Body Language – Former CIA Director Brennan Testimony


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Gen. Stewart

I just couldn’t take it any longer ! I had to skip ahead when ever Brennens wingman(schiff) was shilling for him. I stopped the vid early,because all i was hearing was BLAH,BLAH…blah,blah,blah,blah. Just listening to these men and others like them,brings out the darkest part of me. I truly want to see these people hanging from an overpass in front of the U.N. Building.


Every so often, it looked to me like Brennan was channeling Peter Stzrok (minus the creepy smirk) with the way he wiggled. Ugh!


Justice is coming to this no-necked communist traitor one way or the other. Does he really think he will get away with leading a coup against a duly elected US President? The corruption runs so deep it is taking longer than we all would like, but it has taken since 1959 to get to this point. If Sack of Schiff makes him stressed, just wait until Durham gets ahold of him.


Brennan will pay for his crimes, one way or another. Time will tell if it’s the law or karma. Let’s hope, both.

Theo Colettis

Hi, these videos from Glen Beck might help you to discuss what has been happening in the last 4 years. I just found them.
Part 3


&t=38s BBBBIIIGGGG bombshell at the end
Part 2


Ripping to shreds the news media and debunking the leftist narrative
Part 1


Timeline of events up to Ukraine call with new audio about Hillary
The investigation has already happened, they are making an announcement soon and Senate testimony is happening
Skip the intros by Glen Beck to get to the juicy stuff, about 1 hour+ long on each video
This is like Iran-Contra 2.0 even bigger

Cherian Jacob

I know i have got it right when Mandy echoes what I think smile . Yes , thats all we got…his feelings! Does he really think that the people who are questioning him are idiots? I haven’t seen the whole segment, but I am wondering if they asked specific questions like- which US persons were contacted, what specific activities did they undertake, what period, who was compromised, why did they want trump in office, who would benefit, did trump say ” yes vlad, I got your back covered”…anything besides feelings…



Cynthia Banks

The windbag is a Republican who wanted direct evidence. He did not want feelings for supposition. Brennan did not have any, there was no intelligence because he can’t tell you what that was. He simply was stating Russian practices. Tthat man should be shot treason, and Comey and Obama. Etc. etc. etc.

Bob bradley

Comedians: first guy looks like Tim Robinson from Detroiters (check it out, very funny show) And Schiff looks like Andy Kaufman…he has the same dumb stare.


Kaufman was smarter & funnier than Shifty-Schiff will ever be. 😁

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