Body Language – Prince Harry And Meghan Markle


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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Wow…he’s so tender and patient with her. She would drive me absolutely nuts if I had to deal with that all the time. Beautiful woman around the lizard people. Poor thing.


Man! The look on her face when she finally turns around and faces forward to be presentable to the crowd.
It’s like she doesn’t understand the formality of what’s going on, that the royals present themselves to the crowd carried over from teh idea of being servants under God, etc., even if that idea only sparked certain traditions & formalities and the royals may not believe in it anymore (for all I know).
She needs to be told that this is like being at a very strict church.

Leo Mar

When I looked at this video I saw a man that looked as if he was on the verge of tears because this was one of his last engagements dressed in military regalia and also the fact that he was forced to give up his military credentials. I think he was touched by the standing ovation. To me she looked like she was comforting him. Also, I don’t doubt that she is insecure. If you are on a daily basis being bombarded with negative, mostly false and even derogatory press coverage, it would make most people insecure, even depressed. Every little detail of her is being filmed and dissected under a microscope. If she has one hair out of place or there are too many creases in her outfit it gets reported and analysed. Of course she will be paranoid!! She came into this family an American, divorced, an actress, black and a commoner. The British elites and newspapers hates her for this and are also upset with Harry for not marrying one of their “English roses”. They would have even accepted a foreign royal or even someone foreign from an elite and wealthy family. The British press are famous for building up someone only to tear them down later. All these comparisons to Kate and the negative stories of Meghan sells. It’s always about the money. People believe what they read and hear in the Media and if they are told on a daily basis that Meghan is bad ….. ? I’m sure Harry prepared her for the scrutiny but I’m sure even he did not anticipate all the hate she was receiving. I would have stepped away for my sanity. Don’t blame them.

Gen. Stewart

Honestly,why should we really give a shit about these parasites that have lived in luxury on the backs of their people ?


Agree completely. Still don’t have any understanding of why the British people accept being subjects of a bunch of inbred Germans they had to import because they needed a monarch. The Americans who are fascinated by them must be engaging in some kind of prince princess fantasy world artifact of childhood. Don’t wish Ill on anybody, but I don’t see a happy ending for either one of them.


I think you’re spot on, Markle is way out of her league, she knows it, and it makes her uncomfortable, but instead of dealing with it for what it is, I believe she creates enemies to blame, and with so many enemies they had no choice but to leave. Pretty pathetic, really.


Hi Mandy, Am glad you did this one, I remember that balcony scene too. The little ones upstaged her behavior. She comes across as one highly calculating, manipulative individual… Is that incorrect? Or are you saying it’s all insecurities? But aren’t insecure ppl the ones who are calculating or manipulative? Are those traits always a symptom of insecurity or can you be those things without being insecure – like a sociopath?

She lives in our area, Vancouver, and nobody seems too thrilled about it. Plus we’re paying for their security still. Not impressed.
PS…. Did you know this emoji is called Mandy? LOL Mandy I just found out lol.


there is an emoji called mr no name too lol. its because people were calling me a russian bot. as for insecurities… yes these people can be very manipulative.


Someone somewhere is taking bets on how long this marriage will last. Great analysis as usual!


It would be interesting to see you do an assessment on the Queen.


Great job on finding a fuller clip at Royal Albert Hall, Mandy. Enjoyed this assessment, but do have a some genuine questions:

Is it Meghan’s insecurities when both of her hands are on PH’s arm, as they so frequently have been?

Were her insecurities so prevalent in their engagement video that you did (can’t recall)?

One would think she’d feel far more secure now, after a couple of years of marriage & a baby, and decamping in Canada, away from PH’s family and friends, no?

Do you think Meghan was insecure around Kate & PW and, thus, the side-eye and distance between them?

Just so fascinated with psychology and body language! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and gift!


The insecurity, i bet has always been there. but at the beginning of relationships it can be misread as reassurance of a blossoming bond. it would have been much easier to spot in the beginning if we saw another female in the area. there was not enough video of her interactions with the other family members to see what was going on there. but with insecure people needing a common enemy, it would not surprise me if some paranoia was also part of her personality.


I kept on thinking that her insecurity is something she’s so used to, that she needs it to maintain homeostasis. If she doesn’t feel insecure, her brain will tolerate it, but only so long. When she gets stressed, her brain will start to look for homeostasis, which in her case, is insecurity. She’ll find some reason, even if it’s insane.
Growing up for her is more than just getting over it, she has to learn a whole new normal. Otherwise, when she gets stressed, she’ll snap right back. She needs to learn a new normal.


Makes complete sense, Mandy; thank you. Do you think Meghan has any underlying narcissism with the insecurities and attention-seeking?


i tend not to go that far with definitions of mental illness. the Politically Correct psychiatric world has changed the meaning of to many diagnoses to much from when i was young and cared.

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