Body Language – Putin and Erdogan Moscow Meeting, High Tensions


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Gotta bloodlet them. Russia is an enemy. Turkey are jerks to everybody. Keep them in perpetual war.


Still can’t believe Turkey is in NATO but then I’m half Armenian so there’s that.


I am at a loss to understand what’s happening here. The former head of the KGB, with nerves of steel, seems very worried and weak. That in and of itself is disturbing. Putin knows something is going horribly out of control and it looks like he knows he can’t do jack about it. Erdogan, on the other hand, seems to be in full command. A very disturbing situation. It’s like a ticking time bomb.


Erdogan is playing poker with both sides. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, Putin knows he can’t attack them. But Erdogan has shrewdly purchased a Russian missile system showing that he is willing to test the will of Trump, causing a delay in the purchase of the F35. He really does seem like a cunning strategist. I have never seen Putin look so submissive.

Gen. Stewart

The bible tells us that the Anti-Christ will have assyrian jewish heritage. He will come from the East of Israel,from the ancient country(Magog), what is now Turkey. He will invade along with the armies of the North(Gomer),what is now Russia.The information of the beginning of this,and why,is in Ezekiel 5. The outcome is in Ezekiel 38and39.


very telling


Actually feel a little sorry for Putin in this situation. It’s like he feels compelled to play nice with Erdogan when he really wants to attack him. Also seem like Putin is trying to be diplomatic by “dancing” around the tough words of what he wants to say. What an interesting time we’re living in!

Cheryl Cooper

Very interesting. I wonder what else is going on with Putin.

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