Body Language – CDC Coronavirus Warning


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Jackie Boudreaux

Of course it’s Trumps fault the CDC isn’t allowed into China. EVERYTHING is his fault….including corona virus 🙄

Joy Wilner

The only thing I can think of for his smiling is that he believes he and his family won’t get this virus. I leave it up to you to contemplate why.

Jules Meszaros

As far as numbers go, add two zeroes to what China admits to, or the MSM reports, and that’s more likely the truth.


i think he’s seeing dollar signs.


I read in the comments below about vitamin C. Yes, in high doses. Like thousands a day until you have lose stool. Look for the work of Linus Pauling. Vitamin C is amazing, really! What my family and I have been doing since November is something called auto-hemotheraphy. It is an old medical practice, not alternative medicine, that will boost your immune system and fight disease. Very little is available to research in English, only in Portuguese and French, some in Spanish. But I’m sure you can find on YouTube something.

It is essentially to draw blood from your vein and inject it in your muscle. I know, sounds like the craziest thing. We do this once a week, 10ml of blood, being 5ml on each arm or buttocks. We have not gotten sick ever since. It really cures diseases like lupus, all sorts of autoimmune such as MS. It is amazing for all skin diseases and respiratory problems. I do it for autoimune and it’s helping slowly, because my case is more severe. My daughter for asthma and she hasn’t used her inhale for two months. My son for acne – it is 90% clear! My husband for allergies and he hasn’t had any sinus or any other type of respiratory infection ever since. My mother does it for glaucoma (she has only the early signs and it’s for prevention) and she feeling better.

The idea is that when your own blood is injected in your muscle, your body will treat It as invader and the amount of macrophages in your bloodstream will rise to 22%. Our blood operates on a 5% rate of macrophages and rise a bit during the times when you’re sick. But nothing like this.

It is supposed to be administered from 6 months to 1 year until symptoms disappear. Some cases can take longer and some people will do 5ml for disease prevention for years. But I will say this… we bought all supplies and stored them in case of something crazy as a pandemic happens, we will be able to do it at home on ourselves and not to depend on doctors or hospitals, nor medication.

If you go research on this topic, look for auto-hemotherapy from Dr. Luis Moura. He passed away in 2016 and helped thousands of people for more than 60 years with this therapy. Anyway, thought of sharing this information with you guys… by the way, I have 14 year old twins and there is nothing more rewarding than to see your little brats laugh on your face when you suggest such thing for later having to be the one laughing at them after they see the results ☺️. This is not a fast result but it does cure many diseases or at least some will go into complete remission. It is scary in the beginning but no longer after you see the results.


Yeah, the good doctor definitely seems pleased that there’s a new bug in town, and seems rather fascinated by it. 🤔


Those expanding hands at the end…they say to me “I want to get in there and make it bigger”


Rhys- there are some issues with the hostage negotiation video in Crime Series. It either hangs up or gets stuck on the 29 second ad. Also, the first time the ad played on the CDC video, it stalled and when restarted slowed the speed of everything to .25. Just letting you know in case it is not apparent at your end.


Thanks for fixing it. I watched it today and it was great.


Looks like he works for a different CDC- The Center for Disease Creation.


War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. 1984 Doublespeak.


The conspiracy theorist in me sees this attitude and thinks they did it on purpose. That kind of person, with no fear of consequences, makes me stressed. Who needs a nut like this guy in charge?

Susan McCall

The ‘WHO’ fighting with the ‘CDC’ – meanwhile, masks are in demand as they also put masks on cats and dogs. As I prepare to go bartend at my nightly job, where did I put my hazmat suit? Where did I leave my safety goggles? (I have been told by a ‘doc’ that this virus can spread through the eyes). I ran out of bat soup so at least I don’t have to worry about that. I have read that Vit C helps with all viruses, so I will load up with my common sense products: (Vit C, Vit D, iodine, and at night use my detox products). Two co-workers have gotten sick: 1 had ‘brown bottle flu’ and the other one is always sick (and lazy) and had gotten that there influenza but everyone has freaked out even with the common cold (except nothing scares a regular drunk) – sooooo – in my quiet opinion? Fear mongering and distraction from the impeachment.


you crack me up!!!


Curious, what do you use for your detox? I would also recommend adding elderberry and maybe zinc to help your immune system. 😊

Susan McCall

Hi Beth – You are one of the very few who have asked what I use. It’s a company called ‘Touchstone Essentials’ and I have been a member for 7 years now. They have around 10 products, and they can do an auto-ship type service every month. The two main products I use are pure body extra strength (tasteless) and the pure body drops. (tastes a little chalky) I take 3 sprays at night, and in the morning, and then one dropper full at night, as well as in the morning. Both products work like little magnets, attaching the crap you had during the day, (like any alcohol for ex) and then you just pee it out during the night. The only times I have gotten sick (two times in 7 years and this includes the common cold) is when I ran out of products or couldn’t afford, and both products cost around 100.00 a month. The other products I take are Vit D (sunshine mist they call it) and that is from Dr. Mercola – I get the iodine from Dr Mercola as well (now that guy has done research on everything under the sun, has clean products as well, and he is a ‘real’ doctor, just doesn’t have an office per say – has library of all research, diseases, health tips). The medical profession does not like Dr Mercola and neither does big pharma because he informs the public via Thank you for your interest Beth, and you have offered some good advice as well! Stay healthy my friend!


This is not a toy to play with. We probably don’t know half of it.

Cynthia Banks

Why is he smiling when he says there is no control. That is bad news unless you believe in the Georgia guide stone. He says “but we don’t understand this virus” and a slight smile. We know it is man-made. Senator Cotton has said so.


If he is a doctor:
this mindset separates them from the misery of their job.
Without this they would be lost in depression.


His ‘giddy excitement’ was insightful. Last night’s premier of the British production of, War of the Worlds, got me thinking about this subject. We could be in for a rough, shocking ride.

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