Body Language – Mike Bloomberg First Debate Performance

Body Lanugage - Mike Bloomberg First Debate Performance

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Too many cringe moments. thanks for the video Mandy!

frank papandrea

Did anyone prep him? Even I have answers for the attacks. He needs to treat this as if he is at his board of directors meeting and he’s chewing them out for their screwups. Get pissed! Dude, just say: “I will do release everything when Congress releases all their NDAs. You all have skeletons in your closet. next question!”

Cherian Jacob

Wait till Hillary Clinton joins…oh she is running again! Michael is a proxy..

Eileen Guthrie

I really do appreciate you doing this one for us, I can no longer watch these idiots and imbeciles ANYMORE. It’s interesting watching millionaires attack a billionaire. And not one person on that stage doesn’t have the faintest clue of what Americans want. They’re going to tell us what THEY want, not what WE NEED. Who will get the nomination? Does it really matter, they all say the same damn thing, there are just different degrees of higher taxes, big, cumbersome, corrupt government. These taxes will NOT go towards our deficit, but to pay for those cumbersome, incompetent government employees, so the deficit will only continue to grow. As a former New Yorker, Mini Mikey has always struck me as being so uncomfortable in his own skin. Can you see him going eye to eye with Kim Jung Un? Mini Mikey would have to stand on a box. You see his awkwardness because he doesn’t know how to relate with people in general, because he and the rest of these political thugs view themselves as elitist. Bernie is one angry dude, he seems to be pandering to the radical, violent leftist. Bernie these people who are homeless and living on the street are living on the streets because of democrat policies and higher taxes, the same ones and more radicalized ones you are proposing. Warren needed to show strength, she did okay, but she did appear sheepish by raising her hand like a first grader, Biden too. Every time we see these debates it only shows US how clueless they are and how out of touch they are with the American people. But I thank you Mandy for putting yourself in harm’s way for US. I feel my IQ drop 30 points watching these clueless politicians.


Agree, Agree, Agree!!!


Thanks for watching so we didn’t have to. I can’t recall a more crazed and unappealing group of candidates in either party. This is the best you have,Democrats really?


Seeing this part of the debate makes me wonder how SNL will portray it tomorrow night. 😁

Mini-Mike really did get his tail handed to him, especially by Warren. He was stiff, unsure how to respond on the fly, and this was not a good showing for him.

When did American audiences start behaving like they’re at a Jerry Springer taping???

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