, other than death, that happened, but we got her out and she’s okay and she’s back with her parents.”
T. has his head down the most (with eyes closed – blocking out the horror?) when he is talking about the situation. Has anyone heard or seen any more information?

Thank you, J

Nina Bosch

Didn’t give scarf lady much attention until I saw this connection between her, Ukraine and Soros. It’s not clear what is going on but thought worth a mention.



Watching these people is certainly interesting. Even when stressed, at least Dr. Birx appears to be listening to the speaker. Some of the others look like they are tuning out the President, listening and reacting only to Pence. The memo drop was classic Trump. As usual the President is outworking everyone around him. Though it does not pertain to body language, the “gotcha” provocative questions by the media have further exposed their bias corruption and idiocy. They should be forced to submit questions in writing and be kept off TV.


In addition to the reduced stress, the African American gentleman even cracked a slight smile when Pence talked about the vulnerabilities of those who might be infected.


Thank you for doing this one, Mandy. I had seen a presser, either this one or another one (was in a patient room at the hospital where I work every other weekend, drawing blood), and had seen the agreement of the people behind VP, but not behind POTUS. Found that difference to be curious. Did notice that no one disagreed with what POTUS was saying (wasn’t able to watch or listen, was focused on the patient and job at hand).

My respect for POTUS’ trolling abilities went to another level when he dropped the paper and commented about the apology from the press. 🤣


I was very much hoping you would post your body language for the recent President Trump meeting with banking CEO’s on March 11th. The whole time he had his shoulders locked tightly. Never saw him do that:




Another good one, thank you I enjoyed it as usual.


Shiny guy and scarf lady look dead on their feet. They say Trump runs on 3 hours of sleep. Must be hard to keep up with him. These two are beat. The younger ones behind look tired but not exhausted. Pence looks like he just walked off the showroom floor. As usual. Thanks Mandy. You help keep us grounded.
By the way. Tried to leave a reply on lbry. It won’t take the post, but the video does play.


thanks for letting us know about lbry. i cant run on 3 hours. sleep is important to this body lol


I’d read Trump only gets 5 – 6 hours of sleep, but who knows. Either way, it’s far less sleep than this body needs! 😁

Susan McCall

Great analysis, as usual, Mandy. Thank you! Wayne Dupree has a video from a sick person (Kevin Harris, 55 – finally a name!) and he said he kept praying: “Please God don’t let me die this way”. (that will pee off the atheists). Is it me or is there a secrecy behind the deaths – like: what was their story? Kevin Harris was alone, for a week, with what he thought was the flu. (so we know now to get your butt to a hospital right? Don’t assume it is ‘just a flu’/cold – and for God’s sake, we know how to wash our hands – are there really people who are 15 years behind on that?). Were the largest group of elderly patients ignored as they got sicker? Who was the guilty one that brought into the nursing home? Why aren’t we allowed to assume it is a certain type of nationality? I can profile when I read about shootings in Chicago or beheadings right? What is the cdc hiding now?


well said


That Trump mic drop moment. Funny.

Cheryl Cooper

Thanks again for your perspective!

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