Body Language – Mike Bloomberg, Bernie Sanders Debate Performance


Note: All comments in my videos are strictly my opinion.

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these are the most awkward group of people I’ve ever seen


Warren is still using talking points that have been debunked. Her teacher story was found to be false.

Susan McCall

At 16:08 amy is discussing/yelling/ranting…”take on pharmaceuticals…” Well now, I find this astonishing. All of a sudden, our politicians wake up to the dangers (and expenses) of big pharma? Seems to me our President Trump looked into it with Robert Kennedy in 2017 and nothing much has happened except the fact that Robert’s own family practically dis-owned him due to embarrassment. And Trump is working on the costs (I mean it’s a start).

So amy, you want to take on pharmaceuticals? You do realize you are going against vaccines and flu shots right? Plus the ‘American Medical Association’ right? Plus bill gates right? Plus the WHO and CDC right? (recent news about how the WHO and the CDC and their ineffectiveness with the coronovirus) If Trump can’t do it, do you really think you can? Even the obama’s had to give in to big pharma when they realized how much was at stake with $$$ in their pockets from kickbacks.
The thing about vaccines is it is almost impossible to argue the dangers of them and what exactly is IN them. Big pharma does not want you to know. Then you have extreme emotional battles between the 4 extremes of vaccine’s: (I don’t know who made this rule up)….from having 56 doses to none? (Of course, most people believe in the polio vac for example). What I am trying to say is that anti-vaxxers just want a middle of the road type of compromise, especially if their children are suffering from autism and they want to know why, and why does a kid need 56 doses by the time they are 18? Then if they enter the military, well, those 56 doses have practically dissolved, so let’s do it all over again? Parents want answers. And if Robert Kennedy Jr. didn’t get anywhere (as well as robert ninero, Jenny McCarthy) with Trump’s help, where do we stand? Remember when mrs. oboma tried to have an ‘organic’ garden? That didn’t last long. And remember Dr. Oz? Do you see him on tv anymore explaining what bad food can do to you? Dr. Mercola has also been threatened by facebook and is no longer allowed to educate us. Robert De Niro Promoted — then Pulled — Anti-Vaccine Documentary – he was all set to show the film to be shown at Tribeca Film Festival. Why didn’t that happen?

The CDC is the same organization that refuses to complete a study comparing children fully vaccinated against those unvaccinated. That study would provide the final answer to whether too many vaccines are harming our children. The CDC was tasked with that study decades ago and has the available data available, and yet…we still have no study.

I see what amy is doing and she is saying something we all want to hear – it’s just empty words especially coming from someone like her. On February 15, 2017, Kennedy and actor Robert De Niro gave a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., in which they accused the press of acting as propagandists for the $35 billion vaccination industry and refusing to allow debates on vaccination science. They offered a $100,000 reward to any journalist or other citizen who could point to a study showing that it is safe to inject mercury into babies and pregnant women at levels currently contained in flu vaccines. Perhaps this is why de niro is soooo angry these days, and I don’t blame him but he doesn’t have to take it out on Trump.

One final thought amy….if you take on big pharma, you will have to know the dangers of anti-depressants, (cause and effect of medications) statins, etc. Plus defend medications for the mentally ill. And while you are at it, maybe you could figure out why the Las Vegas shooter shot all those people (he was, after all, on some sort of anti-depressant). You will have to have backing from alternative doctors that have spent years on research and you will end up losing. Better you would offer alternatives to medications – Himalayan salt to lower blood pressure for example. Or frying foods in coconut oil to help with arteries, for another example. Health Impact has suggested antiviral therapies that actually work such as intravenous infusions of hydrogen peroxide, ozone, and vitamin C for the coronavirus – but they aren’t being heard as we wonder just what the CDC wants to do with the recent request of 2.5 Billion from Trump.


I kept thinking that it is too bad that the Posey Company and the Humane Restraint Company stopped making straight jackets. There could be a new market opening up with this group. Like Eileen said, I could feel the IQ points being sucked out of my head in just this small segment. What mentality would you have to be able to support any of these idiots? Of the whole bunch, only Booty Judge seems to have semi-normal social skills. His facial expression looked like a new therapist listening to a group session of delusional psychotics.


Bloomberg made his $$$ via deals with China – it takes research but there it is. China would love to see Bloomberg as POTUS.

Eileen Guthrie

I find it interesting and maybe a bit intriguing that they’re all attacking billionaire Mini Mikey, but they’re NOT attacking the other billionaire on that stage, Tom Steyer. Why? Is it about Steyer not having a real shot at the presidency, where Doomberg does or might? What did Americans see in this debate? I didn’t watch it, because like I said before I can feel my IQ drop 30 points, but I have watched individual clips and highlights. What I saw was pure narcissism, egomaniacs, instability, nothing but chaos and clueless politicians. Everything they say, “I this” and “I that” when they should be saying we or us, as in all Americans. You know at least Doomberg and Steyer know how to create jobs and build economic stability, but the rest of these clueless fools, what have they created other than heartburn and incompetence.

Gen. Stewart

This was a great video ! You touched on some new points. New to me anyway. I pray for you and your’s.


Thanks for doing this, Mandy!

There were a couple of times that Mayor Pete looked at Bloomberg when Warren was excoriating him, like, dude, defend yourself!

I find it so ironic and hypocritical each time Bernie criticized and complains about billionaires, because he is one, and no one calls him out.

Biden was clearly up past his bedtime. wink

As a fiscal conservative, I was glad to hear Klobachar mention the costs of Bernie’s (not actually) free things.

Praying for a Trump victory in November after watching these yahoos!


Technically Bernie is a “mere” millionaire. He use to rail about millionaires before he became one. XD Granted Bernie is full of hypocrisy.


Sounds like someone put a bunch of cats in a bag and shook it up. Dems are screwed.




An insult to cats everywhere! 😂🤣🙂

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