Body Language – Market Meltdown, FED Powell & ECB Lagarde


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Looking back, we see now why Lagarde was so happy.

Kwame Oluwasomi

Well, if you have money and insider knowledge, I imagine you’d be overjoyed by a market meltdown.


Perhaps they are un-stressed because market crashes and public panic always allow the globalist collectivists to gain power–their team.

Nina Bosch

3 months (18 Oct 2019) before the coronavirus outbreak – the John Hopkins Centre for Health Security, World Economic Forum and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – held a Global Pandemic Exercise / Drill – in New York.

This was a simulated exercise in how to prepare for an imagined global pandemic which ends up causing the death of 65 million people. They also proposed ways governments, industry and international organisations can prepare for and deal with such a crisis.

Reference link:


Don’t really see why they would be relieved since everything that has happened argues against their globalist interests. If a world wide pandemic and global economic correction can be caused by uncivilized individuals eating raw bat soup in Wuhan, China, wouldn’t wise nations rethink their dependence on Chinese supply chains that use slave labor? Or perhaps they look forward to mass population decrease, and destabilization. All I know is that when these clowns are not stressed, I am.


I’m going with population decrease, particularly the elderly who would vote for Trump in big numbers come November, and destabilization. It’s a way to take back control of the masses.

Susan McCall

I found this info in looking up the stock market crash from October 1929.

Forget a market crash, US stock markets might have the best year in more than two decades. With record highs in the stock markets, some analysts now predict a market crash for 2020.Dec 30, 2019

If ‘analysts’ predicted this, maybe many people see it as a chance to buy more stock? My brother ‘Kenny’ always says: “Don’t get sore, buy more”. Maybe there is some truth to that.

Nina Bosch

You might be all correct McCall. It could be part and parcel, de-population control, buying stocks for an apple ‘n onion. Then again, if one could print money would the objective be to gain more money? Unless it is to take away from others. Then perhaps it is more geared towards control. It could be a guise, a show as to not alarm those sleeping. Give evil a name so no one knows why the markets really crashed.

China as an emerging market has its back almost broken with around 75% of the world’s exports delayed. China has lost power. If thinking in terms of authority and control, enlarging ground or health control, border control, rather than monetary value, what could the benefit be? And also cui bono?


I don’t believe this virus release was an accident. My question is who is responsible? The black hats or white hats?

ej wxbs

US patent date Nov 2018. It’s been found by someone Obama gave to China i. 2015…????


Don’t forget, “Let it happen on its own” type deliberate action.

Roland Thompson

Who is this lady? World bank or Fed bank?


european central bank


They seem so relieved that scripting / events have changed finally


they have been propping it up for so long, that finally they have an out for it to fall on


Im re-reading that Repo Market report again. wish I had an MBA or a better understanding of the repercussions and possible next pivot points.

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